文体分类练(三)——夹叙夹议文 Test 1 (2021·湖北黄冈高三4月调研) A lonely girl found two starving birds in the woods. She took them home and put them in a  1  cage. She cared for them with love and the birds grew strong. One day the girl  2  the door to the cage open. One bird flew from the small cage. The girl was so  3  that it would fly away. As it flew close, she grasped it  4 . She was glad at her success in  5  it. Suddenly she felt the bird breathless. It was her desperate love that had killed the bird.  She  6  the other bird moving back and forth on the  7  of the cage. She could feel its great  8  for freedom. It needed to fly into the blue sky. She lifted it from the cage and tossed(抛) it  9  into the air. The bird circled once, twice, and three times.  The girl looked happily at the bird’s  10 . She was no longer concerned with her  11 , because she did want the bird to be  12 . Suddenly the bird flew closer and  13  softly on her shoulder. It sang the sweetest song that she had ever heard.  The fastest way to lose love is to 14  it too tight, while the best way to keep love is to give it  15 .  1.A.dark         B.wooden C.plastic D.small 2.A.left B.remained C.imagined D.remembered 3.A.excited B.frightened C.annoyed D.pleased 4.A.unexpectedly B.quickly C.wildly D.immediately 5.A.holding B.reaching C.catching D.following 6.A.heard B.realised C.recognised D.noticed 7.A.edge B.top C.base D.surface 8.A.idea B.wish C.share D.destination 9.A.softly B.quietly C.heavily D.suddenly 10.A.entertainment B.enjoyment C.exercise D.singing 11.A.opinion B.relief C.pain D.loss 12.A.trapped B.strong C.happy D.alone 13.A.landed B.fell C.dropped D.sat 14.A.hold up B.hold on to C.take up D.take in 15.A.soul B.life C.wings D.legs Test 2 Before my year abroad, everyone advised me to say “yes” to everything. They weren’t  1 . However, here in Germany,“I don’t mind.” doesn’t seem to be an acceptable  2 . Neither does “I’ll do whatever you want to do.” or “Really, either way is fine by me.” It really is just yes or no.   Despite having a huge smile on your face, most  3  will look at you as if you’re incapable of  4  a decision which of course isn’t true and we’re just being really typically British. My first encounter of this was when I  5 my hotel for the first two nights in Germany. The owner asked when I would like my breakfast in the morning. Being typically British, I replied that any time was  6  for her. She gave me a confused look and asked again.   “No, when do you want to have  7 ?”   “Er, OK ... err ... 8 a.m.?” she smiled and I  8  quickly,“Only if that is  9  for you though.”   I knew about the British stereotype(模式化观念) of  10  before I came abroad. However, I didn’t  11  until I arrived here and began experiencing it on a day-to-day basis. Waiters give you funny looks in restaurants when you say “thank you” repeatedly when they  12  all kinds of services. But that’s just right for the British and for everyone else, being so polite is totally  13 .   And when it comes to me asking questions, it’s even worse.“Would you be able to do that for me if it’s not too much trouble, please?” just doesn’t work here. You have to be  14  and say what you want. The first time I said “Pass that here”, my heart was  15  and I could almost hear my mum screaming in my head about manners.   1.A.wrong B.special C.clever D.kind 2.A.excuse B.sentence C.reward D.answer 3.A.Germans B.Chinese C.British D.Americans 4.A.explaining B.making C.understanding D.correcting 5.A.chose B.ordered C.left D.reached 6.A.cheapest B.longest C.properest D.hardest 7.A.lunch B.supper C.breakfast D.dinner 8.A.stated B.agreed C.apologised D.added 9.A.appropriate B.ridiculous C.convenient D.abstract 10.A.business B.politeness C.weakness D.happiness 11.A.realise B.believe C.expect D.forget 12.A.accept B.offer C.sell D.introduce 13.A.unfortunate B.unsatisfying C.unnecessary D.uninteresting 14.A.clever B.direct C.creative D.honest 15.A.beating B.moving C.jumping D.racing Test 3 One day when I was making food in the kitchen, my brother came in. He placed his beef next to my  1  one,“Courtney, your beef is bigger than mine. You don’t need to  2 ; you’re already fat enough.”   Unpleasant 3  on my physical appearance were nothing new. Something inside me accepted his idea that my legs were  4 . For the next 15 years, I spent summer after summer  5  in long pants.  Then I met Ragen Chastain, who  6  everything. I couldn’t believe that this woman weighing almost 300 pounds was so  7  and happy. She talked about how amazing our  8  were, simply because of what they did every day—like breathing,  9 blood to every cell and walking.  I suddenly realised how foolish I’d been for so long. Some people were born  10  legs or lose their legs, and I’d been hiding my healthy and beautiful legs  11  because they weren’t good enough! The next day, I bought three pairs of shorts and a sundress and spent the entire summer letting my legs  12  the sun and feel the breeze.  The next time anyone comments on your body in a 13  way, look at them straight on and say,“If that  14  you so much, please look  15  else.”   1.A.small B.plain C.thick D.slim 2.A.walk B.eat C.talk D.cry 3.A.reports B.suggestions C.reflections D.comments 4.A.unnecessary B.unacceptable C.unique D.unimportant 5.A.sleeping B.roasting C.driving D.running 6.A.changed B.solved C.believed D.explained 7.A.sensitive B.generous C.tiresome D.energetic 8.A.legs B.weights C.bodies D.images 9.A.pulling B.putting C.preventing D.pumping 10.A.with B.beyond C.without D.except 11.A.in shame B.in panic C.in pride D.in delight 12.A.avoid B.see C.cover D.kick 13.A.normal B.special C.different D.negative 14.A.amuses B.excites C.bothers D.hurts 15.A.somewhere B.anywhere C.nowhere D.everywhere 文体分类练(三)——夹叙夹议文 Test 1 【语篇导读】本文是一篇夹叙夹议文。小女孩发现了两只饥饿的小鸟, 一开始把它们养在笼子里, 后来意识到鸟儿最需要的是自由, 于是将小鸟放生。故事告诉我们: 令爱常驻的方法是让对方自由。 1.D 解析:根据下文的the small cage可知, 装鸟的笼子是小笼子, 故选small。 2.A 解析:根据下文的 “One bird flew from the small cage.” 可知, 一只鸟飞离了笼子, 所以前文应表示 “小女孩使笼子的门开着” , 故选left。 3.B 解析:根据下文的 “As it flew close, she grasped it .” 可知, 小女孩非常害怕小鸟飞走, 故选frightened。 4.C 解析:根据下文的 “Suddenly she felt the bird breathless. It was her desperate love that had killed the bird.” 可知, 由于小女孩野蛮地抓住鸟, 结果将小鸟捏死了。故选C项。 5.C 解析:根据上文的 “...she grasped it .” 可知, 小女孩抓住了小鸟。故选C项。 6.D 解析:她注意到另一只小鸟在笼边来回飞。故选D项。 7.A 解析:根据下文的 “She could feel its great for freedom.” 可知, 小鸟想要自由, 因而会在笼子边来回飞, 试图出去。故选A项。 8.B 解析:根据下文的 “It needed to fly into the blue sky.” 可知, 鸟儿非常渴望自由。故选B项。 9.A 解析:根据上文的 “Suddenly she felt the bird breathless. It was her desperate love that had killed the bird.” 可知, 由于她粗暴的行为导致其中一只小鸟的死亡, 因而为了不让另外一只小鸟再受到伤害, 小女孩轻轻地将小鸟抛向空中。故选A项。 10.B 解析:根据上文的 “The bird circled once, twice, and three times.” 可知, 小鸟非常开心能够在天空中飞翔。故选B项。 11.D 解析: 根据上文可知, 失去小鸟对小女孩来说是一种损失。故选D项。 12.C 解析:句意: 她不再关心她的损失, 因为她的确希望小鸟快乐。故选C项。 13.A 解析:句意: 突然小鸟飞得更近了, 轻轻地落在她的肩膀上。故选A项。 14.B 解析:根据上文的 “...she grasped it .” 以及文章大意可知, 小女孩失去第一只小鸟就是因为握得太紧, 因而此处表示失去爱的最快方法就是过紧地抓住它。故选B项。 15.C 解析:根据上文的 “The fastest way to lose love is to it too tight...” 可知, 与失去爱相对, 令爱常驻的方法是赠它一双翅膀。故选C项。 Test 2 【语篇导读】本文是一篇夹叙夹议文。德国的交流方式和英国的交流方式有很大的不同, 这代表了不同的语言文化特色。 1.A 解析:根据下文的However所表示的转折意义可推知, 说明大家说得没有错。wrong “错误的”, 符合语境。 2.D 解析:上文提到了 “I don’t mind.”, 此处表示 “在德国这种说法好像是不能被接受的答复”。answer “回答; 答复”, 符合语境。 3.A 解析:联系上文的here in Germany可知, 作者现在在德国, 所以此处应指大多数德国人。 4.B 解析:结合第一段中对回答方式的讨论, 作者的回答方式让德国人感到他不能做出决定, 也就是优柔寡断, 态度不明确。make a decision “做决定”, 是固定短语。 5.D 解析:下文中提到的早餐问题说明, 此处指作者到达旅馆。reach “到达”, 符合语境。 6.C 解析:对于旅馆主人的询问, 作者给出了典型的英式回答 “在你最合适的任何时候都可以” , 故选properest, 意为 “最合适的” 。 7.C 解析:根据上文的when I would like my breakfast in the morning可知, 旅馆主人问什么时候用早餐。 8.D 解析:联系下文的 “Only if that is    for you though.” 可知, 作者给出了具体答复后, 又补充了之后的话语。add “补充说”, 符合语境。  9.C 解析:作者在上文中说明了具体时间, 但是又说, 只要是你方便的时间就可以, 这句话仍然体现了作者的语言文化特色。convenient “方便的”, 符合语境。 10.B 解析:根据下文的being so polite可知, 作者在出国前了解了英国人在礼貌方面的模式化观念。politeness “礼貌”, 符合语境。 11.A 解析:作者到了德国之后, 通过对比英国人和德国人的语言特点才意识到上述有趣的现象。realise “意识到”, 符合语境。 12.B 解析:当餐馆里的服务员 “提供” 服务的时候, 作者总是反复地表示谢意。 13.C 解析:作者的语言表达方式在英国显然是可以的, 可是在德国却显得完全没有必要。unnecessary “没有必要的”, 符合语境。 14.B 解析:通过下文的Pass that here可知, 在德国你应该直接说出你想要的。direct “直接的”, 符合语境。 15.D 解析:作者第一次说Pass that here这样直接明了的语言时, 几乎能感觉到妈妈抓狂地提醒他注意礼节, 由此推知作者是心跳加速, 故racing符合语境。 Test 3 【语篇导读】本文是一篇夹叙夹议文。作者通过自己的亲身经历告诉我们, 不要在意别人对自己身体的负面评价, 每个人都应该充满活力而又快乐地生活。 1.C 解析:根据下文的your beef is bigger than mine可推知选C项。 2.B 解析:根据下文的you’re already fat enough可知, 作者的哥哥认为作者已经很胖了, 不需要吃牛肉。故选B项。 3.D 解析:根据作者哥哥说的话及最后一段中的 “The next time anyone comments on your body in a way...” 可知, 作者的哥哥在对作者的外貌做评论。故选D项。 4.B 解析:根据下文可知, 作者的腿胖得已经不能接受了。故选B项。 5.B 解析:夏天穿着长裤, 自然感觉炙烤般的热。故选B项。 6.A 解析:根据下文内容可知, 作者遇到了Ragen Chastain, 她改变了一切。故选A项。 7.D 解析:根据下文对她的介绍可知, 此处意思是 “我简直不敢相信, 这个体重近300磅的女人竟然如此精力充沛和快乐”。故选D项。 8.C 解析:根据下文可知, 此处意思是 “她说我们的身体有多令人惊叹”。故选C项。 9.D 解析:根据下文的blood to every cell可知, 此处表示输送血液到每个细胞。故选D项。 10.C 解析:有些人生来就没有腿, 或者失去了腿。故选C项。 11.A 解析: ……我一直羞愧地隐藏着自己健康美丽的双腿。故选A项。 12.B 解析:句意: 第二天我买了三条短裤和一件太阳裙, 并且整个夏天都让我的腿看到阳光, 感受微风。故选B项。 13.D 解析:下次有任何人用负面的方式评论你的身体时, 直视他们的眼睛。故选D项。 14.C 解析:如果那让你如此烦恼, 那就请去看别的地方吧。故选C项。 15.A 解析:此处表示 “去看别的地方吧”。故选A项。 本文档由香当网(https://www.xiangdang.net)用户上传



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