题组练(三) Test 1 (2021·山东济宁高三一模) China speed is amazing the world. While other countries are struggling to make high-speed railway a reality, China 1.            (busy) itself in laying down over 25,000 km of high-speed tracks over the past ten years—accounting for roughly two 2.(three) of the world’s total length of high-speed rail lines.  Up to now, China has built the largest high-speed rail network worldwide. The 3.       (impact) go well beyond the railway sector. It also includes changed patterns of urban development, increases in tourism, and growth of regional economy. 4.          (boost) regional integration and economic growth, plans for high-speed maglev(磁悬浮) lines with trains travelling 5.       a speed of 600 kph or more are taking shape in more Chinese cities.  “China started operating its first maglev railway more than a decade ago. Nevertheless, for lack of critical technologies at that time, we only concentrated on conventional high-speed rail”, said Sun Zhang, 6. is a leading railway specialist. But the research team 7.      (lead) by him, tried their best to learn advanced technologies from foreign countries and eventually developed our own innovations, greatly 8.       (transform) our way of life.  There is no denying that all of these achievements make our travel convenient and 9.       (rely), especially during “chunyun”, 10.       annual test on the China’s transportation system. Thanks to “China speed”, people can go back home for reunions with families and friends in time.  Test 2 Eating habits are not the same from country to country. The Chinese have a saying—Eat good 1.(thing) for breakfast, eat a big meal for lunch, but eat less at dinner. Many 2. (America) agree one should start the day with a good breakfast, 3.their ideas about lunch and dinner are 4.(difference). Most Americans only give 5.      (they) a short time for lunch. So they eat a small lunch.   After work they will have more time to eat a big dinner. Also a quiet dinner at home with all the family 6.(be) a way to take 7.       good rest after a long, hard day of work. 8. (eat) at restaurants is also not the same. In China, people like to talk and laugh while eating. Very often you can hear people talking and laughing 9.       (loud), and they are just having a good time. In America, it is not like this. They want a quiet place 10. they can eat a good meal far away from the noises of the outside world.   Test 3 (2021·安徽黄山高三第二次质量检测) Digital technology is being increasingly adopted 1.          (carry) out economic and social activities, and is deeply transforming production patterns and people’s lifestyles. However, it is important that the adoption of digital technology in developing countries does not 2.      (wide) the rich-poor gap. In China, e-commerce and programmes to alleviate poverty 3.       (support) by big data have had positive effects on fighting poverty.  E-commerce promotes growth in incomes for the poor. China has the world’s fastest-growing e-commerce market, 4.       more than 40 percent of global e-commerce transactions(交易) take place. Many poor people have benefited 5.       the booming e-commerce industry. For example, in the past years, the National Rural E-commerce Comprehensive Demonstration Project 6.        (help) nearly 3 million poor families realise income growth. Besides, e-commerce platforms have greatly increased the possibility 7.       small and micro businesses enter the market. Rural residents can now display 8.(they) farm produce and handicrafts online and find buyers, thus increasing sales. Also, e-commerce drives the development of whole industrial chains, creating job opportunities and providing diverse options for rural labour.  Digital technology has been playing a positive role in China’s poverty 9.       (reduce). Governments at all levels keep an open and encouraging attitude towards the development of the digital economy and 10.(active) cooperate with digital companies to better identify and help the poor.  Test 4 (2021·陕西高三模拟) Keilen Robinson crashed on a highway and 1.            (leave) unconscious in his burning vehicle. Robinson does not remember anything from the accident, but he will never forget the man 2.       saved his life.  Antonio Morgan says that Robinson drove past him fast and just moments later he heard a 3.        (frighten) crash. Robinson had crashed into the cement median(水泥中间带).  Morgan, who was driving with his son, 4.      (immediate) pulled over and rushed to try and pull Robinson out of the car. “The heavy smoke and the fire and all that stuff started coming. It started burning my eyes and 5.       (hurt) my throat, but I was still making great efforts to help him out. I had to get him out,” says Morgan. Morgan made several 6.(attempt) to bring him out before finally realising his seat belt was locking him in. Another man on the scene came over with a fire extinguisher 7.(help) put the flames out in the burning vehicle. Morgan dragged Robinson to 8.(safe) before the car was burnt to the ground in flames.  Morgan says that 9.       is time that people stopped standing by and recording on their phones when they see someone 10.         trouble.  题组练(三) Test 1 【语篇导读】本文是一篇说明文。中国高速铁路的快速发展带动了城市经济和旅游业的发展, 为人们提供了更多的便利。 1.has busied/has been busying 解析:分析句子结构可知,句子缺少谓语动词, 根据时间状语over the past ten years可知, 此句时态用现在完成时; 也可表示 “还将进行下去”, 用现在完成进行时, 故填has busied或has been busying。 2.thirds 解析:分析句子结构可知, 设空处应该是分数的分母, 当分子大于一时, 分母使用复数, 故填thirds。 3.impacts 解析:分析句子可知, 设空处为主语, 应使用名词impact, 根据设空后谓语动词go可知, 应使用名词复数形式, 故填impacts。 4.To boost 解析:分析句子结构可知, 设空处做目的状语, 应使用不定式, 因在句首, 故填To boost。 5.at/with 解析:根据句意可知, 设空处为介词, 意为 “以……的速度”, 故填at或with。 6.who 解析:分析句子结构可知, 设空部分为非限制性定语从句, 修饰先行词Sun Zhang, 关系词在从句中做主语, 故填who。 7.led 解析:分析句子结构可知, 设空处修饰the research team做后置定语, 逻辑主语和修饰语之间存在被动关系, 应使用动词-ed形式, 故填led。 8.transforming 解析:分析句子结构和意义可知, 设空处做伴随状语, 该动作和逻辑主语之间是主动关系, 应使用动词-ing形式, 故填transforming。 9.reliable 解析:分析句子结构可知, 设空处和convenient并列为宾语补足语, 应使用形容词, 故填reliable。 10.an 解析:分析句子可知, 设空处修饰名词, 并且前面有形容词, 应使用冠词, 设空后annual以元音音素开头, 故填an。 Test 2 【语篇导读】本文是一篇说明文。文章主要介绍了中国和美国不同的餐饮文化。 1.things 解析:句意: 中国人有一句谚语——早饭吃好, 午饭吃饱, 但晚饭吃少。thing是可数名词, 根据语境可知, 此处是复数概念, 故填things。 2.Americans 解析:此处应该使用名词做主语, many的后面要接复数名词, 故填Americans。 3.but 解析:句意: 很多美国人都同意一天要从好的早饭开始, 但是他们对于午饭和晚饭的观点是不一样的。根据句意可知上下文是转折关系, 要用表示转折关系的连词, 故填but。 4.different 解析:句意: 很多美国人都同意一天要从好的早饭开始, 但是他们对于午饭和晚饭的观点是不一样的。句中应该使用形容词与系动词构成系表结构, 故填different。 5.themselves 解析:句意: 大部分美国人只给自己很短的时间吃午饭。主语和宾语指代同一事物, 宾语用反身代词, 此处themselves做动词give的宾语, 表示强调, 故填themselves。 6.is 解析:句意: 和家人一起在家里吃一顿安静的晚饭是一种让你在忙碌一天后获得休息的一种好方法。当with连接两个名词做主语的时候, 谓语动词的单复数形式要和前面一个名词保持一致, 本句谓语动词要和a quiet dinner保持一致, 故填is。 7.a 解析:句中使用不定冠词a修饰可数名词rest, 表示泛指, 故填a。 8.Eating 解析:句意: 在饭店里吃饭也不一样。本句中动词-ing形式短语eating at restaurants在句中做主语, 动词原形是不能做主语的, 故填Eating。 9.loudly 解析:副词通常做状语修饰形容词、副词、动词或整个句子;而形容词通常做定语或表语, 做定语时修饰名词或代词, 本句应该使用副词修饰动词talking and laughing, 故填loudly。 10.where 解析:分析句子结构可知, 本句要用关系副词引导定语从句, 因为先行词是指地点的名词, 故填where。 Test 3 【语篇导读】本文是一篇说明文。数字技术深刻改变着人们的生产和生活方式, 文章介绍了电子商务和大数据支持的扶贫项目对中国扶贫事业所产生的积极影响。 1.to carry 解析:分析句子成分可知, 设空处在句中做状语, 应使用动词不定式表示目的, 故填to carry。 2.widen 解析:根据设空前的does not可知,设空处应使用动词原形, 故填widen。 3.supported 解析:本句的谓语部分是have had, 因而设空处应使用非谓语动词形式, 而e-commerce and programmes to alleviate poverty和support存在逻辑上的动宾关系, 因此应使用动词-ed形式, 故填supported。 4.where 解析:分析句子成分可知, 设空处引导的是定语从句, 从句中缺少地点状语, 因而应填关系副词where。 5.from 解析:根据句意 “许多穷人从蓬勃发展的电子商务行业中受益” 可知, 此处应填介词from。benefit from “从……中受益”。 6.has helped 解析:分析句子成分可知, 设空处是谓语部分, 主语是the National Rural E-commerce Comprehensive Demonstration Project; 根据时间状语in the past years可知, 此处应使用现在完成时, 故填has helped。 7.that 解析:分析句子成分可知, 设空处引导的是同位语从句, 用于解释说明possibility的具体内容, 故填连词that。 8.their 解析:根据设空后的名词短语farm produce and handicrafts可知, 设空处应使用形容词性物主代词, 故填their。 9.reduction 解析:根据in China’s poverty可知, 设空处应使用名词做介词in的宾语, 故填reduction。 10.actively 解析:分析句子成分可知, 设空处修饰动词短语cooperate with, 因而应使用副词做状语, 故填actively。 Test 4 【语篇导读】本文是一篇记叙文。Keilen Robinson驾驶的汽车撞到了水泥中间带上, 而驾车经过的Antonio Morgan克服困难, 进行了及时而成功的救援。 1.was left 解析:根据句意和句子成分可知, 设空处和前面的crashed是并列谓语, 应使用一般过去时, Keilen Robinson和leave存在被动关系, 应使用被动语态, 因主语为单数意义, 故填was left。 2.who/that 解析:设空部分引导定语从句, 先行词the man在从句中做主语, 故填who或that。  3.frightening 解析:设空处修饰名词crash, 应使用形容词做定语, 故填frightening。 4.immediately 解析:根据句意可知, 设空处应使用副词修饰动词短语pulled over, 故填immediately。 5.hurting 解析:根据句意和句子结构可知, 设空处所填内容和前面的burning并列, 故应填动词-ing形式hurting做宾语。  6.attempts 解析:several后应使用可数名词复数形式, 而attempt意为“尝试”, 是可数名词, 故填attempts。 7.to help 解析:根据句意和句子结构可知, 拿灭火器的男子过来的目的是帮忙灭火, 设空处应填动词不定式to help做目的状语。 8.safety 解析:根据句意可知, 设空处意思是“摩根把罗宾森拖到安全处”, 设空处应填名词做宾语, safety表示“安全”时, 为不可数名词, 故填safety。 9.it 解析:根据句意和句子结构可知, 句中使用的是“it is time that...”这一句型, 意为“该是做某事的时候了”, 故填it。 10.in 解析:设空处表示“陷入困境的人”, 使用in trouble这一短语, 故填in。 本文档由香当网(https://www.xiangdang.net)用户上传



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