1—Is it possible for you to work out the plan tonight
    正确答案I think so
    2—We could let some of the staff work from home________________
    —That's a good idea
    正确答案What do you think of it
    3Even the best continually seek ways to______their skills
    4The Human Resource Managing Department at Honda is given specific instructions______employ the best possible workers
    正确答案on how to
    5______his anger the employees called him MrThunderbut they loved him
    正确答案Due to
    1What kind of role is Melinda taking on for her job1
    正确答案Project coordinator
    2How long will Melinda be trained for her new role2
    正确答案Half a month
    3How often should Melinda report to the board on the progress of the project3
    正确答案Once a month
    4What kind of contract can Melinda sign with outside contractors4
    正确答案Standard temporaryworker contract
    5Which one does NOT belong to Melinda's responsibilities5
    正确答案Formulate the industry standard of payment
    1—____________________identify the problems that have been occurring
    —Wellas you knowthe problems we had with Gary caused a lot of friction among the team
    正确答案Are you able to
    2—How can you explain the latest situation
    —____________________I know it is all my fault
    3In today's environment__________people are often burned outit's important for employees to have a personal connection with you and the work you believe in
    4Who was______the meeting?
    5Every time I tried to say somethinghe would______to something else
    正确答案move on
    Habits of Highly Effective Communicators
    It's no secret that good leaders are also good communicatorsIndeedcommunication and leadership are inextricably tiedHow can you galvanizeinspire or guide others if you don't communicate in a clearcredible and authentic wayHere are 5 essential communication practices of effective leaders
    1Mind the saydo gapTrust is the bedrock of effective leadership–your behavior is your single greatest mode of communicationand it must be congruent with what you sayIf your actions don't align with your wordsyou are storing up trouble for the future
    2Make the complex simpleEffective leaders distill complex thoughts and strategies into simplememorable terms that colleagues and customers can grasp and act uponThe most important thing is to clarify what you want to saylook out for technical jargon and avoid business speakwhich add complexitySay what you mean in as few words as possible
    3Find your own voiceUse language that's distinctly your ownlet your values come through in your communicationCorrect use of language and grammar are importantof coursebut don't become overly fixated on eloquence for eloquence's sakeconcentrate on being distinct and realPeople want realpeople respect realpeople follow real
    4Be visible Visibility is about letting your key stakeholders get a feel for who you are and what you care aboutDon't hide behind a computer and only interact with people electronically–see them face to face and voice to voiceand interact with them in a realsubstantial wayIn today's environmentwhere people are often burned outit's important for employees to have a personal connection with you and the work you believe inShow the people that work for you that you're engaged and that you care about them and their work
    5Listen with your eyes as well as your earsEffective communication is a twoway processand good leaders know how to ask good questionsand then listen with both their eyes and their earsBecause you are in a position of authorityothers may be reluctant to express their real opinions to you directlyYou won't always get direct feedbackso you need to also be able to read between the lines and look for the nonverbal cues
    1Communication and leadership don't always go hand in hand1
    2The saydo gap happens when people misunderstand their leader's intention2
    3Using technical jargon makes a leader convincing3
    4Communicating sincerely is always the best4
    5Observation is as important as communication when you want to know what people really think5
    答:1F 2F 3F 4T 5T

    —I'd like to have this film developed
    正确答案May I help you
    2—Could I borrow your iPad for a few hours
    正确答案Surehere you areEnjoy your time
    3How do you get your members to______as a team
    正确答案pull together
    4I like to think______I am always the one finding new ways to a situation or challenge
    正确答案outside of the box
    5Regular and concrete feedback is important______who is not performing up to her potential
    正确答案when dealing with a worker
    Tips for Team Building
    When you think of team buildingdo you immediately picture your group off at a resort playing games or hanging from ropesTraditionallymany organizations approach team building in this way butthenthey wonder why that wonderful sense of teamwork that had been displayed at the retreat or the seminar fails to impact long term beliefs and actions back at work
    I'm not averse to retreatsplanning sessionsseminars and team building activities—in fact I lead them—but they have to form part of a much larger teamwork effortYou will not build teamwork byretreatingas a group for a couple of days each yearinstead you need to think of team building as something you do every single day
    •Form teams to solve real work issues and to improve real work processesProvide training in systematic methods so the team expends its energy on the projectnot on trying to work out how to work together as a team to approach the problem
    •Hold department meetings to review projects and progressto obtain broad inputand to coordinate shared work processesIf there is friction between team membersexamine the work processes they mutually own—the problem is not usually their personalitiesinsteadit is often the fact that the team members haven't agreed on how they will deliver a product or serviceor the steps required to get something done
    •Build fun and shared occasions into the organization's agenda—hold pot luck lunchestake the team to a sporting eventsponsor dinners at a local restaurantgo hiking or go to an amusement parkHold a monthly company meetingsponsor sports teams and encourage cheering team fans
    •Use ice breakers and teamwork exercises at meetings—these help team members get to know each othershare details about each others livesand have a laugh together
    •Celebrate team successes publiclyThere are many ways you could do thisfor instance by buying everyone the same Tshirt or hatputting team member names in a draw for company merchandise and gift certificatesThe only thing limiting you is your imagination
    If you do the types of teamwork building listed aboveyou'll be amazed at the progress you will make in creating a teamwork culturea culture that enables individuals to contribute more than they ever thought possible—together
    Team building event is traditionally related to playing games at resort1
    2The author claims that playing games together is as important as form teams to solve real work issues and to improve real work processes for team building2
    3Retreatin the first paragraph means withdrawal of troops after a defeat3
    4Ice breaking motivates team members compete with each other4
    5A good teamwork culture enables individuals make more efforts together5
    答:1T 2F 3F 4F 5T

    1—You'd better not push yourself too hardYou can ask the team and listen
    正确答案You are right
    2—Do you mind if I use vouchers to spend in a restaurant
    正确答案Not at allGo ahead
    3I think a big part of it is______we know how to have fun on the
    4Learning new things has always been a great______for me
    5______clearly communicate with and actively listen to employees is essential to improve their performance
    正确答案Being able to
    Human resources supported the proposal of giving the business intelligence a pay incentive every three months at the beginning1
    2Brad from human resources supports Scott's
    3Carlotta is the manager of HRD3
    4Men and women in the business intelligence team who have been selected to get the prize will receive the same rewarding things4
    5The prizewinner cannot choose the prize that costs more than5007The prizewinner can only have material awards and no day off5
    答:1F 2T 3F 4F 5T
    1—I think I have made a great mistake
    正确答案I don't think soIt's not your fault
    2—Do you know where I can repair my motorcar
    正确答案Around the street corner
    3Linda walked at the head________by her colleagues
    4A child's character is greatly influenced by his home________
    5Without his assistanceI________the research last month
    正确答案would not have completed
    Performance Management and Performance Appraisal
    Performance management aims to acknowledge employee achievementssupport their personal and professional developmentand motivate and empower them to perform their work effectivelyPerformance management helps employees to develop their understandingknowledge and skills so that they can contribute to the achievement of the enterprise's goals and gain personal and job satisfactionIt is a vital part of any quality human resource system
    Every enterprise wants and should expect high performance from each employeeThe elements of a competencybased performance management system willif implemented wellenable high performance which will define enterprise and personal successUsing performance management processesan enterprise can be better placed to meet competitive challengesThis is done by
    ●identifying the critical positions
    ●determining the most important competencies for those positions
    ●providing the educationtraining and feedback required by employees
    ●holding each person accountable for their results
    The key to the performance management process isperformance appraisal'Performance appraisal is simply an evaluation of how well an employee performs his or her job compared to a set of predetermined standardsIt is a systematic process of feedback on an employee's work performanceand agreement to future training plansjob goals and job aspirations
    To be effectivea performance appraisal needs to have a set of agreed criteria that will be the basis of feedback as well as of setting future goalsUnits of competency provide a very effective tool for setting benchmarks or criteria for work performanceThe performance criteria within units of competency can be used as measures to assess against in a performance appraisal or review
    Performance management is a very important part of any quality human resource system1
    2The aim of performance management is to punish the unqualified employees2
    3An enterprise can be better placed to meet competitive challenges by providing the educationtraining and feedback required by employeesfor example3
    4Every enterprise can expect high performance from each employee4
    5Performance managementis also calledperformance appraisal5
    答:1T 2F 3T 4F 5F
    1—If you don't believe in yourselfno one else will
    —_____Confidence is really important
    正确答案I couldn't agree more
    2—Which of these hats do you want
    —_______Either will do
    正确答案I don't mind
    3He ordered that nothing________until the police arrived
    正确答案should be touched
    4There is no_____the fact that he is the best student in the class
    5To build the reservoir(水库)thousands of people have to be_______
    On May 271995our life was suddenly changedIt happened a few minutes past threewhen my husbandChrisfell from his horse as it jumped over a fenceChris was paralyzed(瘫痪)from the chest down1 to breathe normallyAs he was thrown from his horsewe entered into a life of disability with lots of unexpected challengesWe went from thehavesto thehavenotsOr so we thought
    Yet what we discovered later were all the gifts that came out of sharing difficultiesWe came to learn that something 2 could happen in a disasterAll over the world people cared for Chris so much that letters and postcards poured in every dayBy the end of the third week in a medical center in Virginiaabout 35000 pieces of 3 had been received and sortedAs 4we opened letter after letterThey gave us comfort and became a source of strength for usWe use them to encourage ourselvesI would go to the pile of letters marked withfunnyif we need a laughor to thedisabledbox to find advice from people in wheelchairs or even in bed living happily and 5These letterswe realizedhad to be sharedAnd so here we offer one of them to you
    答:1 unable 2 wonderful  3 mail  4 a family  5 successfully

    1—Have you already paidWhat's my share of the bill?
    —_________It wasn't very much
    正确答案Don't worry about it
    2—The Auto Show in the City Stadium has been canceled
    正确答案What a pity
    3All the_____guests are seated in the front row
    4Their economy is export______
    5After days of investigationthe police were____reality
    Create a Positive Workplace Culture
    In competitive marketsleaders are under increased pressure to maintain a positive work cultureA positive work culture cultivates greater employee satisfactiongreater employee satisfaction contributes to higher performancehigher performance impacts improved client outcomesimproved client outcomes contribute to service excellence
    Positive work cultures are built over time and need constant attentionSuch cultures are dependent on leadership vision and values
    An effective leader sets the tone for the teamencourages a positive workplace culture and is able to bring about cultural change
    Workplace culture is made up of the shared attitudesbeliefsbehaviorsvalues and expectations that influence the way people work in the workplaceIt isthe way we do things around here
    Some cultural aspects are understood by all and are obvious such as turning up for wok on timewhile others may beunwritten rulesthat are not so obvious for example how personal issues are resolved with work colleagues
    Many factors that influence whether a workplace has a positive outlook are within the control of people who work in a workplaceThere are also factors out of their controlsuch as slumps in global prices or a change in demand and supplyThe company canhowevercontrol how they respond to these factors
    Those companies that do create positive workplace environments develop a reputation in their community as beinggood to work for'and have a competitive edgeNot only are these companies more able to attract and retain peoplethey tend to be more stable as they proactively deal with issues and adapt to change
    Teams work best when they are clear about what is expected of themThey are more able to deal with difficult issues if they feel the values of the organization are supportive of them
    For a workplace culture to be positivethe direction and actions of the business must be consistent with the core values of the people in the workplaceThe people must trust each other and be able to openly express and exchange ideas
    Working through these steps will help with developing a positive business culture
    1A positive work culture will give workers more satisfaction1
    2Positive cultures have a lot to do with leadership vision and values2
    3The direction and actions for the business must differ from the core values of the employees in order for a workplace culture to be positive3
    4In competitive marketsleaders are under more and more pressure to keep a positive work culture4
    5Positive work culture can be built in a short period of time5
    答:1T 2T 3F 4T 5F

    1—You have to believe in yourselfNo one else willif you don't
    —____________________Confidence is really important
    正确答案I couldn't agree more
    2—I'd like a wakeup call at 700 amplease
    正确答案I'll make sure you get one
    3 He will write to me as soon as he______home
    4How do we expect to compete with a company that has such a huge______and huge resources
    5When people are surrounded by______communication and encouragementthey can find the courage to tryfailredoand try again
    Vision and ExecutionTwo Sides of a Successful Strategy
    A strategic plan is not the end goal of the strategic planning process–it is the framework for successfully implementing a strategyUntil a strategic plan is put into effectit has no real value
    There are several keys to successful implementationFirstpeople directly involved in executing the strategy must be included in the planning processStrategic planning is no longer a topdown directiveWithout the input and feedback of the people responsible for executing on the strategya seemingly solid strategy is likely to fall apart when implementation is attempted
    The next key to successful implementation is clearly communicating the strategy to the whole companyThe communication should ensure that everyone in the company understands and accepts the strategy as the best path forwardand not simply the leadership's latest ideaWithout clear communicationemployees lack a sense of ownership and clarity of purposeWhen a strategy is not understood or embracedit usually results in misunderstanding and uneven commitments to implementation
    Another key to the successful execution of a strategic plan is the clear and straightforward description of the plan and its operationsEven the most brilliant strategy faces failure if it cannot be explained clearly and concisely
    The final goal of the strategic planning process is a strategic plan1
    2A strategic plan is valuable if it is executed2
    3There are four keys to successful implementation3
    4A good strategy is likely to fall apart if without the input and feedback of the people responsible for executing on the strategy4
    5Leadership's idea determines all5
    答:1F 2T 3F 4T 5F





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