[2022春期]1378国开电大本科《管理英语3》期末纸质考试 (第二题词汇与结构)题库 说明:更新至2021年7月试题;适用于2022年7月期末纸质考试。 第一类:空在最前面的试题 [首字音序F] ―______father took part in the charity activity in the neighborhood yesterday?―Peter' s. [答案]Whose [首字音序H] ______hese potential problems,two-way radios are preferable as they are extremely reliable for short distances and can broadcast to several people at once.[答案]Given [首字音序I] ______important it is for kids to imagine freely![答案]How ______is known to all,too much fat causes heart problems.[答案]As [首字音序T] ______they have a lot of applicants,they can't find the people they want.[答案]Though 第二类:空在最前面的试题 [首字音序A] A budget is an estimation of the_____and_____over a specified future period of time.[答案]revenue;expenses A bus driver______the safety of his passengers.[答案]is responsible for A campus emergency______occur at any time of the day or night,weekend,or holiday,with little or no warning.[答案]may A Chinese company is going to______over the well-known Japanese company TOSHIBA Corporation.[答案]take A number of boys______absent some time during the term.[答案]have been A vegetarian diet consists of the following EXCEPT______.[答案]meat All things______,the planned flight will have to be cancelled.[答案]considered Allan is looking forward to______you in summer holiday.[答案]meeting Apple almost lost its dominance in the smartphone market______it became clear that it was difficult to make a call using the much expected iPhone 4.[答案]when [首字音序B] Bring me a glass of beer,______?[答案]will you Business people exercise their leadership in the community service area______the commercial world.[答案]as well as [首字音序C] Can you tell me how______to the railway station, please?[答案]to get Chemical spill guidelines should be established by the lab supervisor and should take into______the following.[答案]consideration Communities are part of everyday life and have positive______on its members.[答案]effects Community service is a great way to help people in their time of need.It is great to see the happiness that results______it.[答案]from Community service is important to me because it provides me with eye-opening experiences while ______many people.[答案]benefitting Community Services Program aims for all members of the community to______to basic financial and material resources,information,advice and referral.[答案]have access [首字音序G] Government agencies are responsible for declaring the evacuation of a given area and will,in many instances,already have evacuation plans__________.[答案]in place [首字音序H] He gave up his study in college in______.[答案]despair He wil1 write to me as soon as he______home.[答案]returns [首字音序I] I am______your early coming.[答案]looking forward to I bought a new car last month, but I______my old car yet.[答案]have not sold I didn't finish my homework. Neither______.[答案]did he I don't like ice-cream. She doesn't like it,______.[答案]either I don't think anyone can accuse him______not being honest.[答案]of I don't think anyone can______him of not being honest.[答案]accuse I got______money with me, so I wasn't able to buy even a bottle of water![答案]little I heard that you really had a wonderful time at John's birthday party,______?[答案]didn't you I took it for______that you wouldn't come here again.[答案]granted ―I wish you success in your career.―_________[答案]The same to you. I______a book when the telephone______.[答案]was reading…rang I______to know how often the bus runs during rush hour. [答案]happen If the building project______by the end of this month is delayed,the construction company will be fined.[答案]to be completed If you need further information, please______our office.[答案]contact I'm going to have a______with Mark about this issue tomorrow.[答案]word I'm used to______up early now.[答案]getting In Beijing, the best season in a year is probably______autumn.[答案]late Involvement in community activities______an integral and inescapable part of senior managers' jobs.[答案]has seen as It is one of the best concerts I______[答案]have ever been to It takes small steps to create big change and this is______service-learning hopes to achieve.[答案]what It's______to point to or talk about strangers in public.[答案]not polite [首字音序J] John as well as Mike______just been back from an important meeting.[答案]has [首字音序K] Knowing______increases employee loyalty to the company and their leader.[答案]that their CEO was volunteering time for community service [首字音序L] Leave the reference books behind,______you won't be able to think independently.[答案]or Let's discuss these problems at the meeting,______?[答案]shall we Let's go______the reports on the latest work.[答案]over [首字音序M] Many disasters allow no time for people to gather even the most basic necessities,which is______planning ahead is essential.[答案]why Many factors both at home and abroad______the bankruptcy of the multinational corporation.[答案]contributed to My friend invited me______the art club, and I accepted it with pleasure.[答案]to join [首字音序N] Not only______many cars built in the 1970s ugly and poorly designed, they also became very unreliable after 40-50 thousand miles. [答案]were [首字音序O] One of the main benefits of community service is that it______a person's character.[答案]builds Our new school building is______construction.[答案]under [首字音序P] Patrols should be conducted by teams______individuals.[答案]rather than People now can easily______information from the Internet.[答案]access Preparedness actions are aimed______planning,organizing,training,equipping,exercising,evaluating,and implementing corrective actions to ensure effective coordination during incident response.[答案]at Proper controls that should______developed as part of routine safety procedures were not in place.[答案]have been Purchasing the new production line will be a______deal for the company.[答案]profitable [首字音序R] Raising pigs______my job at that time.[答案]was Rent,electricity and insurance are all examples of the company's______.[答案]overhead [首字音序S] ―She doesn't,______.[答案]either She doesn't______French or German.[答案]speak Some of the risks may be relevant to your community.Find out which ones by______www.GetPrepared.uk.[答案]visiting Supervisors should make a list of pest control measures to be_________by employees.[答案]taken [首字音序T] The child______fluent French.[答案]speaks The key______successful implementation is clearly communicating the strategy to the whole company.[答案]to The light is too______for me to read. I can't stand any more.[答案]dim The machine______this morning for no reason.[答案]broke down The manager urged his staff not to______the splendid opportunity.[答案]miss The online What's on for Women provides information______upcoming and ongoing events.[答案]about The products of this company are always______to standard, they have very strict quality control process.[答案]up The programme gives students the______to learn more about global warming.[答案]opportunity The______was only sentenced to pay a fine of $10,000.[答案]criminal Then the situation______worse by human error because of the lack of proper training.[答案]was made These preparedness frameworks either exist in various stages of development______have been implemented.[答案]or They are trying to______the waste discharged by the factory for profit.[答案]exploit They recommended that the amusement park______.[答案]be extended They______leave next Friday.[答案]decided to This is the book______I have learned a lot.[答案]from which This is the man______last night.[答案]whom I saw [首字音序U] Under no circumstance______to tell lies to parents.[答案]are children allowed Unluckily,some Quality Management System failures______headlines.[答案]do make [首字音序W] We have spent all of our spare time,______,our spare money, on the project.[答案]as well as We______the last bus and didn't have any money for taxi,so we had to walk home.[答案]missed ―When do we have to pay the bill?―______December 30. [答案]By When you aren't physically handing someone money or a check for a______,you will feel you are spending free money.[答案]purchase When you complete Part 1,you will be able to learn______.[答案]what to do for specific hazards When______as planned,a credit card can be a powerful financial tool.[答案]used ―Who should be responsible for the accident? ―The boss, not the workers. They just carried out the order______. [答案]as told [首字音序Y] You can go out,______you promise to be back before 12 O'clock.[答案]as long as 本文档由香当网(https://www.xiangdang.net)用户上传



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