上海牛津版7B期末复习-完型填空类阅读理解专项练习 (一) The air all around us is so dirty. And we breathe dirty air every day. A lot of this air comes from cars. When we 1 a bus or take a walk, we breathe smoke that comes out of the cars. If we do sports 2 , we breathe in more of this air. It is hard to do sports because it is hard to breathe. Breathing this air is very unhealthy. It makes people 3 . It can cause people to have a cough or allergies(过敏). It can also make people not live as long. People think the problem is very serious. Some people want to move away. But not 4 of them can move away. People should take action. Instead of using a car or a bus for transportation, we could walk or ride bicycles. Taking the MTR also reduces much 5 . Plants and trees are also good for the air. They give us more oxygen. We can help plant more trees. If we all do our part, we'll be 6 make the air cleaner. 1.A.put out B.wait for C.look at D.think of 2.A.outside B.instead C.nearby D.soon 3.A.happy B.cool C.sick D.healthy 4.A.any B.some C.few D.all 5.A.pollution B.noise C.information D.advice 6.A.thankful to B.given to C.able to D.used to Keys:1.B2.A3.C4.D5.A6.C (二) Maggie’s Diet Blog Week 1 This week I have decided that I have to start keeping fit. I can’t let people see my unhealthy body in a swimsuit this summer. I must do something! I’ve decided to eat fewer sweets and snacks. 1 , I’ m going to eat more fruit and vegetables. It’s difficult, but I know it’s important for me to stay healthy. Week 2 It has been a hard week eating vegetables and fruits only. But I 2 go on my diet. I will also have to do some exercise this week 3 I’m worried about getting fit by this summer. So I go jogging (慢跑) for 30 minutes every evening. Week 3 This week I feel I’m getting fit! I also feel more energetic. I guess it’s because I’ve eaten a lot of 4 food and have sports every day. I read an 5 in the newspaper today-saying that walking can also help people keep fit effectively. I think I’ll start walking to school. It only 6 me 15 minutes, but I can get more exercise. I believe if I keep practising these good habits, I’ll look great in my swimsuit this summer! 1.A.Next B.Besides C.Of course D.Instead 2.A.must B.may C.can D.needn’t 3.A.because B.though C.why D.until 4.A.health B.healthy C.unhealthy D.junk 5.A.advice B.article C.adventure D.address 6.A.costs B.spends C.takes D.pays Keys:1.D2.A3.A4.B5.B6.C (三) School Spirit Week In American, if you see a group of students wearing crazy hats or summer T-shirts in the middle of winter, don’t be 1 . They may be celebrating their School Spirit Week (学校精神周). School Spirit Week is a time for students to 2 their pride and spirit in their school. School holds it during any week of the year. During the week, students wear school colors and decorate the classrooms. Every day, there is a different theme (主题). This is also students’ favorite part. They 3 different contests and have fun together, The contests include: Twins Day Twins Day is not limited to twins (双胞胎). Students try to find as many classmates as they can and get them to dress in the 4 way. Celebrity Day Pop stars change every year, but dressing up like one of them is always fun. If students don’t have a favorite 5 , they can dress themselves up by wearing a red carpet gown (礼服) or tuxedo (燕尾服). On this special day, there is a red carpet made of paper at the entrance to the school. Like celebrities, students will pose (摆姿势) for 6 as they walk into school. 1.A.happy B.interested C.surprised D.shy 2.A.show B.drop C.reply D.organize 3.A.play with B.take part in C.get on with D.learn from 4.A.awful B.different C.useful D.same 5.A.contest B.star C.classmate D.shirt 6.A.parties B.teachers C.photos D.holidays Keys:1.C2.A3.B4.D5.B6.C (四) I have a friend. She doesn’t walk, talk or laugh, but she is very kind and friendly to me. When I feel tired, she can help me 1 . She makes me happy almost every day. You can’t touch or see her, but she’s 2 . Do you know who she is? She is my best friend — music. Music is my favorite type of art. When I was four years old, I began to listen to different kinds of music. The first time I saw a piano, a black-and-white musical instrument, I was attracted by it. At first, I was 3 playing the piano. But, as a four-year-old girl, classical music is not very attractive to me. So, I became impatient and didn’t want to play the piano anymore. However, two months later, I changed my mind. One day, I was listening to The Ninth Symphony (《第九交响曲》) at home. My mother told me that Beethoven wrote it after he was deaf. The symphony sounded very powerful, because he wrote it with 4 emotion. Beethoven was deaf, but he didn’t 5 on practicing the piano. So I should learn from him. From then on, I began learning to play the piano again and tried very hard to practice. I love playing the piano. When I feel happy, I will play a happy song toshare 6 with my parents; when I feel sad, I will choose a sorrowful songto pour out my sadness. I will always remember my best friend, music. 1.A.work B.study C.repair D.relax 2.A.somewhere B.everywhere C.anywhere D.nowhere 3.A.famous for B.poor at C.careful with D.interested in 4.A.strong B.sad C.angry D.enjoyable 5.A.show off B.give up C.clean up D.pay for 6.A.information B.food C.happiness D.invitation Keys:1.D2.B3.D4.A5.B6.C (五) Our English teacher was like a friend to us, and we all liked her. One day she came into the classroom and shouted, “Who 1 this window?” She held up a piece of broken glass and asked. She seldom became angry, but this time she was. I did this. I threw a baseball and then it happened. I didn’t want to say it was me because I didn’t have enough money and my father would be 2 with me. But later something strong in my heart suddenly made me stand up. “I did it,” I said 3 . How difficult it was for me to say that! My teacher took a book from the book shelves and then walked to my desk. I was afraid that she was going to punish (惩罚) me. “I know you like collecting stamps very much,” she said, looking down at my face. “Here is a book about it that you are looking for. Now, the book is yours and I shall not punish you. Remember, it’s because you told the 4 ” I couldn’t believe it! I didn’t 5 to pay for the window. And I got my favourite book. I haven’t seen my teacher for many years, but I will never forget the 6 I learned on that day. 1.A.cleaned B.climbed C.broke D.fixed 2.A.pleased B.excited C.frightened D.angry 3.A.terribly B.honestly C.easily D.hardly 4.A.story B.lie C.truth D.time 5.A.love B.want C.use D.need 6.A.book B.toy C.lesson D.help Keys:1.C2.D3.B4.C5.D6.C (六) Tom and Jack are good friends. They live next to each other and their farms are both at the foot of the mountain. So they can help each other. But 1 of them likes to use his head. They work hard but they are still very poor. Most villagers have built new houses, but they still live in the low and broken houses. They never 2 why. One day, Tom went to town to buy some medicine for his wife. In the town he heard the apples in a city were expensive. He told Jack about it as soon as he went back. They decided to carry some apples to the city. They 3 some money from their friends and bought nearly 1,000 kilograms of apples in the villages and carried them to the city on a tractor (拖拉机). Bad luck! A lot of apples had already been carried there when they arrived. A few days later they had to sell them at a 4 price. They felt sad and returned to their village. “I can’t understand why we suffer losses in business 5 others always make money.” Tom said one day. “The tractor was too small.” Jack said without thinking. “We’ll carry 6 apples on a truck next time!” “I agree!” said Tom. “How foolish we were!” 1.A.both B.all C.none D.neither 2.A.fine B.find out C.look at D.look for 3.A.made B.gave C.borrowed D.sent 4.A.high B.low C.expensive D.cheap 5.A.while B.because C.although D.so that 6.A.few B.fewer C.much D.more Keys:1.D2.B3.C4.B5.A6.D (七) An Wang was born in Shanghai, China. He went to America at the age of twenty-five. He studied at Harvard, a famous university near Boston. He was ___1____ and soon got a doctorate (博士头衔). In 1951, An Wang ____2____ a small company. It had only one room and two employees (雇员). Every year the company grew and grew. By 1985, Wang had thirty thousand employees and had made 3,000 million dollars. His company became one of the most ____3____ companies in the USA.It made the newest computers._____4___An Wang was very rich, money did not change him. He lived with his wife in the same house outside Boston. He only had two suits at one time, and they were blue. He was kind to the poor and liked to give money to them. People in the USA will ___5____ forget this good man. 1.A.happy B.hardworking C.strong D.careful 2.A.designed B.made C.found D.started 3.A.important B.public C.difficult D.possible 4.A.Because B.Although C.Since D.Before 5.A.sometimes B.always C.never D.Often Keys:1.B2.D3.A4.B5.C (八) When you get tired after a long hours' work, several minutes' walk in a nearby 1 park helps you relax. Or you may stand facing the lake or the sea. They'll calm you just like the green plants. Colour is a 2 part of the answers. Green and blue help make people feel quieter and safer. All colors have special power. So, I just have found out that many colours have special effects on people's minds and 3 . Try an easy and interesting experiment. There's a red box and white one. Then weigh two boxes with your hands. Which one is heavier? Most people think that the red box is heavier, even though they weigh 4 . Colors can affect(影响)learning. Scientists have found that students spend more time reading if they read information written in blue. Blue helps most people calm down and 5 more. People use different colors in different places. Hospitals and libraries seldom paint their walls, tables and desks red. They use light colors such as light blue or light green. Red makes people feel excited while light colors help them relax. Start with your small room. Try to make some changes in it and you'll get to know how 6 color is. 1.A.green B.yellow C.white D.red 2.A.most B.small C.key D.important 3.A.hearings B.smells C.feelings D.tastes 4.A.the same B.difficult C.different D.similar 5.A.eat B.drink C.sleep D.think 6.A.necessary B.usual C.important D.terrible Keys:1.A2.C3.C4.A5.D6.C (九) Tired of the noisy life in Bangladesh(孟加拉), a young writer has found a great place to have some quiet and happy hours. Each day, the 25-year-old Bangladeshi writer uses a pulley(滑车)to 1 to a wooden platform at the top of a tree. The platform is 30 metres 2 the ground. “I 3 four to five hours in the tree reading and writing, listening to the birds singing,” he said. The young writer sleeps there sometimes. “I feel great when I am in the tree writing poetry in the moonlight or looking at the sun 4 or setting. It is a wonderful life.”He added. “At first, other villages thought I was mad, but now, many people ask me to build the same kinds of tree house for them. They want to have such a different life.” He said. Bangladesh is a country 5 a population of 144 million. It has become one of the world’s most crowded countries. 1.A.climb B.go down C.stay D.jump 2.A.on B.from C.above D.under 3.A.spend B.take C.pay D.cost 4.A.raising B.going C.dropping D.rising 5.A.have B.with C.without D.has Keys:1.A2.C3.A4.D5.B (十) Wild animals are our friends, but many of them are getting fewer and fewer. We should try to protect them. The four animals below are now in danger. Tibetan Antelopes Tibetan antelopes (藏羚羊) are medium-sized animals. They mainly feed on grass. They are usually found in groups of about 20. They are killed for their wool, which is warm, soft and fine and can be made into expensive clothes. Although people can get the wool without killing the animals, people 1 kill them before taking the wool. The number of them is dropping year by year. There are less than 75,000 Tibetan antelopes left in the world, down from a million 50 years ago. Golden Monkeys(金丝猴) Golden monkeys are mainly found in Sichuan, Gansu, Shanxi provinces and Shengnongjia mountainous area of Hubei Province. Golden monkeys have golden-orange fur. They 2 around in the daytime, usually in groups of as many as 100 to 200 heads, or 20 to 30 heads. They feed on fruits and young leaves of bamboos. But people are destroying the environment 3 they live. Trees and bamboos are disappearing, so golden monkeys have less and less to eat. Elephants Elephants are very big and strong. They are bigger than any other animals on land. They are grey and have long trunks(象鼻) and tusks(象牙). They have poor eyesight, but very good hearing and smell. They can lift heavy things and break down branches with their trunks. Elephants are very friendly towards each other and towards their neighbours. Normally, they live in a group for many years. Young male elephants do not leave the group until they are about 12 years old. Now, there are very few elephants in the world. The number of them is becoming 4 because their living areas are used for farming. Also, people hunt them for their tusks. Wolves Wolves are not very big. They have grey fur. Wolves have very good eyesight, hearing and smell. Wolves’ food is various. They eat animals, insects and snails. They are friendly to each other and never attack people. They do not kill for fun. Wolves are in danger, too. They are losing their living areas because people cut down forests. 5 they will have no home or food. 1.A.carefully . B.quickly C.successfully D.simply 2.A.move around B.look around C.live together D.play together 3.A.that B.which C.how D.where 4.A.fewer and fewer B.smaller and smaller C.less and less D.more and more 5.A.Soon B.Later C.After D.Before Keys:1.D2.A3.D4.B5.A 本文档由香当网(https://www.xiangdang.net)用户上传



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