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I. 选择填空 (每题2分,共30)


(  ) 1. He finally realized his mistake.

A. achieved        B. got to know   C. told           

(  ) 2. It was wise of you to walk on the muddy (泥泞的) road with a stick.

A. clever          B. foolish       C. rude           

(  ) 3. Ten thousand dollars is a large amount of money to me.

A. quantityB. carefullyC. rightly

(  )4. Please copy down the question on the blackboard.

A. look down      B. come down   C. write down   

(  ) 5.You should try to do your homework correctly.

A. quickly   B. in a right way  C. fastly

(  ) 6.They lived in a small village a long time ago.

A. long long agoB. in the futureC. just now 

(  ) 7.I joined in the speech contest instead of Betty.

A. and so on B. in place ofC. such as  

(  ) 8.“This is a very nice dress!” Mike said. “Thanks.” The lady replied coldly.

A. talked     B.smiledC. answered

ii. 从下面每小题的ABC三个选项中选出最佳答案。

(  )9.---A large number of tourists ______ to visit Shenzhen every year.

     ---Yes. The number of tourists visiting Shenzhen ______ about 80 million.

A. come; is        B. comes; are   C. come; are      

(  ) 10. I wanted to go out at first. But finally I decided to stay at home ______.

A. in place B. instead of  C. instead

(  ) 11. --- My father promised me ______ a mobile phone as my birthday gift.

       --- Great! Did you promise ______ anything else?

A. with; doing         B. /; to do         C. /; doing

(  ) 12.--Did you  ______ that you made many mistakes?

-- Yes, I did. Iwill ______ my homework more carefully next time.

  1. realize; double     B. realize; check     C. finish, does

(  ) 13. When I said I was faster, she challenged me ______ a running race.

  1. with      B.for        C. to        

(  ) 14. My father ordered me ______ the dishes after lunch.

  1. to do     B.did     C. doing

(  ) 15. Finally, he successfully used different ways ______ the problem.

  1. solve     B. solving       C. to solve 


II. 完形填空 (每题2分,共20)

This is a story from One Thousand and One Nights.

A long time ago, there were two 16  , Cassim and Ali Baba. When Ali Baba grew up, he cut wood to make a living. One day, when he was 17  wood in a forest, he saw forty thieves went to a cave ( 山洞). When the thieves said“Open Sesame (芝麻)”, the  18  to the cave opened. When they said “Close Sesame”, it closed. After the thieves left, Ali Baba went into the cave and took some 19 away. But Cassim found out about it and made Ali Baba 20  him everything. Cassim wanted to steal some gold too. When Cassim went into the cave, the thieves 21  and killed him angrily. Cassim’s 22  was very worried about Cassim. She asked Ali Baba to 23  her husband. The next day, Ali Baba went to the cave and found that Cassim was 24  . Ali Baba took his brother’s body away. So the thieves knew there was someone else. They



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