八年级英语上册作文范文 一、关于旅行需注明:时间、地点、人物、天气、事件、食物、感受。 My Vacation To Beijing Last summer I went to Beijing on vacation with my family.The weather was sunny and hot. We visited the Great Wall on the first day. There were many people on theGreat Wall. Th e next day, we visited the Palace Museum and Tian’an Men Square. We took many photos th ere. We also visited some other interesting place—Beijing Hutong. For dinner, we ate something special—Beijing duck. It was delicious. We had great fun there. I hope to go there again. 二、关于朋友的短文可以提及:名字、外貌、他喜欢做什么、与你有哪些相同和 不同,最好加一些对朋友的看法. My best friend and I Every one needs friends, so do I. I have many friends, but Mary is my best friend. Let me tell you somethingabout her.She is 14 years old. She is tall and thin. She has two big eyes. She is smart. And she is very funny. She likes telling jokes, and she oft en makes me laugh. We have many things in common. We are both outgoing in our class. W e both like sports and math. And we bothplaying computer games. However, we also have s ome differences. She is good at playingTennis, so she always wins in tennis. I am smarter tha n her, so I always get better gradesthan her. I think friends are like books, you don’t need a lot of them as long as they are good. So I ho pe we can be friends forever. 三、写频率相关的作文:会使用频率。例文:介绍你的朋友 Kate 的生活习惯 Kate’s habits Kate is my best friend. She studies hard at school, and she likes reading very much. She often reads some useful and interesting books at home. Sometimes she uses the Internet. She can listen to music on the Internet. It’s relaxing. She is pretty healthy. She exercis es three or four times a week. She walks to school every day. She has good eating habits, too. She eats vegetables and fruit every day. 四、我最会喜欢的电视节目:写出节目名、叙述内容以及喜欢的原因 My favorite TV show my favorite TV show is China’s Got Talent. The talent show trie s to look for the best singers, the most exciting magicians, the funniest actors and so on. All k inds ofPeople join the show to show their talents. Some people are truly talented. When you watch the shows, you can play a role in deciding the winner. The winner usually gets a good prize. I like it because it gives people a way to make their dreams come true. 五、影评:需注意时态;介绍电影类型、主人公、故事大意、以及个人看法。 The Lion King The Lion King is a great movie. I like it very much. It’s a cartoon. It‘s a story of Samb as. Samba’s father was the king. But his uncle Scar killed his father. When Sambas grew up , he came back to the forest and became the true king of the forest. Sambas are hard-workin g, and he has many good friends. He is also kind so he can become the true king. I think it is fantastic. And if you plan to watch a movie, choose The Lion King. 六、根据提示以 My Dream Job 为题写一篇短文(unit 6) 提示:(1)想成为一名记者 (2)打算给报纸写文章 (3) 高中以后想去北京 上大学 (4)想在一家电台工作并环游世界 When I grow up, I'm going to be a journalist. Next year, I'm going to write articles for magazines and newspapers. I'm going to a university in Beijing after high school. Maybe I'm going to find a part-time job and save some money. Next, I’m going to work for a TV station as a journalist. Then I am going to travel all over the world. 七、请以“未来的学校生活”为主题,写一篇英语短文。要求:灵活运用一般将 时。 School life in the future I think school life in the future will be more colorful and interesting. We students will h ave classes only in the morning. We won’thave homework after school. We will have more fr ee time to take part in all kinds of activities in the afternoon. For example, we will play sport s, visit the museums and go to the movies. If we are ill, we will study at home. We will listen to the teacher on the Internet. 八、 My life in the future My life in the future In ten years, I think I will be a teacher. I will live in Beijing, becau se I love it. I will work with children and make friends with them. I love children, soI’ll be h appy every day. I will live in an apartment with my parents, because I Don’t like living alone. I like pets very much, so I will have many different pets, maybe a lovely dog. Every day I will go out for a walk with it. In my holiday I will go to visit some famous places. In the future I think my life will be more interesting and our world will beco me more beautiful. 九、你写一篇制作爆米花(popcorn)的小短文。注意使用 first,next,then, finally 等表示过程的词 How to make popcorn I like popcorn very much. I learned from my mother how to make popcorn. Now let me show you the ways. First you put the popcorn into the popcorn machine. Next, turn on the machine. Wait for several minutes. Then pour the popcorn into the bowl. And put some salt on the popcorn. Finally you can eat the popcorn. 十、根据提示写一封 60-80 字的信。Tom 邀请 Li Ping 参加他这周日的生日宴会, 但 Li Ping 的父母出差要到下个月回来,奶奶又卧病在床,需要人照顾。再说英语考试 即将来临,因此,无法前去参加生日宴会。Li Ping 感到很抱歉,只好写信辞谢。 Dear Tom, Thank you very much for inviting me to your birthday party. I'd love to go,but I can't. M y parents are out on business. They are coming back next month. And now I have to look afte r my grandma because she is ill in bed. And I also need to study for my coming English exa m. I'm very sorry but I can't go to your party. Thank you for asking me. I hope you can have a good time. From Li Ping 十一、 假如某英语报社的“未来职业”班正在征稿,请以 if I become a teacher... 为题,写一篇 60 词左右的短文。 I want to be a teacher when I grow up. If I become a teacher, I'll try my best to teach my students well. In the class, I'll be strict with them. After class, I'll play with them. If they are in need, I'll help them. I'm sure I'll be a good friend of them and a good teacher. I hope I'll be a teacher when I grow up. I believe there is nothing difficult in the world if you put your hear t into it. Do you believe me?



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