英 语 试 题 卷
    What is the boy going to buy
    A Some juice B Some oranges C Some apples
    1 Where does the woman live
    A In the town B In the city C In the mountains
    2 What time will Sally and Kevin meet this Sunday
    A At six B At seven C At eight
    3 Who has a fever
    A Jim B Michael C Michael’s mother
    4 What will Lily do
    A Go fishing B Go for a snack C Go hiking
    5 How is the weather tomorrow
    AWindy B Rainy CSunny
    6 Why is Tom feeling sad
    ABecause he failed the English exam
    BBecause he has no friends to talk with
    CBecause he doesn't know whom to talk with
    7 How much will the man pay
    A 215 B 250 C500
    8 What does the woman mean
    AIt's time to go to bed
    BIt's too early to go to bed
    CShe has too much work to do
    9 How did the man go to New York
    A By plane B By train C By car
    10 What does he think of his trip
    A Boring BDangerous CInteresting


    11 What does the girl want to be
    A A guide B A teacher C A volunteer
    12 How long have they been in the school
    A For one year B For two years C For three years
    13 What does Bill want to invite Mary to do
    A Watch an opera B Watch a movie CWatch s game
    14 Where did Bill get the tickets
    A From the manager B From his friend CFrom his sister
    15 Which of the following is true
    A Bill works at a movie theater
    B Mary isn't sure if she can go
    C The manager will go with them
    16 What does James like lo watch on TV
    A Sitcoms BComedies CTalk shows
    17 When does James usually watch them
    A On Friday BOn Saturday COn Sunday
    18 What do we know about Lucy and her family
    A She likes watching cartoons best
    B Her parents often go on business
    C There are over two TV sets in her family
    19 When does Amy's father get up
    A At 530 BAt 630 CAt 730
    20 What does he feed to the elephants
    A Carrots and potatoes B Bananas and carrots C Tomatoes and cabbages
    21 What does he do in the afternoon
    A He cleans the elephant house
    B He gives the elephants a bath
    C He helps the elephants exercise
    22 What can we learn from the monologue
    A Amy's father is tired of his job now
    B Amy’s father has been a zookeeper for years
    C Amy’s father looks after two elephants in the zoo
    23 They want to paint the school’s again
    24 Some students like the bright colors and
    25 Many others say they need
    26 in the competition will design the large side wall

    27 The monitor’s telephone number is
    28 We must get back to work we won't finish everything
    A And Bbut C so D or
    29 Sleeping is a good thing but some people sleep
    A easily B badly C quickly D well
    30 Do you have any for tonight yet
    Not yet What about having a picnic on the beach
    A problems B news C plans D rules
    31 I've just returned from my trip to London I many interesting places there
    A visit B will visit C am visiting D visited
    32 I want to buy a shirt But I have a little money
    The shirts here are all very cheap And the yellow one is Do you like it
    Acheap B cheaper C the cheapest D expensive
    33Would you like to see a movie with me on Saturday night
    Sorry I didn’t it Could you please say it again
    A receive B catch C find D finish
    34 Since we began to use the Internet our lives a lot
    A change B had changed C will change D have changed
    35 A baby's first month birthday is a special event in China and with a special
    A is celebrated B is celebrating C was celebrated D celebrates
    Each one of us shares this planet with seven billion others And we all need 36 People and products need to move from city to city and country to country Howeverwe all know 37 most cars motorcycles boats and planes cause air pollution They are also 38 This is a serious problem in many cities 39
    inventors are coming up with creative ideas to try to reduce the pollution and noise
    In many cities around the world motorcycles are very 40 Now Vietnam has around 33 million motorcycles and China has almost 120 million Motorcycles are a faster and cheaper way to get around a city than 41 Yet air pollution is a growing problem In large cities people 42 it is difficult to breathe To solve these problems a US company designed an environmentally friendly motorcycle It uses electricity as fuel(燃料) As a result there is 43 pollution It's also quiet and fast This makes 44 a good choice for getting around a city
    The Italian city of Venice is a city with only a few 45 There are no cars in the city center 46 cars water taxis and buses carry people along the city’s canal(运河) However they cause pollution 47 to the water English engineers Dick and Jem designed a solarpowered(太阳)water taxi The water taxi

    run for a day after being recharged(充电)
    Planes also cause air and noise pollution Designing an environmentally friendly airplane is a real 49 Some airplane companies have 50 to solve the problems Swiss engineers have gone one step further They developed a solar airplane This plane holds the world record for the longest solarpowered flight1541 kilometers from Arizona to Texas in America
    36 A air B food C transportation D communication
    37 A how B why C when D that
    38 A noisy B dirty C fast D expensive
    39 A Since B So C Because D Although
    40 A popular B valuable C dangerous D safe
    41 A bikes B subways C buses D cars
    42 A explain B complain C doubt D promise
    43 A much B some C no D more
    44 A them B you C us D it
    45 A rivers B roads C tourists D people
    46 A Instead of B Thanks to C Because of D As for
    47 A probably B only C especially D hardly
    48 A must B can C should D need
    49 A question B job C decision D challenge
    50 A disagreed B refused Cstarted D remembered
    without protect goal harmful make warn quick nervous when danger

    VI hen people hear the word stress they usually think of

    When people hear the word stress they usually think of something bad However stress can have several benefits(益处)for the body and mind To begin with people may feel stressed 5I__ there is something important to do For example some students are stressed before a big test The stress might make them feel 52 but it also makes them focused This type of stress can help people work efficiently(高效)to meet their 53
    Another way stress benefits us is by keeping us healthy Scientists who study stress learnt a little stress can 54 the immune system(免疫系统)stronger When your body learns to respond (反应)to some stressit’s able to 55 you better from illness
    The final way that stress benefits us is by helping us respond to 56 If you see a car coming around the corner too fast you might experience stress This stress sends a message 57 your brain of danger allowing your body to respond 58 You may not be able to jump out of the car's way soon enough 59 the stress

    Of course too much stress is 60 to our bodies and minds But the right amount of stress makes us more efficient healthier and safer
    四 阅读理解(40分)

    61 When can we visit National Railway Museum
    A On weekdays B On Sundays
    C On Saturdays D Every day
    62 Where can we shop and enjoy a cup of coffee
    A In Bletchley Park B On Yew Tree Farm
    CAt National Railway Museum D On the big trains in NRM
    63 Which of the following is TRUE
    ABletchley Park has the longest daily opening hours
    BWe can email Yew Tree Farm for more information
    C We can visit National Railway Museum at nine thirty
    D An adult can buy a ticket to Bletchley Park online for £8
    Color color color are the words of artist Eric Carle
    Eric is like the king in the world of children's books He has written over 70 children's books His most famous book The Very Hungry Caterpillar is common on children's bookshelves all over the world What most people don't know is that Eric also makes art for adults which is called ArtArt People didn't know about it because he didn't show it to the public until he was 84 years old
    Like Eric's children's books his ArtArt is full of bright and clear color He says that he loves color so much because he missed it during the war in Germany Eric was born in New York in 1929 but moved to Germany with his family when he was 6 When he was 10 World War II began He noticed that all the houses and buildings in his town were painted grey brown or dark green It was a sad time and it seemed like there was no color anywhere

    At the end of the war when color came back Eric explains I just loved it so much I keep saying that I wish our eyes could see more color Color is a very important part of my work
    That's true Eric paints bright colors on paper cuts out shapes and then glues them onto another piece of paper This method is called collage In fact it is what led Eric to his ArtArt
    Eric's ArtArt includes large collages as well as paintings photographs and even costumes In all these works he uses all kinds of colors everything from purple to light green to orange Now that's a lot of color
    64 When did Eric show ArtArt to the public
    A In 1929 B In 1993 C In 1997 D In 2013
    65 Why did Eric feel sad during World War II
    A Because he could hardly see bright color
    B Because he had to join the army to fight
    C Because he couldn't draw very good paintings
    D Because he lived a very poor life with his parents
    66 Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage
    A Collage plays an important part in Eric's book ArtArt
    B Children know little about The Very Hungry Caterpillar
    C Eric has created more books for adults than for children
    D Eric moved to Germany with his family when he was 10
    67 What's the main idea of this passage
    A Eric created collages for his books
    B Eric's ArtArt is popular with people
    C Eric's love for color led him to success
    D Eric is the king in the world of children's books
    It seems like technology is everywhere Computers and smart phones are at the center of almost everything we do They constantly(持续)require our attention We text our friends with them during the day sleep with them by our beds and check our messages as soon as we wake up
    In the future technology will no longer be interrupting us all the time Instead we will use calm technology which was first developed by scientist Mark Weiser in the 1970s In his opinion calm technology works quietly but constantly We know it is there but we don't pay much attention to it According to Mark the beat technology should be invisible(隐形)and let you live your life
    We already use many different types of calm technology in our everyday lives Do you have a smoke alarm in your house That smoke alarm is always there checking the air for smoke and quietly keeping you safe It only reminds you it's there when you’ve burnt your bread Or there may be lights in your home or school When somebody passes in front of their sensors(传感器) the lights turn on You don’t think about this type of tech

    nology until you see the light go on
    In the future we can imagine our houses will use calm technology to open the curtains for us in the morning to tum down the heat when we leave or even to choose the best music for our mood The minute we walk through the door our house will respond by turning on the lights and music and perhaps even starting to prepare our dinner
    68 Which of the following is an example of calm technology
    A A computer B A smart phone C A smoke alarm D A radio
    69 What does the underlined word interrupting mean
    A Hurting B Protecting C Helping D Troubling
    70 What’s the main idea of the third paragraph
    A Calm technology keeps us safe in many ways
    B Calm technology can help you to do housework
    C Calm technology has been used in our daily lives
    D Calm technology plays an important part in schools
    71 What can we infer from the passage
    A The light won't go on unless we touch the sensor
    B Calm technology will make our life more convenient
    C People will depend more on smart phones in the future
    D People won't have to work because of calm technology
    Being a teenager can be challenging but it can also be exciting You*re becoming more independent and making decisions for yourself You are also learning to take risks and solve problems better And changes are happening throughout your body even in your brain
    The changes in your brain are influencing how you develop into an adult Imagine the structure(结构)of your brain is like a big road map Lots of roads lead to different destinations(目) When you were a child as you learnt new things your brain created more and more roads to different destinations By the time you become a teenager many different roads lead to the most important places on the map Now your brain's job is to make that map more efficient
    As a result your experiences as a teenager actually influence the way that your brain develops If you spend hours playing video games what skills do you use You learn to see something with your eyes and respond to it with your hands As you develop those skills your brain is making sure that the roads leading to them are especially fast and efficient So your videogame playing could be preparing you for a career such as a pilot
    This is a great time for you to practice new skills and discover what you're good at and try what you love doing Go out and try different activities and stick to them if
    you think they’re useful Remember that with everything you do you’re shaping your brain for the future
    72 What happens as children learn new things

    A Their brains make the maps more efficient
    B The structures of their brains are like big road maps
    C Their brains create more roads to different destinations
    D Many different roads lead to the most important places
    73 What does the underlined word it in Paragraph 3 refer to
    A Your brain B Something you see
    C Your skill D Something you learn
    74 What’s the writer’s advice for teenagers
    A Teenagers should learn to be more independent
    B Teenagers should work harder and more efficiently
    C Teenagers should play more video games in order to be a pilot
    D Teenagers should experience more and stick to the useful activities
    75 Which would be the beat title for the passage
    A Making Decisions for Yourself BDeveloping Your Brain for the Future
    C Ways of Changing Your Brain D Changes Happening in Your Brain
    A problem is only a problem until there is a solution(解决办法) We find solutions by thinking creatively 76 In other words we think outside the box Sometimes thinking outside the box solves not just one but two problems
    Amsterdam is one of the most crowded cities in Europe As a result housing is very expensiveespecially for students 77 However finding this type of apartments was almost impossible until recently
    While the colleges in Amsterdam were trying to solve the housing problem thousands of shipping contains(集装箱)were lying quietly in ports(港口)around the world These huge steel containers carry products from one country to another The life of each container is about 10 years 78 Yet they can't recycle all of them because there are so many
    Back in Amsterdam a company came up with an amazing idea Why not reuse these shipping containers as student apartment 79 They are all the same size and fit together perfectly The steel is strong Moreover these containers are so widely available that they are quite cheap to buy For all these reasons they can be used to build apartments quickly and cheaply Building began in 2005 and after only a few weeks hundreds of Amsterdam students had new homes
    When students first heard about this idea they thought the container apartments would be small noisy and cold 80 Each container apartment has a kitchen a bedroom with a study area and a bathroom The apartments are warm and quiet They even have a highspeed Internet connection Living in a shipping container has become popular Today 3000 Amsterdam students live in the container village
    A Students need low cost apartments
    B The containers are great for building apartments
    C In fact these apartments are not in good condition
    D However they were surprised when they saw them
    E Steel companies recycle some of the old containers
    F Recycling the steel containers has many advantages
    G We use our imagination and come up with creative ideas

    A Hi how are you
    B Not very well I think I have the flu
    A Oh no You poor thing 81
    B It might be I suppose but it doesn't feel like it I've had it for a few days now I just feel really weak and tired all the time
    A 82 Maybe you should go home and get some rest
    B Yes you are right
    B That’s true Could you tell Mr Smith I'm sick
    A 84
    A Yes of course
    B It doesn't matter
    C That sounds terrible
    D Are you sure it's not just a cold
    E How long have you been like this
    F You take it easy and get well soon
    G No one will thank you if you stay and spread it

    B And could you give him my homework
    A Sure
    B Thanks
    A No problem 85
    B I’ll try my best Thanks Bye
    A Bye See you

    2 短文中出现真实名名
    3 词数少80开头已出计总词数
    Your own story about smiles
    Power of smiles
    (get on well bring good luck)


    without protect goal harmful make warn quick nervous when danger

    A smile is the most beautiful language of human beings

    1~5CBBAC 6~10ACBAA 11~15CBABB 16~22CBCBACC
    23 art room 24 Pictures 25 a new 26 The winner 27 9981203
    28~31DBCD 32~35CBDA
    A)36~40CDABA 41~45DBCDB 46~50ACBDC
    B)51 when 52 nervous 53 goals 54 make 55 protect 56 danger
    57to wam 58 quickly 59 without 60 harmful
    61~63ABD 64~67DAAC 68~71CDCB 72~75CBDB 76~80GAEBD




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