外研版 必修第二册:Unit4 Stage and screen—Understanding ideas同步检测练(含答案)

    Unit 4 Stage and screen——Understanding ideas 一、单句语法填空 1.We will act out a conversation about making an ____(arrange) to go to a comedy show. 2.He has lost all his friends as a result of his foolish ____(behave). 3.The little boy felt grateful ___ the coach for his letting him join in the game. 4.He stepped and watched with amusement to see the child so ____(absorb). 5.The ____(absent) of a quiet place at home where children can study was also having a negative effect. 二、完形填空 Roberta appeared on the stage.She took a deep breath and began to 1 .Now she was Portia,a strong­willed 2 in Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice.The theatre was filled with people.She was speaking with a power she had never before experienced,the words flowing 3 from her. 4 Roberta had never acted in her life before the audition(选拔试演),and never thought she would have attracted so much attention. Two weeks before the audition,Roberta's mother had heard about it and 5 her to join in. “I can't think of anyone else better suited to 6 the part.Remember all the plays you used to act out for us?” Her mother wouldn't let the 7 drop.“You're just a little scared.Everyone gets scared.You know you 8 do it.The trick is to look past the 9 to find the love of what you're doing.” So Roberta had made an appointment with the head of the Drama Club.She had read the play and found herself excited by the 10 of speaking such rich words.In secret she practised Portia's part, 11 the lines by repeating them over and over.It wasn't hard;she 12 every minute of it.Every time she spoke the words,she had a new 13 of the lines,as if Shakespeare had written Portia on many levels. On the day of the audition,she 14 two of Portia's famous speeches for the auditors.When she had finished,the head of the Drama Club announced the 15 was hers. 1.A.sing       B.dance C.speak D.report 2.A.member B.actress C.player D.character 3.A.weakly B.rapidly C.smoothly D.slowly 4.A.At first B.In fact C.After all D.In all 5.A.forced B.requested C.encouraged D.reminded 6.A.accept B.play C.offer D.learn 7.A.role B.matter C.interest D.grade 8.A.can B.must C.may D.should 9.A.anger B.pain C.sadness D.fear 10.A.purpose B.way C.idea D.importance 11.A.memorizing B.organizing C.checking D.improving 12.A.disliked B.loved C.expected D.bored 13.A.consideration B.description C.selection D.understanding 14.A.practised B.planned C.performed D.delivered 15.A.part B.play C.speech D.position 三、阅读理解 As a child,Marta was surprisingly creative in painting pictures before she received any formal training.At age 8,she informed me she planned to become a film­maker and stuck to that until,at 17,she and I decided that instead of taking a course in film,she should be apprenticed to a brilliant sound editor,Bruce Nyznik,and his talented associates such as Peter Tilley,with whom I was then working. Marta's love of trains led to the creation of her first film,Train of Thought,in 1991.After that transition from sound to film,she continued to direct and produce,as well as edit.Her works include Shattered Dreams,a 2006 documentary about a disadvantaged youth in Toronto;The Saviour of Ceylon,a film about the heroism of RCAF officer Leonard Birchall;and the seven­part television series Being 80 with Jean Vanier. Marta was diagnosed with cancer nine years before her death.She saw her cancer as something to be grateful for because it made her concentrate her attention on lasting spiritual realities,rather than the temporary passions that define most of our lives and most of the time. Marta had worked as an editor and director on more than 30 films with Jean Vanier,founder of L.'Arche,an international organization that assists the developmentally handicapped.So she came to her great trial with some hope that her physical pain could promote spiritual growth.She had had little contact with formal religious practice,so what changed her was having to find the meaning of the cancer that threatened her life. In her final year or so,she began to write about her experience with cancer and the enlightenment(启发) that came with it.She meant to give purpose to her life by helping others.Above all,she wanted her friends and family to share the help she was able to give. In a conversation shortly before Marta's death,I expressed some discouragements in my life,and she advised me to concentrate on something for which I was grateful. 1.What did Marta do in order to achieve her goal? A.She decided to pay a visit to Bruce Nyznik. B.She planned to take a related course. C.She wanted to learn from a famous sound editor. D.She hoped to make friends with Peter Tilley. 2.After Marta was diagnosed with cancer ________. A.she had to turn her attention to her condition B.she produced over 30 films with Jean Vanier C.she realized what defined most of her life D.she took a positive attitude toward life 3.Marta wrote about her experience with cancer ________. A.to share it with other cancer victims B.to remind her family of her serious illness C.to provide help for others D.to provide information for cancer research 4.What do you think of Marta in the passage? A.Hard­working.  B.Inspiring. C.Humorous. D.Stubborn. 一、单句语法填空 1.arrangement 2.behaviour 3.to 4.absorbed 5.absence 二、完形填空 1.C [从下文“She was speaking with a power ...”可知她开始演讲,故选C。] 2.D [从空格所在句可知,Roberta正在扮演莎士比亚《威尼斯商人》中的角色Portia,故选D。] 3.C [根据上文的“She was speaking with a power she had never before experienced...”可知,此处指“台词流畅地从她口中说出”,故选C。] 4.B [根据上文“words flowing________from her”和后文“在选拔试演之前她从来没有表演过”可知,B项符合语境。] 5.C [从下文说的话可以看出,母亲是在“鼓励”她,故选C。] 6.B [句意:我想不出别的任何人更适合扮演这个角色。play the part“扮演这个角色”,故选B。] 7.B [句意:她的母亲不想就此搁下这件事。let the matter drop“罢休,不再提这件事”,故选B。] 8.A [句意:你知道你能做到。故选A。] 9.D [根据上文中的“You're just a little scared.”可知,fear符合语境,故选D。] 10.C [句意:她读了这部戏,一想到要说那么丰富的台词她就很激动。故选C。] 11.A [根据空格后repeating them over and over可知,此处指“记住”台词,故选A。] 12.B [因为“热爱”做一件事情,才认为它不难,故选B。] 13.D [句意:每次读这些台词,她都有新的理解,好像莎士比亚从许多的层面写的Portia。故选D。] 14.C [句意:在试演的当天,Roberta为评审员表演了两段Portia的著名演讲。故选C。] 15.A [句意:演完后,戏剧俱乐部的主席宣布Portia这个角色是她的了。故选A。] 三、阅读理解 1.C [细节理解题。根据文章第一段中的“she should be apprenticed to a brilliant sound editor,Bruce Nyznik”可知,Marta不想学习电影方面的课程,而是直接跟着音效剪辑师学习。] 2.D [细节理解题。根据文章第三、四段可知,Marta被确诊为癌症之后,她并没有屈服于癌症,而是把它看作令人感激的事。由此可知,她很乐观。] 3.C [细节理解题。根据文章倒数第二段中的“give purpose to her life by helping others.Above all,she wanted her friends and family to share the help she was able to give”可知,她想用这种方式帮助他人。] 4.B [推理判断题。尽管Marta身患癌症,但是她依然乐观地生活着。文章最后两段提到,她不仅勇敢面对癌症,而且还鼓励他人。inspiring“鼓舞人心的”,故选B。] 本文档由香当网(https://www.xiangdang.net)用户上传



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