單倔議哂猟箔岼佚‐鐙匯/   One-page Generic Want Ad Letter   Ryan Tolbech   4532 Cahilloval   San Angelo, T_ 76902   (915) 942-9313   December 2, 19-- BT&K 2000   18th Street Suite 300   San Angelo, T_ 76902   Attention: Senior Creative Director   I am sending you my resume in response to your ad in the May issue of   Advertising Age for a Production Artist. I believe I have the skills that your   company is seeking, and would like to be considered for the position.   I have e_tensive layout and design e_perience and enjoy working on precise,   detailed projects. My background in 4-color production, camera work, and desktop   publishing systems would also be an asset to your company. Working under tight   deadlines is the standard of the advertising industry that I come from, and is   not a problem for me.   I look forward to meeting with you personally, and reviewing the needs of   BT&K in greater detail. I can be reached at the above telephone number.   Let's talk soon,   Ryan Tolbech   單倔議哂猟箔岼佚‐鐙屈/   Dear Sir or Madam,   I am writing to apply for a position as a computer engineer in your   company. First of all, your company is the king in the area of software and is   well-known for its development of software. It would be a great opportunity for   me to start my career in the company.What is more, my major is computer, and I   have a strong interest in software.   When I was still a freshman, I got Band Two certificate for computer, which   was outstanding in my class. Besides, I have attended various computer contests   and won top prizes several times, which greatly enriched my knowledge on   computer. Finally, I had once worked part-timely in a company for two years, and   I gained wide e_perience in software in these two years.   I would be pleased if you could offer me an opportunity to interview me.   Looking forward to your reply.   Sincerely yours   Li Hua.   單倔議哂猟箔岼佚‐鐙眉/   Dear leaders:   Hello!   My name is the economic law of a tvu graduates.   In school during the strict mentorship lessons and personal efforts, i have   a solid foundation of professional knowledge, a systematic grasp of marketing   and other related theories; familiar with the work of popular foreign etiquette;   with good english listening, speaking, reading, writing, translation and other   capabilities; be able to skillfully operate a computer office software. At the   same time, my spare time to e_tensively studied under a large number of books,   not only enriched his own, but also develop their own multi-faceted skills. More   importantly, the rigorous style of study and correct learning attitude shaped me   simple, stable and innovative traits.   In addition, i also actively participate in various social activities, to   seize every opportunity to e_ercise their own. University for four years, i   deeply feel, with the best students to work to benefit me in the competition; to   challenge the practical difficulties, let me grow up in frustration.   Grandparents have taught me hard work, responsibility, kindness, integrity;   _x_ university, has trained i am being pragmatic, pioneering and enterprising   style. I love your organization are engaged in the cause, eagerly look forward   to your leadership, the building blocks for this glorious cause; and in   practice, learning and progress.   Believe me, believe your choice is right!   單倔議哂猟箔岼佚‐鐙膨/   Dear Sir,   I wish to apply for a position with your company as a regional sales   manager. Iam twenty-nine years old and at present employed by the _ishan   Company,where I have been working as an assistant manager for the past four   years. Before that, Ihad spent three years as a sales agent in the Taiji   Company.   My oniy reason for leaving my present position is to better myself as I   feel I have potential(捻薦) for greater things. I wish to serve in a large company   like yours so that I can learn new things and give full play to my talent.   I can give you references from both of the firms mentioned above as to my   character and ability. Enclosed please find my resume.   I would appreciate your considering my application. I am looking forward to   hearing from you soon.   Sincerely yours,   Yulin   單倔議哂猟箔岼佚‐鐙励/   1. In reply to your advertisement in today's (newspaper), I respectfully   offer my services for the situtation. 維響書晩__烏貧酷巷望鴻御£¬云繁蒙緩姥痕哘尢乎岼了。   2. Replying to your advertisement in today's issue of the (newspaper), I   wish to apply for the position in your esteemed firm.   維響酷巷望壓書晩(烏嫗)貧鴻御£¬蒙緩姥痕哘尢酷巷望乎岼了。   3. With reference to your advertisement in (newspaper ) of May 2 for a   clerk, I oofer myself for the post. 貫励埖屈晩__烏貧鴻御生誼岑巷望孃童匯了岼埀。   4. Please consider me an applicant ofr the position which you advertised in   (newspaper) of December 5 噴屈埖励晩酷巷望壓__烏貧鴻御孃童繁嘉£¬厘垳哘尢£¬旺萩公嚠深打。   5. In reply to your advertisement in today's (newsaper) for an account, I   tender my services. 維響書晩__烏貧酷巷望議孃嘉鴻御£¬云繁蒙緩哘孃氏柴匯岼。   6. I should like to apply for the position mentioned in your advertisement   in (newspaper) of July 22 酷巷望鈍埖屈噴屈晩壓__烏侵鞠孃童議岼了£¬蒙緩姥痕哘孃。   7. I wihs to apply for the position advertised in the enclosed clipping   from the (newspaper) of November 12. 女昧痕現貧噴匯埖噴屈晩__烏酷巷望孃童鴻御£¬厘垳哘孃緩匯岼了。   8. Having noticed the enclosed advertisement in this morning's newspaper, I   wish to apply for the position referred to.   維響書晩__烏鴻御誼岑酷巷望屎壓孃童繁嘉£¬云繁現篠儒烏賦萩緩匯岼了。   9. In answer to your advertisement in today's newspaper fro a secretary, I   wihs to tender my services. 佼和壓書晩__烏貧侵鞠孃童蜘慕鴻御£¬云繁資呂£¬蒙緩哘孃。   10. Learning from mr. S.P. Chen that you are looking for a sales manager, I   should like to apply for the position. 貫蛎富涛嗔枠伏侃誼呂£¬酷巷望屎壓孃童匯兆匍暦将尖£¬厘垳哘孃緩岼。   11. Your advertisement for a telephone operator in the newspaper of March 8   has interested me, I feel I can fill that position.   酷巷望眉埖伊晩壓__烏貧侵鞠孃童窮三俊Ïß埀鴻御£¬云繁維響自湖佶箸£¬Ïà佚嬬毅販緩岼。   12. I would like to apply for the post of male engineer as advertised in   today's newspaper. 書晩__烏貧侭侵鞠孃童槻來垢殻繁埀£¬云繁垳吭哘尢緩岼。   13. On looking over today's newspaper my attention was attracted by your   advertisement for a librarian. Now as I am desirous of obtaining such a   position, I should like to apply for the same.   維響酷巷望壓云晩__烏貧侭侵鞠議孃童鴻御£¬誼呂酷巷望孃童匯了夕慕鋼埀。ÏÖ壓云繁屎儖孀宸匯窃岼了£¬蒙緩俐痕哘尢。   14. Referring to your advertisement in the newspaper of June 30 for an   assistant chemist, I hope to offer my services.   酷巷望鎗埖眉噴晩壓__烏貧侵鞠孃童廁尖勞質弗£¬云繁蒙緩姥痕哘尢。 本文档由香当网(https://www.xiangdang.net)用户上传



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