2018年1月1380国开电大本科《商务英语3》期末考试试题及答案 一、交际用语(每小题2分,共10分) 1-5题:选择正确的语句完成下面对话,并将答案序号写在答题纸上。 1.―Hello!___________________? ―Hello, this is Michael from Tianjin Vanguard Trading Inc. A.Who are you? B.What are you? C.Who is that? [答案]C 2.―Kathy, I'd like you to meet Maggie Jacobs. ―_______________, Maggie.You're doing a great job. A.I'm pleased to meet you B.It's great to see you again C.I'm happy to meet you too [答案]A 3.―May I suggest the sales start on or about October 1? ―___________________ A.What do you mean? B.I like sales. C.Great [答案]C 4.―I think a bus stop advertisement wise chance to promote our products ―___________________ A.Our products are popular. B.You said it. C.I don't like advertisement. [答案]B 5.―What about the commission? ―___________________ A.Of course, I'd give you our lowest quotation B.I'm afraid you have to tell me how large your order is going to be C.It's a general practice everywhere else [答案]B 二、词汇语法(每小题2分,共30分) 6-20题:阅读下面的句子,从 三个选项中选出一个能填入空白处的正确选项,并将答案序号写在答题纸上。 6.Good manners maybe varied___________________cultural backgrounds. A.since B.because C.due to [答案]C 7.I was___________________devising sales strategies and targets for the West Region. A.responsible with B.responsible for C.responsible in [答案]B 8.You just send the faulty product back to them and they___________________it free of charge. A.will replace B.replace C.have replaced [答案]A 9.The price of commodities___________________on many factors like quality, demand,supply, etc. A.is basing B.has based C.is based [答案]C 10.Your T-shirts found a ready market in the eastern part of our country___________2014. A.on B.in C.at [答案]B 11.Finally, they return the___________________to the people who bought shares in the company. A.cost B.price C.profits [答案]C 12.We sell insurance cover;___________________your pay will depend on the cover you require. A.fee B.fare C.charge [答案]C 13.That is the reason___________________we've lost so many customers. A.why B.that C.which [答案]A 14.I plan to use the media mix to reach our___________________. A.target market B.free market C.stock market [答案]A 15.I'll___________________the exchange rate and service charge and then type up the check for you. A.makeup B.figure out C.carryout [答案]B 16.We have___________________in most major cities in China. A.subsides B.subsidiaries C.submits [答案]B 17.___________________you have said is very important to us. A.What B.That C.Whose [答案]A 18.It means you can___________________online with us. A.translate B.transport C.transact [答案]C 19.Moreover, reservations by credit card four weeks___________________guarantee availability of the room size required. A.in advance B.at advance C.on advance [答案]A 20.Our terms of payment are normally 30-day bill of exchange, documents__________payment. A.against B.for C.in [答案]A 三、阅读理解(每小题4分,共40分) 21-25题:阅读下列短文,从A、B、C三个选项中选出一个正确答案,并将答案序号写在答题纸上。 Passage l It takes a lot of time and effort to develop and maintain a marketing campaign that resonates(共鸣) with your potential clients.However, you should think more about how to develop a marketing campaign.After all, we’re always looking for ways to increase our competitiveness.Here are some marketing strategies for you to checkout. Partner(结伴) with allies.Marketing partnerships have many benefits to push a marketing campaign, For starters, when you stand side by side with someone else, you can deliver better content, If you are at the top of your business, marketing partnerships are cheaper to maintain your success and expose your brand. Embrace user-generated content.According to a survey of 839 millennials (千万富翁) ,they spend 5.4hoursaday communicating with their peers, about 30 percent of their total media time.Similarly, you can also make this by sharing personal stories and exchanging ideas with your customers.This is a good way of carrying out advertisement. Help customers solve a problem.As perfectly stated on Hub Spot, “You're in business because you provide solutions.”Some of the ways you can help customers solve a problem is by:creating how-to-content;offering exclusives that make their lives easier;listening to them or answering their questions; or creating APPs or tools. Let customers interact.No matter what product or service you're offering, your customers want to interact with your company, or at least other customers.AMC, for example, created an online tool that allowed you to write down your imaginations.American Express connects small-business owners to each other and helpful resources through its open forum. 21.This article mainly talks about___________________. A.some marketing strategies B.your potential clients C.communicative skills [答案]A 22.You are suggested in the second paragraph to___________________. A.fight against your opponent B.find allies with someone else C.always focus on yourself [答案]B 23.To embrace user-generated content does good at___________________. A.making friends with strangers B.choosing capable employees C.carrying out advertisement [答案]C 24.Which of the following is NOT away of helping customers solve a problem?___________________ A.Creating how-to-content B.Listening to customers C.Having dinner with customers [答案]C 25.AMC created an online tools o that___________________. A.one can write down what he imagines B.your dreams and thoughts will come true C.they can gather information from customers [答案]A 26-30题:根据短文内容判断给出的语句是否正确,正确的写“T”,错误的写“F”,并将答案写在答题纸上。 Passage 2 Accounting errors will happen from time to time,but many common accounting mistakes can be avoided with proper planning and preparation.Here are the top seven accounting mistakes that should be paid more attention to. (1) Not knowing your true cash balance:Due to things like automatic payments and bank charges, money that appears in your cash drawer and your checking account may already be spent, (2) Mistaking profits for cash:When you have a lot of credit sales, your company can post big profits without seeing any cash. (3) Paying bills too soon:If your vendors give you thirty days to pay them, take it.Unless you get a discount for paying early, paying your bills only when they're due improves your company's cash flow. (4)Avoiding book-keeping tasks:Not recording and posting transactions regularly leaves you with a mountain of book-keeping to deal within the end. (5)Paying accidental dividends:Every time a corporation owner takes money out of his business, it counts as a dividend.That can lead to a bigger personal income-tax bill. (6)Not keeping personal finances separate from business:Mixing up business and personal money can cause bookkeeping and legal problems. (7)Setting prices too low:Know your costs before you set product or service prices, or you run the risk of losing money on every sale.A simple break-even analysis can help you set prices at a profitable level. 26.Accounting mistakes can not be avoided. [答案]F 27.With a lot of credit sales,your company may have no cash at hand. [答案]T 28.It is recommended not to pay bills too soon. [答案]T 29.Business money and personal money can be mixed up. [答案]F 30.Try your best to know your costs before you set product or service prices. [答案]T 四、写作(一篇作文,共20分) 31.根据要求写作文。 Suppose you are the manager and write a recommendation letter for Miss Helen Miller according to the following information. Candidate:Miss Helen Miller Working experience:worked in the Export Department of a large firm for over 8years from July 2006 to December 2014. Her character and advantages:hardworking,honest and reliable,excellent communication skills, work independently and efficiently, excellent rapport with people of all ages Reason for leaving:personal reasons 备注翻译: 假设你是经理,根据以下信息为海伦·米勒小姐写一封推荐信。 候选人:海伦·米勒小姐 工作经验:2006年7月至2014年12月在一家大型公司的出口部门工作超过8年。 她的性格和优点:勤劳,诚实可靠,优秀的沟通能力,独立高效地工作,与各年龄段的人相处融洽。 离职原因:个人原因。 参考答案: 本文档由香当网(https://www.xiangdang.net)用户上传



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