2019年1月1380国开电大本科《商务英语3》期末考试试题及答案 一、交际用语(每小题2分,共10分) 1-5题:选择正确的语句完成下面对话,并将答案序号写在答题纸上。 1.―___________________ ―Thank you.I must say I have a great staff. A.I'd like you to meet Joe Stevens.He's our sales team head.The Sales Department has more than 50 employees. B.Please allow me to introduce my colleague to you.She is the Purchasing Manager. C.It's a pleasure to meet you, Ben.So you’re the one responsible for those outstanding sales figures I've seen. [答案]C 2.―What can I do for you, Madam? ―___________500 yuan in cash to my son in Beijing University. A.You’d better remit B.I'd like to remit C.I'd rather remit [答案]B 3.―___________________? ―Yes, I will try my best. A.Do you know about value added tax B.Can you give me a brief introduction about value added tax C.What do you think about value added tax [答案]B 4.―What are they?______________? ―It's a secret.But I'll give you some hints, anyway. A.Is it a secret B.Can I have an idea about them C.Why do you keep it a secret [答案]B 5.―___________________ ―For individual income tax, it is within the first 7 days. A.What is the deadline for tax declaration? B.What do you mean by taxable services? C.What do you think of the deadline for tax declaration? [答案]A 二、词汇语法(每小题2分,共30分) 6-20题:阅读下面的句子,从 三个选项中选出一个能填入空白处的正确选项,并将答案序号写在答题纸上。 6.Sometimes your body language, gestures and expressions may tell people___________about you than the words you use. A.more B.most C.much [答案]A 7.Products are graded according to size and___________. A.quantity B.quality C.qualification [答案]B 8.The following hints may help you stay energized, or at least___________until you can make the time for rest. A.get you going B.get you go C.get you went [答案]A 9.When talking to people within your company___________don't speak your language,you may have to use English. A.who B.which C.whose [答案]A 10.You can send them gifts your___________best clients. A.in reply to B.with regard to C.in honor of [答案]C 11.In short, without information, a manager can only make___________blindly. A.management s B.decisions C.agendas [答案]B 12.The bank___________grand door faces south is Bank of China. A.that B.which C.whose [答案]C 13.What___________we do if the company cut down on ads? A.could B.will C.shall [答案]C 14.They have signed the___________to export textiles. A.content B.contract C.contact [答案]B 15.It does in the___________of transfer of intangible assets or immovable property. A.circumstances B.operation C.case [答案]A 16.With the rapid economic growth in China, the logistics industry is___________greatly. A.expanding B.exploring C.exploding [答案]A 17.Most banks have a section___________you setup payees. A.that B.which C.in which [答案]C 18.We are engaged in the development of real___________. A.establish B.state C.estate [答案]C 19.After having seen the and___________samples, Jenny makes the specific inquiry. A.category B.catalog C.calculation [答案]B 20.All the prices on the list are subject___________our final confirmation. A.to B.at C.on [答案]A 三、阅读理解(每小题4分,共40分) 21-25题:阅读下列短文,从A、B、C三个选项中选出一个正确答案,并将答案序号写在答题纸上。 Passage l The biggest mistake a workplace leader can make with office culture is failing to devise one at all.How do you know if your office culture is helping, or hurting, your employees,and as a result your bottom line?Designing a thoughtful(周到的) office culture is so important for a new company.Here are some aspects where a leader should be careful not to make mistakes. A cohesive(和谐一致的) office culture starts at the top and is built with intention.Facebook's founder projects a laid-back vibe(氛围) .That sets the tone for his$ 200 billion company, where he visits weekly Q and A sessions from his staff, loads up the perks, and courts a young team that closely mirrors his target market, positioning Facebook is especially designed for their wants and needs. Strict dress code or early start time may seem like an easy way to build professionalism (职业化) in your workplace, but is there a good reason for it?Strict requirements that work in a law office may erode the work ethic at a hip tech start up.Make sure to backup your rules with reason.For example, at Culture Studio, a T-shirt design and printing company,you'd better believe there's no place forties, Employees are encouraged to dress down in their brand's merchandise or their competitors’. Leadership shouldn't abandon culture development there.Good employees tend to be goal oriented over-achievers, so put your budget on that with team-building activities,contests, and incentives for the best.Think critically about the ideal employees for your team, what makes the tick, and how you can support them, within and outside of their role in the company's goals. Setting the tone for your workplace starts with each hire and at every level in the company.At digital marketing firm Mabbly, every hiring decision is made with the company's vision in mind:a creative and young team of approachable(伸手可及的)guides that help clients to understand the seemingly mysterious world of PR(public relations) in this internet age. 21.What is the main topic of this article? A.How to write business emails and memos. B.How to design a thoughtful office culture. C.How to set rules for employees to follow. [答案]B 22.The example of Facebook is to show___________. A.one should built a cohesive office culture on purpose B.how you can use Q and A sessions from your staff C.office culture must reflect your own wants and needs [答案]C 23.It is suggested that one should___________in the third paragraph. A.set the tone for one’s company B.drop strict dress code or early start time C.backup office rules with reason [答案]B 24.What does“put your budget on that”means in the fourth paragraph? A.To withdraw the money. B.To pay more attention to it. C.To invest money and efforts. [答案]A 25.Mabbly is targeted in___________. A.helping clients to understand the PR world B.attracting as many investments as possible C.making a link between selling and buying [答案]C 26-30题:根据短文内容判断给出的语句是否正确,正确的写“T”,错误的写“F”,并将答案写在答题纸上。 Passage 2 Online banking refers to banking activities that are carried out over the Internet on a secure website, It developed in the late1990s and grew more popular over the years since it can make one's financial life much easier to manage. First, you can use online banking to pay your bills.Most banks have a section in which you setup payees.Fill out the information once, you can simply choose that profile every time you pay a bill online. Second, online banking allows you to access your account history and transactions from anywhere.It is the quickest way to check and see if a transaction has cleared your account.It also enables you to find out about unauthorized transactions more quickly. Third, online banking also allows you to transfer money between accounts effectively.It is more convenient than using the automated phone service.When you setup your online banking, be sure that all of your accounts at the bank are listed.This will make it easier to transfer money and make loan payments online. Obviously, you need to pay special attention to your safety or privacy using online banking.It is important to clear your cookies after each banking session, especially at a public computer.Additionally, make sure that your password is long enough to prevent it from easily being hacked.Never give your online account information to anyone else.Check your credit report regularly.Thus you can protect yourself from identity theft. 26.Online banking refers to banking systems where you can carryout your business over the Internet on any website. [答案]F 27.Most banks have a section in which you setup your own business. [答案]F 28.Online banking is the quickest way to check and see if a transaction has cleared your history. [答案]F 29.It is more useful and easier than using the automated phone service. [答案]T 30.No doubt, you have to keep a special eye on your safety or privacy using online banking. [答案]T 四、写作(一篇作文,共20分) 31.根据要求写作文。 Suppose you are Simon.You purchased a Sony digital camera from Amazon.com and found that there were scratches on the screen.You are writing to complain about it. 备注翻译: 假设你是Simon,You Purchased a Sony digital camera from Amazon.com,发现屏幕上有划痕,你写信投诉。 参考答案: 本文档由香当网(https://www.xiangdang.net)用户上传



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