2020年7月3937人文英语2试题及答案 一、交际用语(共计10分,每小题2分) 1-5题:根据对话内容选择恰当的选项。 1.―Hey Peter.Can you______________? ―Sure, what is it? A.dome a favor B.do something good C.do anything for me [答案]A 2.―What's your plan for the summer vacation? ―___________________ A. I have a good plan. B. B.I'm shopping now. C. C.I'm planning to go to Italy. [答案]C 3.―You seem a little blue today.What's the matter? ―___________________ A.1am very happy. B. It's been a difficult day. C. C.It doesn't matter. [答案]B 4. ―Tom,______________you to my birthday party. ―I'm very happy to join the party.When will it be? A. I'd like to invite B. B.I have to invite C.I should invite [答案]A 5.―Would you be interested incoming to the cinema with me tonight? ―___________________ A. No, I have no ideas. B. No, I don't like being with you. C. Yes, that's very kind of you, thanks. [答案]C 二、 词汇与结构(共计30分,每小题2分) 6-20题:阅读下面的句子,从A、B、C三个选项中选出一个能填入空白处的最佳选项。 6.You blame me for that,__________? A.do you B.are you C.don't you [答案]C 7.Why not__________yourself a bit while you work? A.to enjoy B.enjoy C.enjoying [答案]B 8.一Have you__________to Beijing? 一Yes, I have. A.gone B.been C.arrived [答案]B 9.There__________some milk, some eggs and a few apples on the table. A.is B.are C.will be [答案]A 10.You can meet people__________can possibly help you find a paid job later on. A.who B.whom C.which [答案]A 11.If I__________the mayor of the city, I would introduce severe punishment crimes. A.am B.were C.was [答案]B 12.The cover letter will be seen first.__________, it must be very well written. A.However B.Besides C.Therefore [答案]C 13.The mother__________her daughter for 2 hours. A.looked for B.has been looking for C.is looking for [答案]B 14.They found all the guests__________when they woke up. A.go B.going C.gone [答案]C 15.Many students at__________school on a project which relates to the unemployment problem for a month. A.worked B.have worked C.were working [答案]B 16.In doing so, they have opportunities to learn from professors.They__________would not be able to access. A.therefore B.or C.otherwise [答案]C 17.A double room with a balcony overlooking these a had been__________for him. A.reserved B.deserved C.conserved [答案]A 18.A successful cover letter will make a great__________. A.progress B.impression C.contribution [答案]B 19.I'm__________because there are so many options.I can't make a decision. A.puzzled B.excited C.depressed [答案]A 20.There's__________strange about you.That's all right. A.something B.anything C.nothing [答案]C 三、阅读理解(共计40分,每小题4分) 21-25题:阅读下列短文,从A、B、C三个选项中选出一个正确答案。 The Internet has been perhaps the greatest innovation in information technology.It has become an important tool with many advantages. First, the Internet is a treasure house of information and knowledge on any topic.It is common practice now to search the web for resources and information for homework, office presentations, work projects and studies, etc. Second, there are more and more massive open online courses(MOO Cs) .These MOO Cs make it possible for people to carryout their learning anyplace around the world,and anytime around the clock.As long as the learners have access to a digital device which is linked up to the Internet, they can enjoy browsing pages or watching video lectures.In doing so, they have opportunities to learn from professors they otherwise would not be able to access. Third, entertainment is one of the leading reasons people like the Web.Listening to music, playing games, watching movies, following the latest news about famous sports stars, movie stars and singers and looking into lifestyle websites have become day-to-day activities of many Internet users. One can not imagine a social life without QQ or We Chat.These social apps have become our means for staying connected with friends, colleagues and family members, and staying in touch with the world. Last but not least, we can shop and do other business online.We can order goods,books, tickets and pay bills without having to leave our homes or offices. 21.The Internet has been perhaps the greatest innovation in__________. A.information technology B.biology C.calculation [答案]A 22.The phrase“treasure house”in Para. 2 means__________. A.a storehouse for treasures B.a house full of valuable things C.a virtual storing place [答案]C 23.MOO Cs make it possible for people__________. A.to learn anyplace anytime B.to link to the Internet C.to have access a digital device [答案]A 24.__________is listed as one of the entertainment activities of the Internet usage. A.Watching video lectures B.Searching information for homework C.Following news about celebrities [答案]C 25.__________is mentioned in the text as a social app. A.MOO Cs B.We Chat C.Web [答案]B 26-30题:阅读下面的句子,根据文章内容进行判断,正确写“T“错误写“F”。 My lovely hometown is located on the south shore of an island.It's a small town with only about 9, 000 people and an area of about 3.8 square miles. First, I want to talk about the people in the neighborhood.Generally speaking, people are very nice here, especially in the summer.I feel that in the summer everyone is in a great mood, and very generous.For example, one summer afternoon, I was at the gas station filling up my car and was short of money.Generously an old gentleman gave me the money to pay the gas attendant.That's the type of people you can expect from my hometown. The greatest part about the town, in my opinion, is the location.The Great Bay is five minutes away from my house and it's fantastic.Another great thing is how close everybody lives to each other.With it being such a small town, all my friends live five minutes away,which is a great advantage to me and everyone else.Lastly, the nightlife is great.On any Saturday night every bar is packed with people, so there's always something going on. So far I've explained the good side of my hometown, but there are also some boring things about it.It is great in the summer, but it is a different story in the winter.When winter comes around, the town turns into a“ghost town”.This is because there is nowhere to go.The only thing we have is a shopping center.It would be nice if we had a few more options to choose from. 26.My lovely hometown is located on the north shore of an island. [答案]F 27.In my opinion, in the summer everyone in my hometown is in a great mood, and very generous. [答案]T 28.I don't think it a great advantage that all my friends live five minutes away. [答案]F 29.On any Saturday night every bar is full of people. [答案]T 30. When winter comes around, we still have many options to choose from. [答案]F 四、翻译(共计20分,每小题4分) 31-35:从以下A、B、C三个选项中选择出最佳的翻译。 31.Parking can be hard to find, so it pays to go early, or visit during a walk around town. A.停车位可能很难找,所以最好早去,或者可以步行绕小镇游览。 B.停车位能够艰辛地找到,所以最好早去,或者可以步行绕小镇游览。 C.停车位可能很难找,所以要花点钱早点去,或者可以步行绕小镇游览。 [答案]A 32.Then you turn left, at the next junction on your right, you’ll find a yellow building. A.然后左拐,在下一个路口的右手边,你会看到一座黄色大楼。 B.然后在右手方向的下一个路口,向左拐,你会看到一座黄色大楼。 C.接着向左拐,到了正前方的下一个交叉口,你会看到一座黄色大楼。 [答案]A 33.Stay right where your daughter went away in case she comes back looking for you. A.你女儿离开的地方是对的,她会回来找你的。 B.就呆在你女儿走丢的地方,以防她回来找你。 C.呆在你女儿离开的地方的右边,这样,她会回来找你的。 [答案]B 34.A large sandy beach is filled with shops, restaurants and lodging in the Nye Beach area. A.一个大型的沙滩上充满了商店,餐馆和奈海湾地区的旅店。 B.商店、餐馆和旅店充满了奈海湾地区的大沙滩。 C.奈海湾地区的大沙滩上满是各种商店、餐馆和旅店。 [答案]C 35.Emails sent through the company email system should not have content that is considered to be offensive. A.邮件发送至公司电邮系统时不应该包含被认为是不礼貌的内容。 B.邮件通过公司电邮系统发送,内容不应该被认为是得罪人的。 C.通过公司电邮系统发送的邮件中,禁止含有被认为可能冒犯别人的内容。 [答案]C 本文档由香当网(https://www.xiangdang.net)用户上传



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