Module 7 Unit 2 There are twelve boys on the bike教案

     Book 3 Module Unit 2 There are twelve boys on the bike. Learning: fruit, chicken, bear,pig There are twelve boys on the bike. Teaching Procedures Step One: Warm-up and lead-in(about 8min) 1. Great and say a chant. 1) Great each other. 2) Say a chant.(U1) 2. Rivew: 1) Work in pair:Look at the picture and talk about it. There is a… in this photo. /There is an…in this photo. He is…(doing sth)/She is..(doing sth) 3. Lead-in:Listen,point and say. 1)Look and the picture, watch and listen the CD-ROM(整体感知) 2)Watch, listen and point. 3)Watch, listen and repeat.(pay attention to imitate the pronunciation and intonation) Write the sentences on the blackboard. There is a boy on the bike. There are twelve boys on the bike. Step Two: Task prensentation Where is Daming? What is he doing?大明正在给大家介绍手抄报的内容。学完课文后我们也要选出班级手抄报的图片,谁的图片将入选呢? Step Three: Text learning.(about 15min) 1. listen and think. What are in Daming’s photos? 2. Look at pictures and think how to intruduce them. 3. Listen and point 4. Group work: try to answer the question “What are in Daming’s photos?” 5. T Guide the student to answer the question and write them on the blackboard. There is a panda in the photo. There are three chickens in the photos There is bear in the photo. There are eleven pigs in the photo. 6. To compare: There is…, There are…用色笔标出要点 7. Show the pictures and learn the new words: fruit, chicken, bear, pig. 8.Listen and repeat.( (pay attention to imitate the pronunciation and intonation) 9.Work in pair: describe the picture of the text. Then report. Step Four: Practise(about10min) 1. Point and say.(SB U2 A3) 2. Learn a song.Three Green Parrots 3. Finish SB U2 A5.(remember the pictures quilkly, then say it:There is… There are…) 4. Finish AB.U2.Ex.1 Step Five: Task completion.(about 7min) 四人小组合作用There is… There are… He/She is… They are…介绍图片。然后请一人向全班介绍。大家一起选出好的图片,被选中的图片所在的组每人得一颗星以示鼓励。 Step Six Summary and homework(about 2min) 1.Summary together. 2.Finish “一起作业” 本文档由香当网(用户上传



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    Module 7 Unit 2 What's that教案

     Unit2 What’s that源:21cnj**m】教学目标:1. 知识目标:(1)能听、说、认、读单词:that, ball, book, schoolbag....

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    Module 5 Unit 2 Nine girls教案

    Unit 2 Nine girls?教学目标:1、知识与技能(1)学生对数字已有的认知水平为one-eight,在此基础上继续学习数字nine-twelve。(2)运用句型How many…?...

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    Module 1 Unit 2 It's at the station教案

    Module1 Unit 2 It’s at the station网教学目标:1、知识目标:(1)词汇:hill,house,station,train,up,down,near.(2)运用...

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    Module 7 Unit 1 There is a horse in this photo教案

    Unit One There is a horse in this photo.Book 3 Module 7 PhotosⅠ.Teaching goals: 1.Aims of Target...

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    Module 2 Unit 1 She's reading a book教案

    Unit 1 She’s reading a book教学目标:1、知识目标:She`s watching TV / reading a book /writing a letter. /.....

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    Module 5 Unit 2 Can Sam play football教案

    Unit2 Can Sam play football?教学目标:1、知识目标(1)正确读、说、拼、辩单词 strong,star.(2)正确认读句子 Can Sam play footbal...

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    Module 8 Unit 2 Where's the cat教案

    Unit2 Where's the cat?教学目标:1、知识与技能 (1)能够听、说、认读、单词 :bag、in、on、under.(2)能听说读: Where is the cat? It...

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    Module 1 Unit 1 Go straight on教案

    Module 1 Unit1 Go Straight On教学目标:1、知识技能目标:(1)会用“Excuse me, where’s…please?”问路。(2)会用“Go straight...

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    Module 6 Unit 1 Happy birthday教案

    Unit1 Happy birthday!教学目标:1. 知识目标学习并掌握单词: happy, birthday, here(here’s=here is), this, pencil, p...

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    Module 5 Unit 1 How many教案

    Unit 1 How many?教学目标:1、知识与技能(1)要求学生基本能听懂、会说、会读many、one、two、three、four、five、six、seven、eight等词汇。(重...

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    Module 6 Unit 2 How old are you第二课时教案

    Unit 2 How old are you 第二课时 教学目标:1、知识目标:(1)学习目标语句How old are you ? I’m ... You’re …(2)单词old, loo...

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    小学英语教案Module 2  Unit1 Animals I like?

    1、能正确地听、说、读,写单词monkeys, tigers, pandas, snakes, giraffes. 2、能正确地运用对话中的日常交际I like …. I don’t like…...

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    Module 6 Unit 1 Can I have some sweets教案

    教学目标:1、学习运用句型“Can I have some sweets?”询问他人是否允许自己得到某种事物。2、掌握词汇:soup, sweets, bread, fruit。教学重点:1、...

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    Module 8 Unit 1 We're going to visit Hainan教案

    Unit1 We’re going to visit Hainan .教学目标:1、大部分学生能听懂、会读、会说单词plane, sea, swim, China, tomorrow, get...

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    Unit 7 Be Careful!The Second Period教案

    Unit 7 Be Careful!The Second Period教案 Unit 7 Be Careful!The Second Period                    教学目...

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    牛津初中英语7A Module 2 unit4 Food 教学案例

    牛津初中英语7A Module 2 unit4 Food 教学案例牛津初中英语7A Unit4  reading (A) 教学案例 一、        课型: 阅读课、教学手段:多媒体、教方式...

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    小学英语三年级Module7Unit1教学设计小学英语__三_年级Module_7_  Unit_1_ 教学设计 课题:Happy birthday! 学   校第一小学主备人韩伟主备人联系电...

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    Unit 7 What's the highest mountain in the world?英语教案

    教学目标:1语言目标:掌握本单元重点词汇及能用比较级和最高级谈论各之最。2 技能目标:能听懂和谈论有关地理和自然的话题。3 情感目标:培养学生热爱大自然,保护环境的意识。

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    Module 4 Unit 3 Weather教学设计

    在语境中学习单词:能够准确掌握天气类单词和月份类单词的发音和拼 写,并知道月份类单词的缩写形式。

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    小学英语三年级Module9Unit2教学设计小学英语三年级Module9Unit2教学设计 课题:She goes to school by bike. 学   校花园镇中心小学主备人及联系...

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