剑桥英语青少版English in mind第二册unit6 重点词语

    剑桥英语青少版English in mind第二册unit6 重点词语 Unit 6 Have fun! 背诵卷 Page 46 一、基本词汇 1. 幽默的力量 the power of humour 2. 笑声 laughter 3. 对……有益处 be good for 4. 血液循环 blood circulation 5. 免疫系统 immune system 6. 对……感到焦虑/紧张 feel stressed about 7. 功课 school work 8. 多笑 laugh a lot 9. 培养幽默感 develope a sense of humour 10. 滑稽电影 funny films 11. 戏剧救济会 Comic Relief 12. 慈善机构 charity 13. 需要帮助的人 people in need 14. 用欢笑来筹集资金 use laughter to raise money 15. 在每两年的春天 every two years in spring 16. 戴上一个红鼻子 put on a red nose 17. 取笑某人 make fun of sb 18. 做‘愚蠢’的事情以使他们自己和别人开怀大笑 do ‘silly ’ things to make themselves and others laugh 19. 邀请你的朋友们到你家来 invite friends round to your house 20. 坐着最舒服椅子的那些人 those with the most comfortable chairs 21. 举办一个才艺展示 hold a talent show 22. 向学校其余人卖演出的门票 sell tickets for the show to the rest of the school 23. 出售你的红鼻子日展览的门票 sell tickets to your Red Nose Day exhibition 24. 在你家举办一个‘红鼻子派对’ have a ‘red nose party’ at your house 25. 穿一身红过来 come dressed in red 26. 包括红鼻子 including red nose 27. 提供食物和饮料 serve food and drinks 28. 穿红色的衣服 wear red 29. 支付罚款 pay a fine 30. 在超市 at supermarkets 31. 对……作出反应 react to 二、 句子 1. 一些人认为笑对健康没有什么作用。Some people think that laughing has no effect on health. 2. 英格兰每年春天都庆祝红鼻子日。Red Nose Day is celebrated in England every spring. 3. 人们庆祝红鼻子日有四十多年了。People have celebrated Red Nose Day for more than 40 years. 4. 喜剧救济会筹集资金帮助穷人。Comic Relief collects money to help poor people. 5. 笑声如何有助于我们的健康?How does laughter help our health? 6. 你发现多笑容易还是难?在什么情况下你笑得最多?Do you find it easy or difficult to laugh a lot? In what situations do you laugh most? 7. 古语道:‘笑声是最好的药’。An old saying goes’laughter is the best medicine’. 8. 你怎么看‘红鼻子日’?What do you think of ‘Red Nose Day’? 9. 从第一个红鼻子日到现在,他们筹集了多少钱?How much money have they collected since the first Red Nose Day? 10. 红鼻子日的主意也传播到了其它国家。The idea of Red Nose Day has travelled to other countries, too. Page 48 1. 和你相处有趣吗?Are you fun to be with? 2. 和……吵了一架 have an argument with sb 3. 给你的朋友打个电话,要求他们见个面找点乐子。Phone your friends and ask them to meet up and have some fun. 4. 把你自己单独锁在你的屋子里。Lock yourself in your room on your own. 5. 给你的一个朋友打电话来抱怨你的妈妈,然后大声放一个小时的音乐。Phone a friends to complain about your mum, and play loud music for an hour. 6. 你刚刚和父母到你度假的地方。You’ve just arrived at your holiday place with your parents. 7. 就躺在沙子里看书或者睡觉。Only lie in the sand and read or sleep. 8. 表现的很痛苦:你讨厌独家,你宁愿和朋友们呆在家里。Act miserable : you hate being on holiday and prefer to be at home with your friends. 9. 告诉你的朋友你必须走了,因为你承诺过帮助爸爸干点活。Tell your friend you have to go because you promised to help your dad with some work. 10. 开始跳滑稽的舞或讲笑话来试图让别人笑起来。Start doing silly dancing or telling jokes to try to make people laugh. 11. 你在学校努力准备考试几乎一周了。You’ve studied hard for a test at school for almost a week. 12. 想想其他能见面的人。Think of other people you could meet up with. 13. 生气或者沮丧 get angry or down 14. 没有朋友你不会开心。 You can’t have fun without friends. 15. 整晚看电视及时你不喜欢所看的电影。Spend the evening watching TV even if you don’t like the film you’re watching. 16. 一位朋友给你发了一份电邮告诉你你的数学老师想找你谈话。A friend sends a email to tell you that your maths teacher wants to talk to you. 17. 当你和那个老师打了电话,你发现这是一个愚人节玩笑。When you phone the teacher, you find out it was an April Fool’s joke. 18. 给你的朋友回一封电邮告诉他/她你们不再是朋友了。Send an email back to your friend to tell him/her that you aren’t friends any more. 19. 告诉你所有的朋友关于这个玩笑并和他们一起开怀大笑。Tell all your friends about the joke and have a good laugh with them. 20. 一群朋友邀请你到他们的课后兴趣小组(俱乐部)。A group of friends have invited you to their after-school club. 21. 当你到那儿的时候,你发现你的朋友们都不在那里。When you get there, you see that none of your friends are there. 22. 呆在俱乐部里,看看是否能结交一些新朋友。Stay at the club to see if you can make some new friends. 23. 坐在一个角落里听你的MP4,希望你的朋友们能尽快地过来。Sit down in a corner and listen to your MP4 player, hoping your friends will arrive soon. 24. 你的朋友们很可能认为你很严肃,并且通常不是很好相处。Your friends probably think you are serious and not usually great fun to be with. 25. 有时候找找乐子,把事情看得简单一些是有好处的。Sometimes it’s good to have fun, and take things a bit easier. 26. 有时候为什么不对自己微笑呢?And why not sometimes laugh at yourself? Page 49 1. 出丑 make a fool of oneself E.g 当我说英语的时候,我怕自己会出丑,因为我经常犯错。When I speak English, I’m afraid I might make a fool of myself because I often make mistakes. 2. 开心地笑 have a good laugh E.g. 开心地笑很重要。It’s important to have a good laugh. 3. 使某人笑/微笑 make sb laugh/smile E.g. 昨天艾伦使全班都笑了,因为他讲了一个笑话。Yesterday, Alan made everyone in class laugh, because he told a joke. 4. 我喜欢和朋友们在周末一起玩。当我们出去的时候我们玩的总是很开心。I love have fun with my friends at weekends. We always have a good time when we go out. 5. 取笑某人 make fun of sb E.g. 不要嘲笑别人或者取笑他们。Don’t laugh at people or make fun of them. 6. 出事故 have an accident E.g. 詹姆斯在医院,因为他开车时出了车祸。James is in hospital - he had an accident in his car. 7. 遇到问题/麻烦 have a problem E.g. 我遇到一个问题:我想买那条裙子,但我们没带钱。I have a problem-I want to buy that shirt, but I haven’t got any money. 8. 想到一个主意 have an idea E.g. 我们都不知道怎么做的时候,爱丽丝想到一个主意。We didn’t know what to do - but Alice had an idea. 9. 美餐一顿 have a nice meal E.g. 昨天晚上我们都去饭店美餐了一顿。Last night we all went to a restaurant and had a really nice meal together. 10. 提议 make a suggestion E.g. 我能提一个建议吗?为什么今晚不去电影院呢?Can I make a suggestion? Why don’t we go to the cinema tonight? 11. 给某人出……的价格 make sb an offer of E.g. 我本不想卖我的自行车,但是有人给我出100欧元,所以我就卖了它。I didn’t sell my bike, but somebody made me an offer of 100 euros, so I sold it. 12. 作出抉择/决定 make a decision E.g. 我不知道买哪一个,但我需要快速做出决定。I don’t know which one to buy, but I need to make a decision quickly. 13. 取得进步/进展 make a progress E.g 我的德语越来越好了,我取得了很大的进步。My German is getting better and better - I’m making a lot of progress. 14. 参加考试 take a test/ an exam E.g. 我母亲上周参加驾驶员考试,并且她考过了!My mother took her driving test and she passed! 15. 某人从容地做某事/慢慢地做某事 take one’s time E.g. 我们没有迟到,因此我们慢慢来,不要急。We aren’t late, so we can take our time and not hurry. 16. 休息一下 take a break E.g. 我们工作了3个小时,然后我们休息了一会儿并喝了点咖啡。We worked for three hours, and then we took a break and had some coffee. 17. 对……产生兴趣 take an interest in E.g. 我们确实很喜欢我们的老师,因为她对我们都很关心。We really like our teacher because she takes an interest in all of us. 18. 地主/房东 landlord 19. 皱眉 frown 20. 现金 cash 21. 没有时髦的生活方式 got no style 22. 租金 rent 23. 举杯消愁愁更愁,抽刀断水水更流。When you worry you make it double. 24. 提出诉讼 litigate Page 50-51 1. 我两周都没有休息了。 I haven’t had a break for two weeks. 2. 我甚至在上学期前早早地爬起来写作业。I even get up early in the morning to study before I leave for school. 3. 那种情况我也经历过!(同是天下沦落人!)/跟我说说。Tell me about it. 4. 几天前 a couple of days ago 5. 换句话说,我们在这儿都很辛苦啊!In other words, we’re all having a hard time here. 6. 提醒 remind 7. 路标 road sign 8. 将这些笑话有什么意义? What’s the point of telling all these jokes? 9. 前方学校,减速慢行。School ahead - go slow. 10. 有什么好笑的? What’s so funny? 11. 拜托,乔!你知道这是什么样子的(滋味)。Come on , Joel, you know what it’s like. 12. 不管怎么样 anyway 13. 知道吗?我很高兴有时候我能和黛比一起开怀大笑。确实有助于缓解压力。Know what? I’m glad Debbie and I have a good laugh together sometimes. It really helps with the stress. 14. 只要你们不开我和乔的玩笑,我想我们能加入你们当中。As long as you don’t make jokes about Joel and me, I guess we could join in. 15. 提醒某人……;使某人想起…… remind sb of 16. 打国际长途 make an international call 17. 本文档由香当网(https://www.xiangdang.net)用户上传



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