Research on Children's Growth in Children's Literature ——Take “Peter Pan and Wendy“ as an example 【Summary】 Children's literature has always been linked to children's growth education, and has played an irreplaceable role in shaping children's character, cultivating imagination and creativity, and broadening their horizons. “Peter Pan and Wendy“ inspired us to think about growing up by telling the story of a boy who didn't want to grow up. 【Keywords】 Children's Education; Children's Literature; Peter Pan 1. Research background and significance What we cannot deny is that many children in China are silent in class, not good at asking questions, and lacking in imagination. Many Chinese students are afraid of making mistakes and dare not try. Children lack innocence and confidence. From the perspective of literature, this is also related to our humanities education, especially the education of children's literature. “Qin Wenjun said: The reduction and loss of literary reading has caused a certain lack of language in contemporary children. (Xiao,2007)“ which will affect children's expression of inner demands and affect emotional communication. Children's literature guides children to broaden their horizons through inspiring stories and promote the thinking of life philosophy. Therefore, we should strengthen the reading of children's literature, so as to shape children's character. 2. “Peter Pan and Wendy“ on the growth of children “Peter Pan is a child who does not want to grow up and will never grow up. When he was born, he fled home because of fear of growing up. He lives on an island. This is a bizarre and lively place. It is also the home of the lost children. They have no mother, but they live happily. (yang,2010)” Peter met Wendy, who was good at telling stories, and took her and her brothers to the island, and since then the children had the happiness of their mother. After a big battle with Pirate Hook, the lost children decided to follow Wendy home, but Peter didn't want to grow up, so only he stayed alone. So Wendy grew up, Wendy's daughter grew up, but Peter was always the little boy. 2.1The impact of family The plot of the movie tells Peter that he heard his parents' expectations about his future. When he grows up to find a job, he might also sit in the office, so he fled in fear. But even Peter is eager to have a family in his heart. The lost child treats Wendy as a mother and Peter as a father, which is implicit in the novel about the impact of family on the growth of a child. In the novel, the behavior of the Darling couple also reflects the education and love of their parents. “It is the nightly custom of every good mother after her children are asleep to rummage in their minds and put things straight for next morning, repacking into their proper places the many articles that have wandered during the day. (Barrie,1987)” This is actually about Mrs. Darling's way of educating children. She will correct the children's behavior and inspire their thoughts. Even as small bank clerk, Mr. Darling showed his concern, anxiety and love when the children were missing. I think the family is like a night light, a guardian. As Mrs. Darling said: “they are the eyes a mother leaves behind her to guard her children. (Barrie,1987)” 2.2Children's literature can shape children's character Through Peter Pan and Wendy's novel, we can know that children's growth experience plays a key role in shaping children's personal character. 2.2.1 Imagination and creativity. “Every child laughed for the first time, and a little fairy was born, and when the child said she no longer believed in the little fairy, a little fairy died. (yang,1989)” There are many such childlike words in children's works. Therefore, reading children's literature will not make children's thinking fixed. 2.2.2 Brave adventure Many of the protagonist images of children's works are very brave and adventurous. In Peter Pan and Wendy, Peter fights with the pirate Hook to save Wendy.  Peter deceives the pirates by faithfully imitating the voice of Hook, such a thrilling storyline helps to cultivate the brave spirit of children. (Valentova,2018) 2.3.3 self-awareness Self-awareness is not self-centered. Many children become selfish by reading a lot of princess fairy tales. This is actually the wrong direction. Authentic children's works should “help children understand reality“, not all stories are the perfect ending. As the result of the novel, Wendy chose to grow up, and the lost child chose to return to the family, but Peter is still a child who does not want to grow up. 3. Conclusion Excellent children's cultural works should not only have fantasy storylines, but also emphasize reality. The children are not perfect, they are lively, naughty, cute but naive and ruthless. Therefore, we should help them grow. By reading children's literary works, help children shape excellent character. The novel mentions:” Why can't you fly, mother? Because I am grown up, dearest. When people grow up, they forget the way. (Barrie,1987)” And I hope that Chinese children will not forget how to fly even when they grow up. They still have rich imagination and creativity, and have a brave spirit of adventure. 参考文献: [1]Eva Valentova. The Betwixt‐and‐Between: Peter Pan as a Trickster Figure[J]. The Journal of Popular Culture,2018,51(3). [2]杨钊.《彼得·潘》的误读——《彼得·潘》给予我们长大的理由[J].漯河职业技术学院学报,2010,9(01):41-43. [3]肖红. 儿童文学教学与审美素养培养[D].四川师范大学,2007. [4]孙云凤.论儿童文学对儿童教育的价值[J].教育探索,2006(12):40-41. [5]杨静远.永存不灭的童年——谈《彼得·潘》[J].读书,1989(06):79-85. [6]J. M. Barrie(作者);Alison Lurie (后记).Peter Pan(英语)简装—1987年5月5日:Signet Classics; Reissue,1987年5月5日 本文档由香当网(https://www.xiangdang.net)用户上传



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    Research on Children's Growth in Children's Literature——Take “Peter Pan and Wendy“ as an example...

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