PEP四年级英语上册期末测试卷 姓名 班级 学号 Ⅰ听力部分(30分)   一、听录音,找出你所听到的单词,将序号填在前面的括号内。(5分)   ( )1. A. bedroom B. living room c. kitchen D. study   ( )2. A. phone B. bed C. bathroom D. table   ( )3. A. sofa B. fridge C. desk D. chair   ( )4. A. board B. wall C. shelf D. fan   ( ) 5. A. Make the bed B. Sit on the sofa   C. Set the table D. Watch TV   二、选出与你所听到的单词同类的一个选项。(5分)   ( )1. A. rice B. chair C. bed   ( )2. A. window B. study C. pen   ( )3. A. music B. egg C. milk   ( )4. A. notebook B. wall C. father   ( )5. A. bus B. drive C. chair   三、听录音,根据录音内容排序。(10分)   ( )Go to the living room. Watch TV.   ( )Is she in the study? No, she isn’t.   ( )I have a new pen. It’s very nice.   ( )Are they on the table? Yes, they are.   ( )I’m in the bedroom.   四、听录音,把左右两边的对话连接起来。( 10分)   A                                                                     B   1.Is this your bedroom?                      A. Read a book.   2.Are they near the phone?                 B. Yes, it is.   3.Go to the study.                                 C. You can see a bedroom and a study.   4.This is my home.                                D. Take a shower.   5.Go to the bathroom.                               E. No, they aren’t.   Ⅱ笔试部分(70分)   一、写出相应的字母。(10分)   1、写出所缺的大写或者小写字母。   (1)____ b (2)_____ u (3) Y _____ (4) K_______   (5) X_________   2、写出左右相邻所缺的字母。   (1) Cc______ Ee (2)______Ll_______ (3)_______Qq_________   二、请按正确拼写重组单词。(10分)   byo gril firend rluer pencil-csae   三、完成单词并将单词与相应的图片连线。(10分)   1.te__cher 2.b__d 3.brea____ 4.doo___ 5.ch___cken   门 鸡肉 教师 床 面包   a. b. c. d. e   四、将下列单词归类。(10分)   beef , fish ,book ,kitchen, mother, sister, living room , bag , rice , study member(家庭成员):__________ ___________ (食品): ________ _________ __________ things (学习用品): ______ _______房间):_______ ________   五、将问句和相应的合句用直线连起来。(5分)   1.What’s your father? A. Sure, here you are.   2.How many books do you have? B. Yes, she is.   3.May I have a look? C. I have 3.   4.What would you like? D. He is a doctor.   5.Is she in the study? E. I’d like some beef.   六、选出正确的英文释义。(5分)   ( )1、你叔叔是做什么的?   A. What’s your uncle? B. Who’s your uncle?   ( )2、你想要什么?   A. What do you like? B. What would you like?   ( )3、晚饭吃什么?   A. What’s for dinner? B. What’s dinner?   ( )4、我的笔记本在哪里?   A. Where is my Chinese book? B. Where is my notebook?   ( )5、这位司机在书房里。   A. The driver is in the study. B. The teacher is in the kitchen.   七、连词组句。(10分)   1. your, What’s , father?   __________________________________   2.classroom? , in, the, What’s   __________________________________   3.would, like? , you, What   ___________________________________ , Are, in, the, they   ___________________________________   5. books, many, How, you , do, have?   ________________________________________   八、阅读短文,判断下列句子的正误,在括号内打“√ ”或“× ”。(5分)   I’m Tom. I’m eleven years old. I live near the school. I go to school every day. In my family there are three people. My mother, my father and I. My father is a bus driver. He is friendly(友好).He has a lot of friends. My mother is a teacher. She works at my school. She does housework every day. I love them.   ( )1.Tom is ten years old.   ( )2.There are three people in his family.   ( )3.His father is a teacher.   ( )4.Tom does housework every day.   ( )5.Tom’s father has a lot of friends.   九、阅读短文,选出最佳答案。(5分)   This is Jim’s bedroom. It’s new and nice. A bed and a chair are in it. A desk is on the floor. Some flowers are on it .A bookshelf is behind the bed. Some English books are on the shelf. A picture is on the wall. Some people are in the picture. The man is his father. The woman is his mother. Who is the boy? Do you know?   ( )1.Whose room is it ?   A. Jim’s room. B. Father’s room. C. Mother’s room.   ( )2.Where are the flowers?   A. On the floor. B. In the desk. C. On the desk.   ( )3.What’s on the shelf?   A. Some Chinese books. B. Some math books.   C. Some English books.   ( )4.Who is the woman?   A. Jim. B. Jim’s mother. C. Jim aunt.   ( )5.Who is the boy? It’s _____.   A. Jim B. Mike. C. David. 期末测试题答案 Ⅰ 听力部分 一、 room 2.C.bathroom 3.B.fridge 5.C.Set the table 二、1.chicken(A)  2.bathroom (B)  3.sience(A)  4.Chinese book(A)  5.desk (C) 三、1.I have a new pen. It’s very nice.   2.Is she in the study? No, she isn’t. 3.Are they on the table? Yes, they are.  4.Go to the living room. Watch TV. 5.I’m in the bedroom.(42135) 四、1.b 2.e 3.a 4.c 5.d Ⅱ 笔试部分 一、1.B, U, y, k, x      2.Dd, Kk, Mm, Pp, Rr 二、boy, girl, friend, ruler, pencil-case 三、1.teacher,c  2.bed,d  3.bread,e  4.door,a  5.chicken,b 四、1.mother, sister,bag,living room. study 五、1.D 2.C 3.A 4.E 5.B    六、1.A 2.B 3.A 4.B 5.A 七、1.What’s your father?  2.What’s in the classroom? 3.What would you like?     4.Are they in the study?  5.How many books do you have? 八、×√××√ 九、ACCBA 本文档由香当网(用户上传



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