学位英语作文必背范文 Health or Wealth I prefer health to wealth if I have to choose between them. It is true that wealth makes life easier and more comfortable, but health is even more important. Only when one has good health can he pursue wealth and happiness. Wealth cannot be acquired without health. As we know, to gain wealth usually means working hard. If one does not have a strong body, how can he work hard? How can he have enough energy to overcome all the difficulties on his way towards success? Only with a sound body may one get a chance to enjoy the better life provided by his wealth because health ensure wealth but not vice versa. Therefore, health is the basis for attaining wealth. Even if one is born into a rich family, wealth alone cannot make him happiness. Imagine a rich man who can do nothing but stay in bed. How can he enjoy his life? What can his money do for him? So long as one is healthy, there are always chances for him to attain everything including wealth. 健康和财富 我更喜欢健康财富如果我必须在二者之间做出选择。这是事实, 财富使生活更轻松、更舒适,但健康是更多 重要的。只有当一个人有良好的健康他能追求财富和幸福。 财富不能没有健康。正如我们所知,来获得财富 通常意味着努力工作。如果一个人没有一个强壮的身体,他怎么能 努力工作吗?他怎么能有足够的精力去克服所有的困难吗 他对成功的方法吗?只有一个健康的身体可以得到一个机会 A Letter of Application Dear Sir: I was pleased to see your ad in the newspaper on December 25th for a sales engineer. In July I will receive my bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering from Nanjing University, and I would like to be considered for the post. I believe I am a competitive candidate for your post because both my education and work experience meet your requirement. Besides degree courses concerning electronics, I also took such courses as Marketing, Consumer Behavior Strategies. Last summer, I participated in an electronic project, from which I have gained practical experience in this field. I would welcome an opportunity to join your company because your post is what I’ve been preparing for. If you feel that I might be the right person for the job I would be ready for an interview at your convenience. I am looking forward to your reply! Sincerely yours, Zhou Fang 求职信亲爱的先生: 我很高兴在12月25日的报纸上看到你招聘销售工程师的广告七月份我将从南京大学获得电子工程专业学士学位,我希望你能考虑让我担任这个职位 我相信我是一个具有竞争力的候选人,因为我的教育背景和工作经历会满足你的需要除了电子学位课程以外,我还参加了市场销售销售者行为策略去年夏天,我参与了一个电子项目,从中我获得了这一领域的实践经验 如果能获得机会加入你们公司我会非常高兴因为你们的岗位正是我准备寻找的如果你们觉得我适合这一份工作我随时准备在你们方便的时候参加面试我期待你们的回复 你真诚的周芳 Should College Students Do Part-time Jobs? Most students think that doing part-time jobs when studying at college can provide them with an opportunity to get in touch with the society. Also, some students do part-time jobs to support themselves. They are said to work through college. However, it’s not easy to find jobs which are suitable for students. Some jobs requiring long hours of tedious work under tough conditions may do harm to their health. Besides, some jobs may expose them to the negative aspects of society-dishonesty and corruption. Therefore, students should take a second thought in deciding whether they should do part-time jobs or what kind of jobs they should choose. If they are lucky enough to take a good job, it will benefit them enormously. Otherwise, it may waste their time and their energy. 大学生是否应该做兼职工作 大部分的学生认为在大学里学习的时候做兼职工作可以给自己提供一个接触社会的机会.还有一些学生做兼职工作是为了养活自己.据说他们整个大学都在工作. 但是,对于大学生来说找到一份合适的工作是不容易的.有些工作条件艰苦并且需要花大量时间的单调的工作对他们的健康有害.除此之外,有些工作会让大学生接触到社会的负面---虚伪和堕落. 因此,大学生在决定是否应该做兼职工作以及应该选择什么样的工作的时候要再三考虑.如果他们很幸运的找到了一份好的工作,那将对他们大有裨益.否则那可能是浪费时间和精力. My View on E-mail Electronic mail, or E-mail for short, is a new way of communication by means of computers. Fast, cheap and convenient, E-mail is so popular that it has become an indispensable means of communication. Millions of computers all over the world have been connected to form a global network, namely the Internet. You can send and receive by E-mail documents, letters and papers to anyone in other countries in no time. By using E-mail you can also store, delete, compile information. In a word, E-mail helps you overcome spatial and time limitations in communication. With the rapidly growing popularity of computers and the expansion of information highway, E-mail is expected to play a more and more important role in our lives. 我对于电子邮件的看法 电子邮件简称电邮,是通过电脑来交流的一种新的方式.它快速、便宜、方便、电子邮件如此的流行以致于它已经变成了一种必不可少的交流方式. 全世界成百上千万的电脑连在一起形成了一个全球网络称做互联网.你可以在很短时间内把文件、信、论文通过电子邮件发给其他国家的任何一个人.通过使用电子邮件你还可以贮存、删除和归类信息.总之电子邮件可以帮助你克服交流上的空间和时间的限制. 随着计算机的迅速普及以及信息高速公路的扩展,电子邮件一定会在我们的生活当中扮演越来越重要的角色. The Disadvantage of Living in a City Tired of the city life, some city-dwellers opt for city suburbs as their residence. They are flocking there to avoid people-in the city, wherever you look, it’s people, people, people. It’s not strange for them complain about the living conditions in the city. It takes ages for a bus to get to you because the traffic on the roads has virtually come to a standstill. The subways which leave or arrive every few minutes are packed: an endless procession of human sardine tins. All the simple, good things of life like sunshine and fresh air are at a premium. Tall buildings blot out the sun. The flow of traffic goes on continuously and the noise never stops. Decades of years ago, people were crazy about crowding into the city. Now more and more people believe that only a madman would choose to live in a large modern city. 居住在城市的弊端 因为对城市生活感到厌倦.一些住在城里面的人都渴望搬到郊区居住.他们涌向那儿目的是为了避开人群.因为在城里无论你往哪儿看到处都是人. 人们抱怨城里面的居住条件是不奇怪,由于马路上的交通几乎停滞,公共汽车似乎要过几年才能到达你身边.几分钟一班的地铁装满了人.无休止的人排队买沙丁鱼罐头.所有简单好的东西象阳光、新鲜的空气都成了一种奢求.高大的建筑挡住了阳光,交通川流不息,噪声从不停止. 几十年前人们疯狂的涌入城市,现在越来越多的人认为只有疯子才会居住在现代大都市里. Turn off Your Mobile Phone With the development of information technology and reduced price of communication products, the mobile phone has become a necessity for people. It is obvious that it shortens the distance between people and makes our life more convenient. Thanks to it, it’s easy for us to contact others anytime and anywhere. However, have you noticed that the mobile phone also brings embarrassment to people? It’s not rare to see people pressing the mobile phone to his ear and shouting loudly in public as if there were no one else present. It is more than likely that you have noticed that the mobile phones ring continuously on a formal occasion. People around them have to listen to the noise and they can’t concentrate on what they’re doing. 关闭你的手机 随着信息技术的发展以及通信产品价格的下降,手机已成为人们的必需品.虽然它缩短了人与人之间的距离,使生活更加方便,正因为有了手机,我们可以很容易地在任何时间和地点和他人联系. 但是,你有没有发现手机也给人们带来了尴尬?把手机贴在耳边在公共场合大叫大喊,似乎无人在场,这种现象也不罕见.在正式场合手机铃声响个不停的现象更是屡见不鲜.他们周围的人不得不忍受他的噪音无法集中精神做事. 本文档由香当网(https://www.xiangdang.net)用户上传



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