第一单元 国情……………………………………………………………………………………… 1 第二单元 政治………………………………………………………………………………………23 第三单元 经济………………………………………………………………………………………47 第四单元 文化………………………………………………………………………………………72 第五单元 工业………………………………………………………………………………………92 第六单元 农业………………………………………………………………………………………110 第七单元 科技………………………………………………………………………………………129 第八单元 教育………………………………………………………………………………………152 第九单元 外交………………………………………………………………………………………173 第十单元 新闻………………………………………………………………………………………194 第十一单元 艺术………………………………………………………………………………….212 第十二单元 法律………………………………………………………………………………….229 第十三单元 环境保护……………………………………………………………………………250 第十四单元 旅游………………………………………………………………………………….272 第十五单元 金融外贸……………………………………………………………………………293 第十六单元 医疗卫生……………………………………………………………………………316 全国翻译专业资格(水平)考试问答………………..339 第一单元 国情 汉英词语 1.穷矮挫 short, poor and ugly-looking men 2.爱国统一战线 patriotic united front 3.安家费 settling-in allowance 4.安居工程 Comfortable/Affordable Housing Project 5.白富美 fair-skinned and attractive ladies from a decent family 6.办年货 Spring Festival shopping 7.保障和改善民生 ensure the wellbeing of the people and improve their lives 8.保障性住房 low-income housing 9.悲催 a tear-inducing misery 10.毕婚族 marry-upon-graduation 11.编内职工 permanent staff 12.编制人数 staff size 13.车牌摇号 license-plate lottery 14.城管 urban management staff 15.城市补丁 run-down neighborhoods 16.城市低保户 low-income urban families 17.城市低收入者 low-income city dwellers 18.城乡差距 rural-urban divide 19.城乡二元经济结构 the city-country dualistic economic structure 20.城乡公共就业服务体系 urban and rural systems for providing public employment services 21.城乡社会救助体系 urban and rural emergency aid system 22.城镇职工基本养老保险制度 basic old-age insurance system for urban workers 23.穿越剧 time-travel TV play 24. 创新型国家 innovation-oriented nation 25.春联 Spring Festival couplets 26.粗放型增长方式 extensive mode of growth; inefficient model of growth 27.”大V“ Internet celebrity 28.代排族 hired queuers 29.淡定 calm/unruffled 30.低保制度 subsistence security system 31.低收入家庭 low-income household/family 32.地方保护主义 regional protectionism 33.短租房 short-term housing 34.恶搞 video spoof 35.恶性循环 vicious circle 36.二手房 pre-owned house; second-hand housing 37.二手房交易 second-hand housing transactions 38.法治政府 law-based government 39.房奴 mortgage slave 40.房子,车子,票子 apartment/house, car and well-paid job/savings 41.(非法)传销 pyramid schemes; multi-level marketing 42.非法收入 illegal earnings; illicit income 43.封口费 hush money 44.服务型政府 service-oriented government 45.福利彩票 welfare lottery 46.副主任科员 senior staff 47.富二代 second-generation rich, silver-spoon generation 48.腹黑 scheming 49.改革攻坚 further reform in difficult areas; tackle hard issues in the reform 50.改革试点 pilot reform program 51.高层次人才 high-caliber personnel 52.高档住宅区 high-end residential compound 53.高富帅 men who are tall, rich, handsome, and very popular among females 54.高技能人才 highly skilled personnel 55.哥只是个传说 Brother is only a legend 56.个人账户 individual pension account 57.个体户 the self-employed 58.公共参与 public/communal participation 59.公款送礼 give gifts by using public funds 60.公务车 state-financed vehicle 61.公务员 civil/public servant 62.公用互联网 public Internet 63.购物卡 shopping card 64.固定电话网 fixed-line telephone network 65.光盘行动 clear-your-plate campaign 66.闺蜜 close/best friends; bosom buddies 67.《国家发展规划纲要》outline of the National Development Program 68.国家行政编制 government staff size 69.海归(“海龟”)overseas returnee 70.和谐社会 harmonious society 71.黑车 unlicensed cab 72.黑恶势力 Mafia-like gangs 73.户口 registered permanent residence 74.花钱炫富 spend money thoughtlessly and flaunt one’s wealth 75.会所 luxury clubs 76.基层社区 grassroots community 77.家政服务 domestic service 78.加强和改善宏观调控 improve macro control 79.家政服务公司 domestic help firms 80.假文凭 fake diplomas 81.坚持基本纲领 uphold the basic program 82.减员增效 downsize the staff to improve efficiency 83.简易过渡房 makeshift shelter 84.经济适用房 affordable housing 85.经济适用男/女 budget husband/wife 86.纠结 ambivalent 87.酒后代驾 designated driver 88.就业指导 employment guidance 89.开放型经济 an open economy 90.开瓶费 corkage fee 91.抗震救灾工作 efforts to combat disasters and provide relief 92.科学发展观 scientific outlook on development 93.科员 staff member 94.坑爹 the reverse of one’s expectation 95.空巢家庭 empty-nest/childless family 96.廉租房 low-rent housing 97.两限房 low-rent housing 98.留守儿童 left-behind children 99.留守女士/男士 grass widow/widower 100.楼堂馆所 office buildings, large halls and guest-houses 101. 裸婚 simplistic/bare-handed marriage 102.卖萌 act cute 103.面子工程 vanity/image project 104.秒杀 seckill 105.民工荒 labor shortage 106.民生 people’s wellbeing 107.民族团结 ethnic unity 108.南水北调 South-to North water diversion 109.农村富余劳动力 surplus rural labor 110.农村合作医疗制度 system of rural cooperative medicare 111.(农村)劳动力转移就业 (rural workers)find work in nonagri-cultural sectors 112.农民工 migrant worker 113.农业税 agricultural tax 114.女汉子 tough girl; manly woman 115.泡吧 kill time in a bar 116.泡网吧 hit the Internet bar 117.棚户区 run-down/shanty urban areas 118.拼爹 competition of family background 119.贫富差距 disparity in wealth distribution 120.贫困人口 impoverished people 121.平房改造工程 renovation project of shanty dwellings 122.潜规则 casting couch 123.权力下放 shift power to the grassroots; delegate power to the lower levels 124.群组客 tenant groups 125.人口功能区 functional population zone 126.人口老龄化 population aging 127.人肉搜索 human flesh search engine; cyber man-hunt 128.人事制度改革 reform of personnel system 129.入住率 occupancy rate 130.弱势群体 disadvantaged/vulnerable group 131.三八红旗手 March 8 Red Flag Bearer 132.三公经费 spending on official overseas trips, official vehicles and official hospitality 133.三网融合 integration of telecom, radio and TV, and Internet networks 134.闪婚 flash marriage 135.闪离 flash divorce 136.闪跳族 habitual job hopper 137.伤不起 vulnerable; be prone to getting hurt 138.社会保障工作 social security work 139.社会保障体制 social security system 140.社会结构 social structure 141.社会利益格局 interests of different social groups 142.社会矛盾 social structure 143.社会事业 social services/programs/undertaking 144.社会统筹 social pooling 145.社会信用体系 social credit system 146.社会主义核心价值体系 core socialist values 147.社会主义荣辱观 Socialist Concept of Honor and Disgrace 148.社会主义新农村 socialist new countryside 149.社会转型期 period of social transition 150.社会组织形式 the way society is organized 151.社交网站 social networking websites 152.市政工程 municipal/public works 153.事业编制 staffing of public institutions 154.视频分享 video sharing 155.数字鸿沟 digital divide 156.双休日 two-day weekend 157.双职工 working couple 158.特色优势产业 industries with local advantages 159.天灾人祸 natural calamities and man-made misfortunes 160.贴小广告的人 bill sticker 161.铁哥们 faithful pals; sworn or close friends 162.同城待遇 identical treatment 163.筒子楼 tube-shaped apartment building 164.土地流转 transfer of rural land-use rights 165.土豪 newly rich and powerful people 166. 吐槽 disclose one’s secret 167.团购 group/team buying 168.退休金双轨制 dual pension schemes 169.网络拜年 online greeting 170.微博控 microblog complex 171.无偿献血 unpaid blood donation 172.五好家庭 Five-virtues Family 173.捂盘惜售 property hoarding 174.西部大开发战略 western development strategy 175.下岗职工 unemployed workers and staff; laid-off employees 176下基层锻炼 temper oneself in a grassroots unit 177.限购 limitations on property purchase 178.羡慕嫉妒恨 envious, jealous and hateful 179.乡长 township head 180. 乡镇企业 township enterprises 181.小产权房 house/apartment with limited/incomplete property rights 182.学区房 school district housing; school-nearby house 183.学生减负 reduce students’ study load 184.巡视员 inspector 185.延迟退休 delay retirement 186.严打斗争 strike-hard operation/campaign to crack down on crimes 187.一、二、三线城市 first-, second- and third-tier cities 188.依法拆迁 lawful housing demolition and relocation 189.移动通信网 mobile telecommunications network 190.以人为本的城镇化 human-centered urbanization 191.引进人才 bring in needed personnel 192.优抚安置 provide special assistance to entitled groups 193.月光族 live from paycheck to paycheck 194.月嫂 maternity matron 195.暂住证 temporary residence permit 196.增强道德观念 enhance one’s moral awareness 197.职业道德 occupational ethics 198.智能、绿色、低碳城市 smart, green and low-carbon city 199.中国式过马路 cross the road in Chinese style/Chinese-style road crossing 201.主任科员 principal staff 202.住房制度改革 reform of housing system 203.住家/非住家保姆 live-in/live-out nanny 204.着装要求 dress code 205.自觉排队日 Queuing-up Day 206.自主创新能力 capacity for independent innovation 207.总体规划 overall plan 208.最低生活保障 subsistence allowance 汉语常用表达句 1. 在世界几大古代文明中,中华文明是没有中断、延续发展至今的文明,已经有5000多年历史了。 Of the world’s ancient civilizations, the Chinese civilization has spanned over 5000 years and continued uninterrupted to this day. 2. 中国是世界上最大的发展中国家。中国发展取得了历史性进步,经济总量已经跃升到世界第二位。 China is the world’s biggest developing country. It has made historic progress in development. It is now the second-largest economy in the world. 3.我们也清醒认识到,中国经济总量虽大,但除以13亿人口,人均国内生产总值还排在世界第八十为左右。 We are clearly aware that the large size of China’s economy, when divided by 1.3 billion, will send China to around the 80th place in terms of per capita GDP. 3.中国城乡低保人口有7400多万人,每年城镇新增劳动力有1000多万人,几亿农村劳动力需要转移就业和落户城镇,还有8500多万残疾人。 In China, over 74 million people rely on basic living allowances. Each year, more than 10 million urban people will join the job market. And several hundred million rural people need to be transferred to non-agricultural jobs, and settle down in urban areas. More than 85 people are disabled. 5.人们希望建立更多的医院、购物中心、娱乐中心、电影院和其他公用设施来满足人民日益增长的需求。 People hope to build more hospitals, shopping centers, recreation centers, cinemas and other public facilities to meet their growing needs. 6.脱离了中国的历史,脱离了中国的文化,脱离了中国人的精神世界,脱离了当代中国的深刻变革,是难以正确认识中国的。 One can hardly understand China well without a proper understanding of its history, culture, way of thinking, and profound changes today. 7.中国有34个省级行政区,包括23个省、5个自治区、4个直辖市、2个特别行政区。 China has 34 administrative regions at the provincial level, including 23 provinces,5 autonomous regions, 4 municipalities directly under the central government and 2 special administrative regions. 8.长江、黄河是中国最长的两条河流,黄河流域和长江流域是中华文明的重要发源地。 The Yangtze River and the Yellow River are the two longest rivers in China. The Yellow River valley and Yangtze River valley are the birthplaces of the Chinese civilization. 9. 中国执行改革开放政策,争取在五十年内发展起来。 China, by pursuing the policy of reform and opening to the outside world, is striving to become developed within 50 years. 10.就我们中国来讲,首先要摆脱贫穷。要摆脱贫穷,就要找出一条较快的发展道路。 For China, the first thing is to shake off poverty. To do that, we have to find a way to develop rapidly. 11.中国人口多、底子薄,发展很不平衡,人均国内生产总值还处于世界后列。 We have a huge population, a weak economic foundation and uneven development, and our per capita GDP ranks fairly low among the countries in the world. 12.中国拥有世界上最多的人口,农业人口也是世界第一。 China, with the largest population in the world, also ranks first in agricultural population. 13.尽管水资源匮乏,耕地面积只占世界的7%,但中国得养活全世界四分之一的人口。 In spite of water shortages and with just seven percent of the arable land on earth, China has to feed a quarter of the world’s population. 14.如果非常概括地评价一下我国的贫富差距情况,那就是我国经济差距的上升速度过快了一些。 A very rough study of disparities in China’s wealth will show that they accelerate too fast. 15.在短短的20年时间里,我国已经从平均主义盛行的国家,转变为超过了国际上中等不平等程度的国家。 China has transferred from a country where economic equilibrium prevailed to one that exceeds the medium level of imbalance in wealth distribution in the world in a matter of only two decades. 16.我国民众的生活水平有了较大的提高,这就是最大的上升流动。 The living standards of the people have registered a remarkable elevation. This is the upward movement in the broadest sense of the world. 17.在中国,以公有制为主体,各种经济成分共同发展的局面已经形成。 In China, a pattern with the public sector remaining dominant and diverse sectors of the economy developing side by side has taken shape. 18.农民的生活水平不断提高,大部分农民以解决了温饱问题,不少农民以过上了小康生活。 The living standards of farmers have kept rising. Most of them have enough food and clothing, and quite a few are leading a moderately prosperous life. 19.香港回归祖国,标志着“一国两制”构想的巨大成功。 Hong Kong’s return to the motherland marks the great success of the concept of “one country, two systems”. 20.二十多年来,中国经济体制改革的不断深化,综合国力的明显增强,对外经贸合作日益扩大。 Over the past two decades and more, China has deepened economic restructuring, notably increase its overall national strength and steadily expanded its foreign economic cooperation and trade. 21.中国地处东亚,幅员辽阔,人口众多,历史悠久。 China is an East Asian country with a large territory, a huge population and a long history. 22.中国从生产力到生产关系,从经济基础到上层建筑都发生了意义深远的重要变化。 China has experienced far-reaching changes in the productive forces and the relation of production, as well as in the economic base and the superstructure. 23.人民日益增长的物质文化需要同落后的社会生产之间的矛盾是中国社会面临的主要社会矛盾。 A principal challenge to Chinese society is the gap between the ever-growing material and cultural needs of the people and the backward production. 24.中国人口已超过13亿,约占世界人口的20%。 Our 1.3 billion people account for about one-fourth of the world’s population. 25.中国的资源禀赋并不理想。 China is not endowed with sufficient resources. 26.全面实现农村免费义务教育,这是我们教育发展史上的重要里程碑。 Free compulsory education made available to all rural students marks an important milestone in the history of the development of China’s education. 27.过去五年是改革开放和全面建设小康社会取得重大进展的五年,是社会生产力和综合国力显著增强的五年。 During the past five years, great strides were made in carrying out reform and opening up and building a moderately prosperous society in all respects, and the productive forces and overall national strength were significantly improved. 英汉词语 1.a follow-up mechanism 后续机制 2.aged poor relief 贫老救济 3.amelioration of poverty 改善贫困状况 4.ant tribe 蚁族 5.area code 区号 boom 婴儿潮 break 停职育婴期 bust 生育低谷 power 黑人人权(运动) ball 秘密反对票 11.candlelight dinner 烛光晚餐 12.bottom dregs 社会渣滓 exploration 就业教育 pool 拼车 15.certificate of naturalization 入籍证明 visitor 慈善事业观察员 17.child benefit 儿童津贴 18.Chinese-American 华裔美国人 19.civic organizations 人民团体 20.civic responsibilities 公民责任 21.civil referendum 公投 22.civil society 公民社会 charge (英国的)人头税 automatic exchange 乡村自动电话局 chest 社会福利基金 consumption function 社会消费函数 nursing service 社区养老 28.concurrent resolution (美国国会两院)共同决议 coordinated service 社区联合儿童监护站 30.corrupt administration 腐败的行政管理 31.cut-throat competition 激烈竞争 32.December-May marriage “老妻少夫”式婚姻 33.DINK family 丁克家庭 34.demographic factors 人口因素 35.diminishing return 报酬渐减 36.dire poverty 赤贫 37.displaced person 流离失所者 38.division of labour 分工 packs 狗仔队 40.drug smuggling 毒品走私 41.dwelling narrowness 蜗居 42.e-government; e-administration 电子政务 43.emy-nest syndrome 空巢孤独综合症 44.enhance the sense of urgency 增强忧患意识 45.exclusive interview 专访 46.fiscal conservatism 财政保护主义 47.flash mob 快闪族 48.flexible pension system 弹性退休金制度 49.fraternity and sorority 兄弟会,姐妹会 50.gender equality 性别平等 51.gender gap 性别差异 52.generation gap 代沟 53. Golden Age 黄金时代;太平盛世 54.grassroots community 基层社区 55.guaranteed annual income 有保障的年收入 56.hacker attack 黑客攻击 57.happiness index 幸福指数 58.high-end recreational venues 高档娱乐会所 program/scheme 以房养老 60.household registration 户籍 家庭妇男 62.indoors man/woman 宅男/宅女 63.interborough rapid transit(IRT) 城区间快速交通线 64.Internet security 网络安全 65.ironclad labor protection 铁饭碗 66.job commuting 通勤 67.juvenile justice system 少年司法制度 citizen 守法公民 69.logistics park 物流园区 70.loosely-bound family 松散家庭 71.low-rent housing 廉租房 72.luggage screening 行李检查 73.maintain unbeaten record 保持不败纪录 74.mass organizations 人民团体 75.manial activity 粗活 76.merit pay 绩效工资 77.metropolitan population 大都市人口 78.metropolitan station 都市电台 79.middle-and low-income urban residents 中低收入城市居民 80.minimum earner 处于最低生活保障线上的人 81.minimum subsistence level 最低生活保障线 82.multinational search 躲过搜寻 83.natrural monopoly 自然垄断 84.occupational tacit violence 职场冷暴力 85.on alternate days (实行)单双号(通行) 86.officially bilingual 官方使用双语制 87.patriotic sentiment 爱国情操 88.poverty line 贫困线 89.premarital pregnancy 未婚先孕 90.premarriage cohabitation 婚前同居 91.preprofessional training 职前培训 campaign 赞成安乐死合法化运动 93.promote communal activity 促进公共活动 94.publicize budget 公开预算 95.public rental housing 公租房 96.quality time (和孩子一同生活的)珍贵生活 97.reach self-sufficiency 达到自给自足 98.resources-effective society 资源节约型社会 99.reunite with family members 团聚 100.rural social administration 农村社会管理 program 安全保障计划 102sandwich man 挂广告牌的人 103.severance package 离职补偿 104.sexual orientation 性倾向 105.sexual harassment 性骚扰 106.shotgun marriage/wedding 奉子成婚 acceptability 社会心理承受力 evolution 社会演变 security expenditure 社会保障支出 security privatization 社会保障私有化 weakening 社会惰性 worker 社会工作者 113.soft environment 软环境 114.speed trap 汽车超速监视区 115.surplus labor 剩余劳动力 116.surrogate birth 代孕 117.tailor-made gifts 礼品定制 118.talent flow 人才流动 evasion 偷税漏税 120.the black boxes 黑匣子 121.the mainstream public opinion 主流民意 122.the missing passenger plane 失联航班 123.three consecutive victories 三连胜 124.tough policy 强硬政策 125.tracking survey 跟踪调查 126.traffic code 交通规则 127.trial marriage 试婚 128.two-time world champions 两届世界冠军 129.walking commuter 走班族 130.women-only compartments 女士专用车厢 131.yard sale 庭院旧货出售 game 零和博弈 英汉常用表达句 1. Helping the true poor is much worthier than merely narrowing inequalities. And helping the lower class rejoin the mainstream of society is in the interests of all. 帮助真正的穷人,要比仅仅缩小贫富差距更有价值。帮助下层社会的人重新回到社会主流中来,符合所有人的利益。 2. The cold, hard fact is that even in eh midst of recovery, too many Americans are working more than ever just to get by-let alone get ahead. 冰冷而又无法回避的事实是,即使是在复苏之中,太多的美国人还是在勉强度日,更不用说出人头地。 3. And what I believe unites the people of this nation regardless of race or region or party, young or old, rich or poor, is the simple, profound belief in opportunity for all-the notion that if you work hard and take responsibility, you can get ahead. 而我相信,不分种族,地域和党派,不论老少贫富,将这个国家的人民团结在一起就是一条简单深刻的信念,只要你努力工作,勇于承担责任,你就能够出人头地。 4. An autoworker fine-tuned some of the best, most fuel-efficient cars in the world, and did his part to help America wean itself off foreign oil. 汽车工人改进世界上最好、最节油的汽车,为帮助美国减少对外国石油的依赖尽职尽责。 5. Inequality has deepened. Upward mobility has stalled. 社会不平等加深,向上流动几近停滞。 6. We know that the nation that goes all-in on innovation today will own the global economy tomorrow. 我们知道,今天在创新方面锐意进取的国家明天将主宰世界经济。 7. Independent economists say immigration reform will grow our economy and shrink our deficits by almost $1trillion in the next two decades. 独立经济学家们称移民改革政策将提高经济水平,未来20年内减少近一万亿美元的财政赤字。 8. Migrants exert positive effects on city construction 移民对城市建设起到积极作用。 9. Women working full-time earn about 72 percent of men’s wages for comparable jobs, a percentage that would be even lower had men’s earning not declined. 一个全职女性的收入,只相当于从事类似工作男性工资的72%。若不是现在的收入有所下降的话,这一比例还要低。 10. The reports takes a closer look at those who live together before marriage, including race, ethnicity, education level, and upbringing. 报告对婚前同居进行了更仔细深入的调查,包括他们的种族和民族,教育和家庭情况。 11. The baby-boom generation has entered its 50s and over the next few years will be retiring in large numbers. 生育高峰期出生的一代已经年过半百,他们中的大部分人过不了几年将会退休。 12. More and more of our savings are institutionalized rather than individualized. 我们的储蓄月亮来越多地由个人手里转入各种组织的控制中。 13. Multicultural America has always been adept at adopting and combining the cultural traditions imported by its immigrants. 多元文化的美国向来容纳外来移民带来的文化传统。 14. Relatively young children are included in family decisions. 孩子很小就参与家庭决策。 15. Americans tend to associate the greatness of their nation far more with such values as individual freedom, equality of opportunity, hard work, and competition than with national cooperation. 美国人往往会认为国家的强大更多地源于个人自由、机会均等、勤奋努力、竞争取胜等价值观念而不是源于举国合作。 16. Federal money is granted to state and local governments to support social welfare programs. 联邦资金补给州和地方政府,以支持社会福利项目。 17. Financial departments at all levels are required to publicize their budgets, so the public and media can better supervise spending. 各级财政部门都需要试行预算公开,以便让公众和媒体可以更好地对财政支出进行监督。 第二单元 政治 汉英词语 1. 爱好和平的国家 a peace-loving country 2. 按劳分配为主题 distribution according to work remains dominant 3. 保监会 China Insurance Regulatory Commission 4. 标本兼治 address both the symptoms and the root causes of the problem. 5.博采众长 draw on others’ useful experience 6.不搞一刀切 without imposing a single committee 7.长治久安 long-term stability 8.常务委员 member of a standing committee 9.城镇登记失业率 registered unemployment rate in cities and town 10.城镇社会保障体系 urban social security system 11.城镇住房制度改革 reform of the urban housing system 12.创新体系 an innovation system 13.垂直管理 vertical management 14.促改革 advance reforms 15.促进社会和谐稳定 promote social harmony and stability 16.打击取缔非法收入 crack down on and ban illegal income 17.党情 party’s conditions 18.邓小平理论 Deng Xiaoping Theory 19.道德制高点 moral high ground 20.低水平重复建设 low-level redundant development 21.底线思维 bottomline thinking 22.调结构 promote restructuring 23.调控房价 housing prices control 24.顶层设计 a top-level strategy 25.对人民高度负责任的态度 maintain a high sense of responsibility to people 26.法制国家 a state with an adequate legal system 27.法治国家 a law-based government 28.法治政府 a country under the rule of law 29.反腐倡廉 anti –corruption bid 30.反贪法规 anti-corruption legislation 31.防空识别区 air defense identification zone 32.防灾减灾能力 our ability to prevent and mitigate natural disasters 33.分配货币化 distribution of money 34.风险防范机制 risk prevention mechanism 35.服从全局 、服务全局 be subordinated and serve the overall interests of the country 36.服务型政府 a service-oriented government 37.负责任政府 a responsible government 38.负资产 a negative asset 39.改革蓝图 reform blueprint 40.肝胆相照、荣辱与共 treat each other with all sincerity and share weal and woe 41.港人治港 the people of Hong Kong administer Hong Kong 42.高度自治 a high degree of autonomy 43.公共服务和社会管理 public services and social governance 44.公祭活动 public memorial services 45.公平分配 fair distribution 46.公有制主体地位 the dominant role of public ownership 47.功大于过 merits outweigh demerits 48.攻防兼备能力 offensive and defensive capabilities 49.挂职 work on secondment 50.官僚主义 bureaucracy/bureaucratism 51.国防预算 defense budget 52.国际责任 international responsibilities/liabilities 53.国家安全委员会 national security commission 54.国情 national conditions 55.合理的收入分配制度 rational income distribution system 56. 和平发展道路 the path of peaceful development 57.和平统一大业 great cause of peaceful reunification 58.和谐社会a harmonious society 59.和衷共济、团结奋斗 concerted and strenuous efforts 60.宏观调控macro control 61.基层锻炼 have village- or community-level working experience; get tempered; get tempered on a village-or community-level post 62.基层监督 grassroots supervision 63.基础设施建设 construction of infrastructural facilities; infrastructure development 64.简政放权 streamline administration and delegate power 65.解放和发展生产力 release and develop productive forces 66.解放思想 emancipate/free people’s minds 67.经济繁荣和社会进步 economic prosperity and social progress 68.经济平稳较快发展 steady and rapid economic development 69.九段线 the nine-dash line 70.就业问题 employment problem 71.开正门,堵偏门 keep the front gate open and block the side doors 72.抗洪救灾 fight floods and provide relief 73.科教兴国战略 the strategy of invigorating China through the development of science and education 74.考任 examination-based appointment 75.科学技术进步 scientific and technological progress 76.可持续发展战略 the strategy of sustainable development 77.厉行节约 practice frugality 78.利益高度交融 highly interwoven interests 79.廉政准则 code of ethics 80.两岸关系 cross-Straits relations 81.零基预算制度 a zero-base budgeting system 82.陆海空三军仪仗队 guard of honor of the three services 83.民主监督 democratic supervision 84.民主权利 democratic rights 85.民主协商 democratic consultation 86.民族地区 regions inhabited by ethnic groups 87.年度国家预算 annual state budget 88.扭转收入差距扩大的趋势 reverse the widening income gap 89.”拍脑袋“决策 rash decision-making 90.聘任 contract-based appointment 91.铺张浪费 lavish spending 92.旗帜鲜明地反对民族分裂 take a clear-cut stand against attempts to split the nation 93.强国之路 ways to make China powerful/strong 94.求同存异、求同化异 seek common ground while reserving and resolving differences 95.全国各族人民 people of all our ethnic groups 96.全国人大代表 deputy to the National People’s Congress 97全国人民代表大会 National People’s Congress(NPC) 98.全国人民代表大会主席团 NPC Presidium 99.全国政协文员 member of the National Committee of the CPPC 100.全局性、长远性的重大改革问题 major reform issues with nationwide significance an long-term effect 101.全面深化改革 comprehensive deepening of reforms 102.全面深化改革领导小组 a leading group for overall reform 103.全面、协调、可持续发展 comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development 104.群众路线教育实践活动 the “mass line” education campaign 105.日益增长的物质文化需求 growing material and cultural needs 106.硬环境 hard environment 107.“三个代表“重要思想 the important thought of Three Represents 108.奢靡之风 extravagance 109.社会公共需要 social needs 110.社会公示制度 a system of keeping the public informed 111.社会监管 social supervision 112.社会听证制度 a system of public hearings 113.社会主义法治国家 socialist country under the rule of law 114.社会主义民主政治 socialist democracy 115.社会主义制度的无比优越感 incomparable superiority of the socialist system 116.失职渎职 dereliction of duty; neglect of the socialist system 117.实事求是 pursue a realistic and pragmatic approach; seek truth from facts 118.食品药品质量监管 oversight and supervision of food and drugs quality 119.世情 global conditions 120.试点 launch trials 121.试点项目 pilot project 122.释放正能量 unleash the positive/constructive energy 123.述职述廉 report on job and anti-corruption performance 124.司法公正 judicial justice 125.提振信心 raise confidence 126.体制创新 institutional innovation 127.统一的养老保险制度 an integrated pension system 128.突发公共安全事件应急处理机制 mechanisms for responding to emergencies that threaten public safety 129.推进事业单位改革 push forward the reform of institution 130.退休金双轨制 dual pension scheme 131.维护社会公平正义 safeguard social fairness and justice 132.维护祖国统一 safeguard social fairness and justice 133.维稳 safeguard cooperation 134.稳增长 stabilize economic growth 135.委任 direct appointment 136 务实合作 practical cooperation 137.西部大开发战略 the strategy developing 138.西电东送 transmission of electricity from the western to the eastern region 139.宪法修正案 amendments to the Constitution 140.享乐主义 hedonism 141.小康社会 a moderately prosperous society 142.新文明观 a new thinking on civilization 143.形式主义 formalism 144.选举权、知情权、参与权、表达权和监督权 rights to vote and to stay informed about, participate in, express views on, and over-see government affairs 145.选任 election-based appointment 146.严肃追究责任 strengthen administrative accountability 147.养老保险 old-age insurance 148.养老保障制度 old-age security system 149.依法办事 perform official duties according to law 150.依法行政意识 consideration to carrying out their official duties in accordance with the law 151.依法治国 run the country according to law 152.依法治军 handle the army’s affairs according to law 153.依法行政、公正严明的法治政府 a government that respects legal system and rules strictly and impartially 154.以德治国 rule the country by virtue 155.以人为本 put people first 156.应急预案 emergency response plan 157.又好又快发展 sound and fast development 158.与时俱进 advance with the times; keep pace with the times 159.再就业下岗人员 re-employment of laid-off workers 160.增收节支 increase revenue and cut government expenditures 161.战略机遇期 period of strategic opportunities 162.招之即来,来之能战,战之必胜 assemble at the first call and be capable of fighting and winning 163.征地拆迁 land expropriation, housing demolition and resident relocation 164.政府促进就业的责任 responsibility of the government for stimulating employment 165.政府工作报告 report on the work of the government; government work report 166.政府购买公共服务 government procurement of public services 167.政府机构改革 restructuring of government departments 168.政绩考核 assess the performance of local authorities 169.政企分开 separate functions of the government form those of enterprises 170.政事分开原则 principle of separating the functions of government from of enterprises 171.政务公开制度 system of making government affairs known to the public 172.政务透明 administrative transparency 173.政治体制改革 political restructuring 174.执行力和公信力 executive ability and greater public trust 175.直接当事方 the directly-involved parties 176.治国理政经验 experience in governance 177.中共中央委员会 CPC Central Committee 178.中国共产党全国代表大会 the National Congress of the Communist Party of China(CPC) 179.中国梦 Chinese dream 180.中华民族的无疆大爱 boundless love of the Chinese nation 181.《中美三个联合公报》 The Three Sino-US Joint Communiques 182.中央纪律检查委员会 Central Commission for Discipline Inspection 183.重中之重 a priority of priorities; a top priority 184.转变职能 transform government functions 185.自主创新 independent innovation 186.综合国力竞争 competition in overall national strength 187.最大效益 the best possible results 汉语常用表达句 1. 推进现代化建设、完成祖国统一、维护世界和平与促进共同发展,是中国人民在新世纪的三大历史任务。 To continue to propel the modernization drive, to achieve reunification of the motherland, and to safeguard world peace and promote common development are the three historical tasks of the Chinese people in the new century 2. 坚持一个中国的原则,是实现和平统一的基础和前提。 Adherence to the principle of one China is the basis and premise for peaceful reunification 3. 让市场主体“法无禁止即可为”,让政府部门“法无授权不可为”。 We need to ensure that market entities can do anything which are not prohibited by the law, and government departments must not do anything unless it is mandated by the law. 4. 把该放的权利放开、放到位,把该管的事情管好、管到位。 The government aims to delegate power to lower levels as much as what is necessary and appropriated while effectively managing all the matters within its purview. 5. 全面推进社会主义经济建设、政治建设、文化建设、社会建设以及生态文明建设。 We will comprehensively advance socialist economic development, political, cultural and social progress, and raise ecological awareness. 6. 中国共产党领导的多党合作和政治协商制度、民族区域自治制度以及基层群众自治制度都是中国的哦基本政治制度。 Multi-party cooperation and political consultation under the leadership of the Communist Party of China(CPC), eth.nic regional autonomy and self-governance at the community level constitute China’s basic political systems. 7. 中国共产党领导的多党合作和政治协商制度、民族区域自治制度以及基层群众自治制度都是中国的基本政治制度。 Multi-party cooperation and political consultation under the leadership of the Communist Party of China(CPC), ethnic regional autonomy and self-governance at the community level constitute China’s basic political systems 7.中国共产党同各民主党派合作的基本方针是长期共存、互相监督、肝胆相照、荣辱与共。 The CPC cooperates with the democratic parties under the principle of long-term coexistence, mutual supervision, treating each other with full sincerity and sharing weal and woe. 8. 我们始终坚持把马克思主义基本原理同中国的具体实际相结合。 We have always persisted in combining the fundamental tenets of Marxism with the reality of China. 9. 人民真正当家作主,成为国家、社会和自己命运的主人。 The people have become the true masters of their country, their society and their own destiny. 10. 政治体制改革要有利于维护国家统一、民族团结、社会稳定。 The political reform should be conducted in such a manner as to promote national unification, ethnic unity and social stability. 11. 中国正处于计划经济体制向社会主义市场经济体制转变的时期,各方面的体制还不完善。 China is in a transition from its planned economy to a socialist market economy. Many of its current systems remains to be improved. 12.”三个代表”是我们党的立党之本、执政之基、力量之源。 The Three Represents are the foundation for building the Party the cornerstone for exercising the state power and a source of its strength. 13.我们党要始终代表中国最先进生产力的发展要求,始终代表中国先进文化的发展方向,始终代表中国最广大人民的根本利益。 Our Party must always represent the requirements of the development trend of China’s advanced productive forces, the orientation of China’s advanced culture, and the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the Chinese people. 14.我党全心全意为人民服务,立党为公,执政为民。 Our Party serves the people heart and soul, works for the public and assumes power for the people. 15.我们必须居安思危,增强忧患意识,不骄不躁。 We must be mindful of danger, stay prepared for adversities in times of peace and guard against conceit and impetuosity. 16.我们必须推进依法从政、从严治政,建设廉洁、勤政、务实、高效政府。 We must ensure the government should be strict with itself in carrying out its official duties in accordance with the law and try to be honest, diligent, pragmatic and efficient. 17.我们必须始终保持与人民群众的血肉联系。 We must maintain our flesh-blood relationship with the people. 18. 领导干部要自重、自省、自励,以身作则,言行一致。 Leading officials should maintain a high degree of self-discipline, self-examination, and self-examination, and self-motivation, set an example for others, and match their words with deeds. 19.大会的主题是:高举中国特色社会主义伟大旗帜,以邓小平理论和“三个代表”重要思想为指导,深入贯彻落实科学发展观,继续解放思想,坚持改革开放,推动科学发展观,促进社会和谐,为夺取全面建设小康社会新胜利而奋斗。 20.中国特色社会主义的伟大旗帜,是当代中国发展进步的旗帜,是全党全国各族人民团结奋斗的旗帜。 The great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics is the banner guiding development and progress in contemporary China and rallying the whole Party and the people of all ethnic groups in the country in our common endeavor. 21.解放思想是发展中国特色社会主义的一大法宝。 Emancipating the mind is a magic instrument for developing socialism with Chinese characteristics. 22.改革开放是发展中国特色社会主义的强大动力。 Reform and opening up provide a strong driving force for developing socialism with Chinese characteristics. 23.科学发展、社会和谐Shiite发展中国特色社会主义的基本要求。 Scientific development and social harmony are basic requirements for developing socialism with Chinese characteristics. 24.直到今日,中国的政治和经济体制仍需要进一步完善,“中国模式”正在世界和本国的经验基础上不断发展。 Up till now, China’s political and economic systems have yet to be improved, and the “China model” is evolving based on the world’s and Chinese experiences. 英汉词语 1. access to information and political participation 信息流通和参与政治的机会 2. anti-poverty funds 扶贫基金 3. a spectacular event 盛会 4. assessment team 评估小组 5. a state of emergency 紧急状态 6. ballot box 通票箱 7. baselines 基线 8. base points 基点 9. be cautious in words and deeds 谨言慎行 10. bedrock of security and stability 安全与稳定的基础 11. blanket ballot 全面选举 12. blue states 蓝州(支持民主党的州) 13. Capitol Building 国会大厦 14. Cash contribution 现金捐款 15. Casting vote 决定性一票 16. Casualties and property damage 人员伤亡和财产损失 17. Cluster bomb 集束炸弹 18. Coalition government 联合政府 19. Cold War mentality冷战思维 20. Civil servant frenzy 公务员热 21. Constitutional government 立宪政体 22. Continental shelf 大陆架 23. Conventional security 传统安全 24. Convey sincere greetings 致以诚挚问候 25. Core principles 核心原则 26. Cult of personality 个人崇拜 27. Cut red tape 简化手续 28. Cyber terrorism 网络恐怖主义 29. Cyber theft 网络窃取 30. Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula 朝鲜半岛无核化 31. Department of Defence 国防部(美国) 32. Dissolution of parliament 分散国会 33. Divided government 分治的政府 34. Draft resolution 决议草案 35. Election promises 竞选诺言 36. Elective government 民选政府 37. Electoral college 选举团 38. Electoral map 选举地图 39. Embellish the invasion history 美化侵略历史 40. Escalation of war 战争升级 41. Exiled regime(government-in-exile)流亡政府 42. Extinguishment of national debt 清偿国债 43. Exclusive economic zone专属经济区 44. Extreme poverty 极端贫困 45. Favorability rate 支持率 46. Fence-sitting nations 中立国家 47. First executive officer 最高行政长官 48. Freedoms of speech and worship 言论和信仰自由 49. Full surrender 无条件投降 50. Growth of multilateral organizations 多边组织的发展 51. Have a positive, constructive and comprehensive relationship 有着积极、建设性、全面的关系 52. Homeland Security Department 国土安全部(美国) 53. Inauguration address 就职演说 54. Intelligence officers 情报人员 55. Intercontinental ballistic missile 洲际弹道导弹 56. Interior administration 内政 57. Interior minister 内政部长 58. Intermediaries 社会中介组织 59. Internal waters 内水 60. Just one step closer to the goal 离目标更进一步 61. Landlocked country 内陆国家 62. Law enforcement personnel 执法人员 63. Lethal arms 致命武器 64. Man-of the people image 亲民形象 65. Military expansion 军备扩张 66. Model of government 政府形象 67. Monarchism 君主政体 68. Money-oriented politics 金钱政治 69. Mutual political trust 政治互信 70. National gem 国家瑰宝 71. Non-aligned nation/country 不结盟国家 72. Non-intervention不干涉 73. Nonproliferation drive 防止核扩散运动 74. Normalized surveillance and monitoring 常态化监视监测 75. Normalization with neighbors 同邻国实现关系正常化 76. Notion of sovereignty 主权观念 77. Nuclear non-proliferation treaty 不扩散核武器条约 78. Nuclear proliferation 核扩散 79. Nuclear stockpiles 核库存 80. Oath-taking ceremony 宣誓仪式 81. Official assistance 官方援助 82. Opposition party 反对党 83. Parliamentary speech 国会演说 84. Party government 政党政府 85. Party in office/ruling party 执政党 86. Party out of office 在野党 87. Party program 党纲 88. Peaceful transfer of authority 权利的和平过渡 89. Peace-keeping operation 维和行动 90. Plurality rule 简单多数原则 91. Political and economic integration 政治经济一体化 92. Political complexion 政治色彩 93. Political independence 政治独立 94. Political participation 参政 95. Political posturing 政治姿态 96. Political strings attached 附加政治条件 97. Power politics 强权政治 98. Pragmatic cooperation 务实合作 99. Presidential election 总统选举 100. President-elect 侯任总统 101. Presidential inauguration 总统就职典礼 102. Pro-democracy movement 民主运动 103. Protest vote 抗议票 104. Provisional government 临时政府 105. Public confidence 公信力 106. Public debt 公债 107. Public funding 公共资助 108. Public participation 公共参与度 109. Puppet regime 傀儡政权 110. Racial division种族划分 111. Radical group 激进组织 112. Raising money 筹款/募款 113. Red states 红州(支持共和党的州) 114. Regional turmoil 地区动荡 115. Regular elections 定期选举 116. Relief operations 救济行动 117. Relief supply 救灾物资 118. Return to power 重新执政 119. Riding high in opinion rolls 民调支持率高 120. Right to vote and stand for election 选举和被选举权 121. Running mate 竞选伙伴 122. Senate seats 参议院席位 123. Sensitive questions 敏感问题 124. Separation of powers 三权分立 125. Separation of religion from politics 政教分离 126. Shared /common prosperity 共同繁荣 127. Shared security 共同安全 128. Share weal and woe 休戚与共 129. Specific appropriation of public money 公款划拨 130. State of Department 国务院(美国) 131. State of the Union Address 132. Strategic and economic dialogue战略与经济对话 133. Strategic withdrawal 战略撤退 134. Straw poll 测验民意的投票;(大选前)意向性投票 135. Suicide bombing 自杀性爆炸袭击 136. Summit talks 最高级会谈;收纳会谈 137. Sweeping surveillance 大规模监听 138. Swing voter 摇摆选民 139. Territorial coordinates 领土坐标 140. Territorial sea baseline 领海基线 141. Territorial waters 领海 142. Terrorist attack 恐怖袭击 143. Think on a theoretical plane 理性思维 144. Think in a strategic perspective 战略思维 145. Third World 第三世界 146. Threat of force 武力威胁 147. Transparency and accountability 透明度和问责制 148. Unconditional release 无条件释放 149. US-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue 美中战略与经济对话 150. Vote abstention 弃权票 151. Vote of non-confidence 不信任票 152. War game 军事演习 英汉常用表达句 1. we should adopt the tone of looking to the future, not to the past. 我们应当确立向前看、不向后看的基调。 2. It is clear that our security interests and our economic wellbeing are tied to Asia’s. 很显然,我国的安全利益和经济福祉与亚洲的安全利益和经济福祉紧密相连。 3. The relationship between the United States and China will shape the 21st century which makes it as important as any bilateral relationship in the world. 美中两国的关系将塑造21世纪,因此它将是世界上最重要的双边关系之一。 4. The report attributed the persistent income gap in Washington to the area’s special job opportunities, which attract high-income households. 报告将华盛顿持续的贫富差距归咎于当地特殊的工作机会,他们往往吸引高收入家庭移居此地。 5. The gap between the rich and the poor is the product of complex forces, and won’t be fixed overnight. 6. The project led by Sachs grew out of the Millennium Development Goals, benchmarks created by the United Nations in 2000 to prod the world to reduce hunger and sickness by half, increase school enrollment, and generally improve the lives of the poorest of the poor. 萨克斯领导的这项计划源自“千年发展目标”,这是联合国于2000年绘制的蓝图,其目的是促使世界将计饥饿和疾病减少一半,扩大学校招生额,并总体上改善最穷的穷人的生活状况。 7. Until now we have not been able to agree on the new composition of the Security Council, but there is unanimity about the importance of it. 到目前为止,我们还没有在安理会新的构成问题上达成一致;但有一个共识,就是这项改革是重要的。 8. Diplomatic efforts to end the fighting have hit another snag. 结束战争的外交努力再次触礁。 9. The regional conflicts become a critical threat to the world peace. 地区冲突严重威胁着世界和平。 10. Religious conflicts may arouse unrests and wars regionally or even globally. 宗教冲突往往是导致局部地区甚至全球范围动荡不安和战争不断的原因。 11. Civil wars or regional conflicts also cause disruption, driving people out of rural areas. 内战或者地区冲突也会引发社会动荡不安,从而迫使人们逃离农村地区。 12. The world continues to turn and things have changed dramatically. 世界在继续运转,情况发生了巨大变化。 13. We must restore the vital trust between a people and their government. 我们必须重建政府与人民间重要的信任。 14. Governments must be prepared to surrender some authority to global and regional institutions or we risk world disorder. 各国政府必须同意给世界性和地区性组织让出一些权利,否则世界就会出现混乱的危险。 15. Just when we need a strong international organization, the United Nations is starved of funds and often sidelined by its own member state. 正当我们需要一个强大的国际组织是,联合国却极度缺乏资金,而且经常被某成员国甩在一边。 16. In today’s world, there are still quite factors of instability and uncertainty. 今天的世界还存在不少不稳定和不确定因素。 17. Frequent regional frictions and conflicts, rampant terrorist activities, the widening North-South gap and rising nontraditional security threats all pose severe challenges to mankind. 地区冲突和摩擦此起彼伏,恐怖主义活动猖獗,南北差距拉大,非传统安全威胁上升,人类面临许多严峻挑战。 18. The international community is currently facing an uphill struggle to achieve lasting peace and common prosperity. 国际社会实现持久和平、共同繁荣任重而道远。 19. UN peace-keeping operations can, to some extent, play a positive role in easing regional conflicts. 联合国维和行动在缓解地区冲突方面可以起到一定的积极作用。 20. Conflicts are largely to blame for the large numbers of refugees. 难民的大量存在很大程度上应该归咎于战争冲突。 21. All are equal, all are free, and all deserve a chance to pursue their full measure of happiness. 我们每个人都是平等的,每个人都是自由的,每个人都应该有机会追求全部幸福。 22. What people put into the box on Election Day can change the course of history. 人们在选举日投在箱子里的选票可以改变历史进程。 23. A number of election reforms have been made. 在选举方面做了许多改革。 24. Women still lag far behind men in top political and decision-making roles, a waste of talent given that access to education and health care is nearly equal. 虽然女性在受教育和医疗方面已与男性接近平等,但女性在高层政治和决策领域仍落后于男性,这对于他们的才能是一种浪费。 25. We must rally the world around a solution to our climate challenge. 我们必须动员全世界共同应对气候挑战。 26. In an interconnected world, power does not need to be a zero-sum game, and nations do not need to fear the success of another. 在一个互联的世界,实力不必用于你死我活的对抗,各国也不必担心他国的成功。 27. We must tap the great potential of our own people. 我们必须挖掘本国人民的巨大潜力。 第三单元 经济 汉英词语 1.V型复苏 V-shaped recovery 2.按揭购房 buy a house on mortgage 3. 包容性增长 inclusive growth 4. 保持发展后劲 bring about a sustainable development 5.保持国有股 hold the state-held shares 6.边境贸易 frontier/border trade 7.并购 merger & acquisition 8.财政收入 fiscal revenue 9.仓储式超市 stockroom-style/warehouse-style supermarket 10.产权多元化 ownership diversification 11.产权制度改革 reform of property rights system 12. 产销直接挂钩 directly link production with marketing 13.产业升级换代 upgrading of industries 14.城际快速铁路 inter-city express railway 15.产业结构调整 industrial restructuring 16.城镇居民人均可支配收入 the per capita disposable income of urban residents 17.创新驱动发展战略 strategy of innovation-powered development 18.促销电话 courtesy call 19.大规模经济刺激计划 a large stimulus package 20.登记失业率 registered unemployment rate 21.低端服务业 low-end service industries 22.低碳经济 low-carbon economy 23.地方保护主义 regional protectionism 24.地方财政预算 local government budgets 25.调整改组国有企业 readjust and reorganize state-owned unter-prises 26.短期刺激政策 short-term stimulus policies 27.对外开放广度和深度 opening up in scope and depth 28.多种经济成分 diverse sectors of the economy 29.多种所有制经济 an economy with diverse forms of ownership 30.二手房 second-hand housing 31.发行价 offering price 32.房补 housing allowance 33.房地产泡沫 property/real estate bubble 34.放宽进入门槛 relax threshold 35.非公有制经济 non-public sectors of the economy 36.费改税 transform administrative fees into taxes 37.服务业主导的经济增长 services-led growth 38.高速铁路 high-speed rail 39.个体、私营经济 self-employed and other private businesses 40.跟踪审计 follow-up auditing 41.工业国家 industrialized countries 42.公有制和非公有制经济 public and non-public sectors of the economy 43.购房首付 down payment for housing purchase 44.股份分置改革 reform of listing non-tradable shares of listed companies 45.股市泡沫 stock market bubble 46.骨干企业 backbone/key enterprise 47.固定资产投资 fixed asset investment 48.固定资产重估 reevaluation of fixed assets 49.规范税制 standardize the tax system 50.规模经济 scale economy; economy or scale 51.国际收支状况 balance of payments 52./《国家中长期科学和技术发展规划纲要》 outline of the National program for Long and Medium-Term Scientific and Technological Development 53.国民经济支柱 mainstay of the national economy 54.国民经济的综合平衡 overall balance in national economy 55.国民经济命脉 the lifeline of the national economy 56.国民经济支柱产业 pillar industry in national economy 57.国民经济信息化 informationize the national economy 58.国内消费不足 inadequate domestic spending 59.国有资本经营运算制度 budget system for managing state capital 60.国有资产流失 loss/erosion of state assets 61.海峡两岸经济合作框架协议 Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement(ECFA) 62.合理区间 proper range 63.合同管理制 contract management system 64.环境代价 environment costs 65.混合所有制经济 a mixed economy 66.即期消费 immediate consumption 67.集体、合作经济 collective and cooperative sectors of the economy 68.集约经济 intensive economy 69.技改项目 technological upgrading projects 70. 技术密集型产业 technology-intensive industry 71.假日经济 holiday economy 72.家电下乡 sell home appliances in the countryside 73.健全项目法人责任制 system of holding the legal person responsible for projects 74.阶梯计价 differential pricing 75.经济不发达地区 economically underdeveloped areas 76.经济发展后劲 future economic growth 77.经济复苏 economic resurgence 78.经济杠杆 economic lever 79.经济过热 overheated economy 80.经济滑坡 economic downturn 81.经济技术开发区 economic and technological development zone 82.经济结构战略性调整 strategic restructuring of the economy 83.经济开发区 economic development zone 84.经济良性循环 a beneficial economic cycle 85.经济圈和经济带 economic rim and belt 86.经济渗透 economic infiltration 87.经济失调指数 misery index 88.经济实力 economic strength 89.经济实力 economic entity 90.经济适用房 low-cost housing 91.经济体制改革 reform of economic system; economic restructuring 92.经济下行压力 downward pressure on the economy 93.经济运行 economic performance 94.经济增长 economic growth 95.居民人均可支配收入 average per capita disposable income of both urban and rural residents 96.居民消费指数 consumer price index(CPI) 97.经济走廊 economic corridor 98.具有国际竞争力的大企业集团 internationally competitive conglomerates 99.开放国内市场 open domestic market 100.开放型经济 an open economy 101.开拓城乡市场 develop urban and rural markets 102.开拓农村消费市场 develop consumer markets in rural areas 103.开展区域经济合作 carry out regional economic cooperation 104.科技成果产业化 application of scientific and technological achievements in production 105.可持续发展模式 sustainable development pattern 106.可支配收入 disposable income 107.跨越式发展 leapfrog development 108.扩大内需,刺激消费 increase domestic demand and stimulate consumption 109.劳动力市场 labor market 110.劳动密集型产业 labor-intensive industry 111.利益攸关方 stakeholder 112.粮食安全 food security 113.两岸经济合作 cross- Straits economic cooperation 114.猎头 talent scout/hunter 115.楼市 property market 116.绿色经济 green economy 117.面向市场 market-oriented 118.内需潜力 potential in domestic demand 119.能源安全 energy security 120.农村居民人均纯收入 the per capita net income of rural residents 121.泡沫经济 bubble economy 122.片面追求发展速度 seek an unduly high growth rate 123.品牌资产 brand equity 124.平等保护物权 equal protection of property rights 125.千年发展目标 Millennium Development Goals 126.潜在市值 potential market capitalization 127.强劲势头 strong momentum 128.轻轨列车 light rail train 129.区域发展 regional development 130.全国经济普查 national economic census 131. 人均出收入 net per capita income 132.人均国内生产总值 per capita gross domestic product(GDP) 133.三角债 chain debts 134.商品房 commercial residents 135.商品流通体制改革 reform of commodity circulation 136.社会消费品零售总额 total retail sales of consumer goods 137.社会主义市场经济 socialist market economy 138.十二五计划 the Twelfth Five-Year for 139.实名购票制 ID-based ticket booking system 140.食品安全 food safety 141.使中国经济与国际接轨 to bring China’s economy in line with international practice 142.使中国经济走向世界 to make China’s economy competitive in the world 143.世界第二大经济体 the world’s second-strongest economic power 144.市场多元化 a multi-outlet market 145.市场分割 market segmentation 146.市场化改革 market-oriented reform 147.市场预期 market expectation 148.市场占有率 market share 149.市场多元化战略 the strategy of market diversification 150.市场准入制度 market access rules 151.收入差距 income gap/inequality 152. 丝绸之路经济带 the Silk Road economic belt 153.收入分配 income distribution 154.收入分配秩序 pattern of income distribution 155.提高扶贫开发水平 make poverty reduction more effective through development 156.铁饭碗 iron rice bowl 157. 通胀预期 inflation expectation 158.投资环境 investment environment/climate 159.投资拉动型增长 investment-led growth 160.外商直接投资 foreign direct investment 161.外引内联 act as an intermediary for introducing foreign capital and establishing domestic connection 162.网络泡沫 the Internet bubble 163.网上购物 online shopping 164.网上拍卖 online auction 165.物价补贴 subsidy to offset rising price 166西部大开发 large-scale development of western China 167.下岗再就业 re-employment after being laid off 168.现代产权制度 modern system of property rights 169.现代企业制度 modern enterprise/ corporate system 170.限制购房政策 restrictive policy on housing purchase 171.消费热点 new highlight of consumption 172.新的经济增长点 new points of economic growth 173.新兴经济体 emerging economies 174.新兴企业 start-up company 175. 沿海经济特区 special economic zones in coastal areas 176.央企 centrally-administered state-owned enterprise 177.一站式服务 one-stop service 178.一支笔审批 one-chop approval 179.在线采购 online procurement 180增强国有经济活力、控制力\影响力 enhance the dynamism, leverage and influence of the state sector of the economy 181.债转股 debt-to-equity swap 182.招商项目 project proposals for investment 183.政策性住房 policy-related housing 184.政府注资 pump priming 185.支柱产业 pillar industry 186.知识密集型产业 knowledge-intensive industry 187.中部地区崛起 development o moderately developed countries 189.中华全国工商联合会 All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce 190.中小型企业 SMEs(small- and medium-sized enterprises) 191.中央政府公共投资 the central government’s public investment 192.重合同、守信用 observe contracts and maintain commercial integrity 193.住房资源分配 housing resources distribution 194.资源充足率 capital adequacy ratio 195.资本密集型产业 capital-intensive industry 196.资本泡沫 assets bubble 197.资源节约型社会 resources-conserving society 198.资源型经济体 resources-based economies 199.自主创新能力 capacity for independent innovation 200.自主经营权 full right to independent operation 201.最低工资制度 minimum wage system 汉英常用表达句 1. 经济全球化的基本特征是资本、技术、商品、信息及服务在全球范围内自由流动和优化配置,使世界各国经济互相依存、相互影响日益加深。 Economic globalization features the free flow and optimized allocation of capital, technology, goods, information and services in the global context, making the economic interdependence and interaction between various countries ever stronger. 2. 网上购物的优点之一就是购物者无需亲临现场,既省时又省力。 One of the advantages of online shopping is that it spares the shopper the trouble to go to the shop in person, saving him both time and energy. 3. 西部大开发一定能成为沟通各国与中国的一座桥梁,促进中国和世界经济的共同发展、共同繁荣。 The great development of the western region is bound to serve as a bridge linking China to the rest of the world to promote their common economic development and prosperity. 4. 我国国民经济继续朝着宏观调控预期方向发展。 China’s economy has continued to grow as we anticipated in our exercise of macro control. 5. 中国正处在转型升级的关键阶段,当前经济发展的基本面是好的,经济运行总体是平稳的。 The Chinese economy, which is at a crucial stage of transformation and upgrading, is moving forward in a steady way, and its fundamentals are sound. 6. 中国经济发展的奇迹已经进入体质增效的“第二季”。 Now the new season of the Chinese economic miracle, one of better quality and higher efficiency, is unveiled. 7. 中国在世界经济中发挥的“稳定器”和“助推器”作用,无疑是世界的一大“福音”。 China plays the role of a stabilizer and thruster in the global economy. This is certainly a good thing for the world. 8. 我们正努力教育公民不要像西方国家那样过度消费,比如随意使用过多的空调、私人汽车以及一次性产品。 We are managing to educate citizens to avoid the behavior of over-consumption in Western countries, such as the excessive use of air conditioners, private cars and disposable products at will. 9. 科学技术是第一生产力。 Science and technology are the primary productive forces. 10. 在巩固公有制主体地位的同时,促进多种所有制经济共同发展。 While maintaining the dominance of the public sectors, we encourage diverse sectors of the economy to develop side by side. 11. 中国的国有企业正在根据建立现代企业制度的目标要求,探索能够转换经营机制和增强企业活力的途径,吸收外商投资进行改组改造是其中的重要措施之一。 The Chinese enterprises are exploring new ways to alter their operational mechanism and rejuvenate themselves in accordance with the goal of establishing modern corporate system. One of the major measures is to absorb foreign capital in the reorganization and restructuring process. 12. 人均国民生产总值达到中等发达国家水平。 The average per capita GNP will reach the level of moderately developed countries. 13. 我们必须抓住新机遇,迎接新挑战,采取更加有力的措施。 以更积极的姿态扩大对外开放,力争对外贸易和吸收外资有新增长。 We must seize new opportunities to meet new challenges. By taking more effective measures and being more active in opening to the outside world, we will strive to expand our foreign trade and absorb more foreign capital. 14. 实施开放政策以来,海外企业在中国经济发展中扮演了十分重要的角色。 Since the implementation of the opening-up policy, foreign enterprises have played role in China’s economic development. 15. 经济运行中的突出矛盾虽有所缓解,但尚未根本解决。 Although the outstanding problems in economic activities have been somewhat alleviated, they have yet to be fundamentally solved. 16. 这次会议 为两国进一步加强持续的经济联系奠定了坚实的基础。 This meeting laid a solid foundation for the two countries to forge enduring and constant economic ties. 17. 导致价格持续增长的一个重要因素在于物价逐步开放与价格结构调整。 An important factor contributing to substantial prices hikes lies in the gradual lifting lifting of its structural adjustment. 18. 中国作为世界上最大的发展中国家,也在密切注意新经济的发展情况,深入研究其带来的机遇和挑战。 China, as the biggest developing country, is also closely following the evolvement of the new economy and making an in-depth study of the opportunities and challenges arising thereof. 19. 中国拥有强大的科技人才队伍,巨大的市场也富有吸引力。 In China, we have a strong contingent of talents in science and technology, and a magnetic, huge market. 20. 我们希望双方能加强合作与交流,共同促进新经济健康有序地发展。 We hope that the two sides will strengthen collaboration and exchanges, so as to jointly foster an orderly and sound development of the new economy. 21. 中国将持续实施扩大国内需求的方针政策,加快经济结构的战略性调整。 China will continue implementing the policy o stimulating domestic demand and accelerating strategic economic restructuring. 22. 以公有制为主体、多种经济成分共同发展,是中国在相当长的一个历史阶段需要坚持的一项基本经济制度。 Maintaining the dominance of the public sector and allowing diverse sectors of the economy to develop side by side will be a basic economic system China will adhere to for a fair long time. 23. 改革开放以来,在国有经济不断发展的同时,中国的集体经济、个体私营等非公有制经济发展迅速,在国民经济中发挥着越来越重要的作用。 Since the reform and opening up, amid continuous development of the state sector of the economy, other non-public sectors, such as collective and private ones, have also been playing an increasingly important role in the national economy. 24. 我国的对外经贸体质改革进一步深化,扩大对外开放的步伐明显加快。 China’s reform of its foreign trade and economic cooperation regime is further deepened, and its opening up is notably accelerated. 25. 我们要更好地实施以质取胜、市场多元化和科技兴贸战略。 We shall carry out the strategies of achieving success on strength of quality, market diversification and reinvigorating trade by science and technology. 26. 经济全球化拉近了世界各国人民的距离,使得整个世界的经济以及其他各方面的交流都更加密切。 The economic globalization has shortened the distance among the people all over the world, maintaining close ties in the world economy and other areas. 27. 中国的经济规模翻了两番,经济结构得到明显改善,市场经济体制已初步建立。 China’s GDP has quadrupled, with the economic structure notably improved and a market economy preliminarily established. 28. 中国将完善全方位、多层次、宽领域的对外开放格局,发展开放型经济,积极参与区域经济合作和全球多边贸易体系。 China will improve its multi-dimensional, multi-tiered and wide-ranging pattern of opening up, develop an open economy and actively participate in regional economic cooperation and global multilateral trading system. 英汉词语 1.2-hour economic zone 两小时经济圈 2.accumulated earnings 积累收益 3.a circular economy 循环经济 4.a convenient methods of payment 方便的付款方式 5.a cyber power 网络强国 economic depression/slump/recession 经济萎缩 7.anti-dumping measures 反倾销措施 8.assets depreciation range 资产折旧幅度 9.balance the two-way trade 保持双边贸易平衡 10.bonded/free trade area 保税区 11.bonded warehouse 保税仓库 12.break regional blockades and trade monopolies 打破地区封锁和行业垄断 13.break regional blockades and trade monopolies 打破地区封锁和行业垄断 misconduct 商业不正当行为 market 资本市场 16.cargo handling capacity 货物吞吐量 17.commission/ brokerage 佣金 18.commodity economy 商品经济 19.common international practice 国际惯例 20.confessional/favorable terms 优惠条件 21.cost and benefit analysis 成本收益分析 22.cost-of-living index 生活费指数 23.cross-border takeover 跨国并购 24.currency depreciation/appreciation 通货贬值/升值 25.current account balance sheet 流动资产负债表 26.current asset losses in suspense 待处理流动资产损失 27.current debt ratio 流动负债比率 28.current fund employment rate 流动资金占有率 29.current liability 流动负债 30.current tangible assets 有形流动资产 31.domestic funds 国内配套资金 32.double-digit growth 两位数增长 33.earning capacity 盈利能力 34.E-commerce/E-business 电子商务 35.economic blueprint 经济蓝图 36.economic aggregate 经济总量 37.economic boom 经济兴旺 38.economic efficiency 经济效益 39.economic growth point 经济增长点 40.economic indicators 经济指标 41.economic measure 经济手段 42.economic strength 经济实力 43.economic takeoff 经济起飞 44.efficiency In operation 经营效率 45.emerging market economy 新兴市场经济 46.equity earnings 参股收益;股本盈利 47.equity capital transaction 产权资本转让 48.equity investment 股本投资 49.equity ownership 资本所有权 50.excessive consumption 超前消费 51.export-oriented/outward-looking economy 外向型经济 52.extensive/intensive operation 粗放/集约经济 53.fair trading practice 公平贸易行为 54.finacing channels 融资渠道 55.fixed-assets accounting 固定资产核算 56.fluctuate in line with market conditions 随行就市 57.foreign exchange-earning enterprise 创汇性企业 58.foreign exchange market 外汇市场 59.foreign investment in actual use 实际利用外资 60.franchise operation 特许经营权 between the rich and the poor 贫富差距 62.general retail price index 社会零售物价总指数 63.generous pension and health care plans 优厚的养老金和医疗卫生保障 54.finacing channels 融资渠道 55.fixed-assets accounting 固定资产核算 56.fluctuate in line with market conditions 随行就市 57.foreign exchange-earning enterprise 创汇型企业 58.foreign exchange market 外汇市场 59.foreign investment in actual use 实际利用外资 economic order 国际经济秩序 value chain 全球经济秩序 66.gross foreign export value 外贸从出口总额 67.gross output value of industry and agriculture 工农业总产值 68.guidance plan 指导性计划 69.hard landing 硬着陆 70. import/export quota 进/出口配额 71. In a period of transition 在过渡时期 72. income to net worth ratio 净值收益率 73.income tax return 所得税申报表 74.individual/personal income tax cutoff point/threshold 个税起征点 75.industrial policy 产业转移 77.inflation-proof bank savings 保值储蓄 78. information consumption 信息消费 79. information technology outsourcing 信息技术外包 80.intangible assets 无形资产 81.internet censorship 网络审查 82.investment in fixed assets 固定资产投资 83. investment portfolio 投资组合 84. Invisible trade 无形贸易 85. IT application 信息化 86. knowledge economy 知识经济 87. labor outsourcing 劳务外包 88. letters patent/certificate of patent 专利证书 89. Low-carbon economy 低碳经济 90. Low-profit era 微利时代 91, maintenance of value 保值 92.majority shareholding 占有多数股权 93.managerial decision-making process 管理决策程序 94.managerial know-how 管理专门知识 95.mandatory plan 指令性计划 96.margins desired 期望的毛利 mechanism 市场机制 channel 销售渠道;市场渠道 99. market demand price 市场需求价格 100. market players 市场主体 101. market regulation 市场调节 102. market share 市场份额 103. market value method 市场法 104. medium-sized enterprise 中型企业 105. merchandise inventory 商品库存 106. middle-income group/section 中等收入阶层 107. mild inflation 温和通货膨胀 108. negative growth 负增长 109. non-core business 非主营业务 110. non-performing loan 不良贷款 111. Outbound/overseas Investment 海外投资 112. petrol chemistry 石油化工 113.poverty line 贫困线 114.privately-or individually-owned businesses 私营或个体工商户 115.projecct management system 项目管理体系 right market 产权市场 117.public finance 财政 118.purchasing power parity 购买力评价法 119.qualitative analysis 定性分析 120.quality guarantee 质量保证 121.quantitative analysis 定量分析 122.rate of return on equity 股本收益率 123.risk investment/venture capital 风险投资 124.seller’s market 买方市场 125.service outsourcing 服务外包 gala 购物狂欢节 benefits/returns 社会效益 128.soft landing 软着陆 129.start-up company 新兴企业 130.state revenue 财政收入 131.sub-prime crisis 次贷危机 132.tangible assets 有形资产 133. tax reduction and exemption 减免税收 134.the globalization of capital 资本全球化 135.the Great Depression 经济大萧条 136.the Internet of Things 物联网 137. the law of demand/supply 需求/公用定律 138.the linkage system between the US dollar and the HK dollar 港币的联系汇率制 139.the primary/secondary/tertiary industry(the service sector)第一/第二/第三产业 140.the real economy 实体经济 141.the sub-prime mortgage market 房产次贷抵押市场 142.the threshold for business start-ups 创业门槛 143.tighten the money supply 收缩银根 volume of retail sales of consumer goods 社会消费品零售总额 volume of retail sales 社会商品零售总额 146.tade barrier 贸易障碍 147.trademark registration 商标注册 148.two-for-one offer/buy one, get one free 买一送一 149.upper-middle income 中等偏上收入 150.vested interests 既得利益 151.virtual property 虚拟财产 英汉常用表达句 1. Efforts should be made to reverse the current economic downturn and fight against protectionism in trade. 必须努力扭转当前经济下滑趋势,反对贸易保护主义。 2. The global economy is facing greater instability and uncertainty. 世界经济不稳定性、不确定性上升。 3. By making investments across the country, we’ll lay a new foundation for our economic competitiveness and contribute to smart urban and rural growth. 通过在全国范围内投资,我们将为我们的经济竞争力打下新的基础,促进城乡的巧增长。 4. What we need, then, is a smart transportation system equal to the needs of the 21st century. 我们需要的是与21世纪的需求相匹配的智能交通系统。 5. we’ll create highly-skilled construction and operating jobs, and generate demand for technology that gives a new generation of innovators and entrepreneurs the opportunity to step up and lead the way in the 21st century. 我们将创造需要高技能的建设和运营岗位,并增加对技术的需求,这将给新一代的创新者和家机会,使他们脱颖而出,引领21世纪。 6. For the past generation, discussion of inequality have focused overwhelmingly not on capital versus labor, but on distributional issues between workers, either on the gap between more-and less-educated workers or on the soaring incomes of a handful of superstars in finance and other fields. 在过去一代人的时间里,对不平等现象的讨论在很大程度上不是关于劳资问题,而是集中在不同劳动者的分配问题上,要么是关于受教育程度不同的劳动者的收入差距,要么是金融和其他领域少数超级巨头迅速增加的收入。 7. The new, capital-intensive technologies of the Industrial Revolution could actually make workers worse off, at least for a while-which modern scholarship suggests may indeed have happened for several decades. 工业革命所带来的资本密集型新技术,实际上会使劳动者的处境更加糟糕,至少会暂时如此。而现代研究则表明,这种情况可能已经发生几十年了。 8. Lower export demand and reduced foreign direct investment are more likely to hit urban jobs harder. 出口需求下降和外国直接投资的减少,更有可能使城市就业形势更为严峻。 9. Some developing countries are struggling with the fact that money transfers sent from migrants back home have declined substantially, causing the loss of foreign exchange and household income. 一些发展中国家正面临这样一个事实,外出务工人员汇回家的钱大幅减少,造成外汇和家庭的收入损失。 10. Unlike previous crises, developing countries have less room to adjust to the deteriorating economic conditions. 与以往发生危机时不同,发展中国家适应日益恶化的经济条件的空间缩小。 11. The economic crises also comes on the heel of the food and fuel crisis. 继食品和燃料危机之后,经济危机接踵而至。 12. Hunger and poverty often compel the poor to overexploit the resources on which their own livelihoods depend. 饥饿和贫穷常常迫使穷人过度开采其赖以生存的资源。 13. It would be confronted with the bottleneck affecting the sustainable development at certain stage of its economic development. 在经济发展到一定阶段后,即将陷入瓶颈,经济无法再获得高速持续增长。 14. A resurgent American economy would do more to restore the confidence of the world in its own future than anything else. 如果美国经济复苏了,那就会比任何其他事情更能使世界经济恢复对前景的信心。 15. Stock and commodity markets markets have been rattled. 年均经济增长率都在9%左右。 16. Economic growth has averaged about nine percent a year. 年均经济增长率都在9%左右。 17. These measures are widely used to promote the local economy. 广泛采取这些措施,以促进当地经济发展。 18. They manufacture products at the price of land, resources, the environment and sustainability. 他们以土地、资源、环境和可持续发展为代价来生产产品。 19. Capital continually circulates in search of maximum investment opportunities. 资本持续地流动,以寻求最大的投资机会。 20. Net profit is the most important figure for working out if a company is healthy or not. 纯利润是衡量公司健康运作与否的一个重要的数据。 21. The economy is still in a recession. 经济仍处于衰退期。 22. The economic globalization has become an irreversible historical trend. 经济全球化已成为不可逆转的历史潮流。 23. The information-based new economy represented by the Internet economy is advancing vibrantly. 以信息化为基础,以网络经济为代表的新经济正蓬勃发展。 24. The enormous vitality and promising future of the new economy has caught attention from the governments and enterprises of all countries around the world since it is regarded as a new growth point for the world economy. 新经济以其巨大的活力和良好的发展前景,倍受世界各国政府和企业界的关注,成为全球经济新的增长点。 25. Developed countries, with their strong economic strength and technological advantages, has taken the lead in grasping the growth opportunities generated from the new economy. 发达国家以自己雄厚的经济实力和科技优势,抢占了新经济的发展先机。 26. The economic foundation is far from being sound, and the current situation remains severe. 经济基础还很不稳固,目前的形势依然严峻。 27. This contract is made by and between the buyers and the sellers, whereby the buyers agree to buy and the sellers agree to sell the under-mentioned commodity according to the terms and conditions stipulated below. 本合同由买卖双方订立,因此买卖双方同意按照下面规定的条款买以下商品。 28. The more dynamism there is in an economy, the greater the opportunity. 经济越活跃,机会就越多。 29. A much more positive kind of competition could emerge if managers thought about strategy in the right way. 如果所有的管理者都能够正确理解战略的意义,那么行业内就会形成良性竞争。 30. Many economists and marketing gurus predict a rosy season for online shopping. 许多经济学家和管理大师们都认为网购的旺季即将到来。 31. The price of gold surged a, head on Friday, but dropped back when business resumed on Monday. 黄金价格在上周五急剧上升,但在本周一开盘时又呈跌势。 32. Even so, the job creation could not keep pace with the surge in the labor force. 即便如此,新增的工作机会仍然赶不上激增的求职人数。 第四单元 文化 1. 八股文 eight-legged essays; official stereotyped writing 2. 八卦 Eight Trigram 3. 《百家姓》Pamphlet of Chinese Surnames/Book of (china) Family Names 4. 版权收入 royalty income 5. 版权所有人 owner of a copyright 6. 本命年 one’s animal year 7. 博大精深 broad and profound 8. 策划 executive producer 9. 承办 presented by 10. 出土文物 unearthed relics 11. 除夕 Chinese New Year’s Eve 12. 传统美德 traditional virtues 13. 传统文化 traditional culture 14. 传统文化知识 traditional cultural know-how 15. 创意event/concept designed by 16. 道德观 moral outlook 17. 《道德经》Tao Te Ching; Classic of the Way of virtue 18. 道德修养 moral self-cultivation 19. 道法自然 Tao models itself after nature 20. 《弟子规》Disciples Regulation 21. 端午节 Dragon Boat Festival 22. 对外文化贸易 international cultural trade 23. 二十四节气 24 solar terms 24. 风土人情 local conditions and customs 25. 封号 official title 26. 风水 fengshui/geomancy 27. 改造落后文化 transform the backward cultures 28. 刚柔并济 combination of softness and hardness 29. 个人品德 individual integrity 30. 公益性文化事业 nonprofit cultural programs 31. 骨干文化企业 leading/key cultural enterprises 32. 顾问 advisor 33. 《国策》 Discourses of the States 34. 国家一级保护文物 Class A heritage/cultural property under national protection 35. 国家一类文物保护单位 cultural relics units under first-grade state protection 36. 翰林院 Imperial Academy 37. 和为贵 Harmony is most precious 38. 和谐文化 harmonious culture 39. “荷花奖” Lotus Award(for professional dance) 40. 弘扬民族优秀文化 advance and enrich the fine cultural heritage of the nation 41. 厚德载物 Great virtue promotes growth 42. 华表 cloud pillar; ornamental column 43. 还原 redeem a wish 44. 皇城根 the foot of the imperial city 45. 家庭美德 family virtues 46. 监制 supervised by 47. 经营性文化单位 cultural enterprises 48. 经营性文艺演出 commercial art and cultural performance 49. 精神文明 spiritual civilization; advanced culture and ethics 50. 敬老慈幼 respect the old and love the young 51. 孔孟之道 Confucius-Mencius doctrines 52. “孔雀奖” Peacock Award(for ethnic minority artists and artworks) 53. 孔子学院 Confucius Institute 54. 《离骚》Sorrow after Departure 55. 礼乐文化 rites and music culture 56. 礼仪之邦 a land of ceremony and decorum 57. 礼义廉耻 Courtesy, Justice, Integrity and Sense of Shame 58. 礼之本 essence of the rites 59. 礼制 ethnical codes 60. 龙的传人 the generation of dragon 61. 民本思想 populist ideas 62. 民间工艺品 folk arts and crafts 63. 民间文化 folk culture 64. 民俗庙会 temple fair of folk custom 65. 民族文化 national culture 66. 民族自豪 national pride 67. 墨家学派 the Mohist school 68. 内外兼修 whole care 69. 年夜饭 family reunion dinner 70. 农耕文化 farming culture 71. 农历 Chinese lunar calendar 72. 气节 moral integrity 73. 全国一级文物保护单位 Class A heritage site under state protection 74. 全国重点文物保护单位 important heritage site under state protection 75. “群星奖” Galaxy Award(for amateur artists and community culture) 76. 仁之本 the foundation of harmony 77. “三个一百” A Hundred Patriotic Films/Songs/Books List 78. “三下乡”(文化、科技、卫生) bring culture, science and technology and hygienic health to the countryside 79. 扫黄打非 eliminate/crack down on pornography and illegal publications 80. 善养浩气 skillful in nourishing virtual force 81. 社会文化和图书馆事业 work of community culture and libraries 82. 社会公德 social code of conduct 83. 慎言敏行 diligent in duties and careful in speech 84. 十二生肖 Chinese Zodiac 85. 《史记》 Historical Records 86. 世界文化遗产地 world cultural heritage site 87. 世界遗产名录 the World heritage list 88. 谥号 temple title 89. 思维方式 the way of thinking 90. 思想道德建设 raise ideological and ethical standards 91. 《四库全书》 Complete works of Chinese Classics 92. 隋唐佛学 The Buddhist philosophy during Sui and Tang Dynasties 93. 天干地支 Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches 94. 天人合一 unity of man and nature 95. 天下为公 the world or country for all 96. 图书出版版税 book publishing royalties 97. 晚会 evening performance/gala night 98. “文华奖” Splendor Award(for professional theatrical artworks) 99. 文化宝藏 cultural treasures 100.文化产业 cultural industry 101.文化产业基地 cultural industrial base 102.文化传播渠道 channels of cultural transmission 103.文化创新 bring forth new ideas in culture; cultural innovation 104.文化创意产业 cultural creative industry 105.文化多样性 cultural diversification/diversity 106. 文化界 cultural circles 107.文化纽带 cultural bonds 108.文化软实力 cultural soft power 109.文化事业 cultural undertakings 110.文化事业单位 cultural institutions 111.文化(事业内部)体制改革 internal reform of cultural institutions 112.文化视点 cultural perspective 113.文化体制改革 reform of cultural administrative system; cultural restructuring 114.文化下乡长效机制 long-term mechanism for developing culture in rural areas 115.文化需求 cultural needs 116.文化摇篮 cradle of culture 117.文化遗址 cultural relics 118. 文化重建 cultural reconstruction 119.文化资源整合 integration of cultural resources 120.文化自觉 cultural awareness 121.文明素质 educational and ethical standards 122.无为而治 letting nature take its own course/govern by noninterference 123.”五一工程奖” the Best Works Award 124.五经 Five Classics 125.吸收外国文化有益成果 absorb the achievements of foreign cultures 126.乡土文化 native culture 127.孝与敬 filial piety and reverence 128.协办、支持 co-sponsored/supported by 129.新兴文化业态 emerging cultural formats 130.修身、齐家、治国、平天下 self-cultivation, a well-managed family, and the ability to administer the state and to bring peace to the nation 131.压岁钱 red envelope/money given to children as a lunar New Year gift 132.炎黄子孙 a Chinese descendant; the Chinese nation 133.以德行仁 practice humanity with virtue 134.音乐版税 music royalties 135.姻缘 prefixed fate of marriage 136.源远流长 have a long history 137《战国策》 strategies of the Warring states 138.职业道德 professional ethics 139.中国意识 Chineseness 140.中国元素 China’s elements 141.中和 harmony 142.中山装 Chinese tunic suit; Mao suit 143.中庸之道 doctrine of the mean 144.重大文化产业项目 major cultural industrial projects 145.重阳节 the Double Ninth Festival 146.主办 under the auspices of; sponsored by; hosted by 147.主旋律 mainstream values 148.总策划 producer 149.《左传》 The Spring and Autumn Annals 汉英常用表达句 1. 我们要扶持体现民族特色和国家水准的重大文化项目和艺术院团。 We should support state-level major/top-notch cultural projects and art troupes that represent national characteristics. 2. 艺术丝润心灵,文化陶冶情操。 Art nurtures the soul, and culture cultivates the mind. 3. 文艺应当贴近群众,贴近生活,贴近实际。 Culture and arts should be/keep close to the people, their lives and reality. 4. 越是民族的,越是世界的。 What’s unique for a nation is also precious for the world. 5.“和”是中国文化传统的基本精神,也是中华民族不懈追求的理想境界。 Harmony is a defining/core value of China’s cultural tradition. It is an ideal that the Chinese nation has never ceased to pursue. 6.中国人提倡“海纳百川,有容乃大”主张吸纳百家优长、兼集八方精义。 We the Chinese hold that one should be as tolerant/encompassing as the vast ocean which admits hundreds of rivers and should draw upon others’ strengths. 7.文化是维系中华民族生生不息、蔓延不断的精神纽带。 Culture is the spiritual bond that ensures the continuity of our Chinese nation. 8.优秀文化传承是一个民族生生不息的血脉。 Passing on fine culture is essential in maintaining the everlasting vitality of a nation. 9.文物保护方针是保护为主,抢救第一;合理利用,加强管理。 Principles for the protection of cultural heritage are preservation with timely rescue; utilization under strict control. 10.文化是人类的精神家园。 Culture gives human beings a sense of belonging. 11.中华文化具有强大的向心力和震撼力。 Chinese culture is highly cohesive and inspiring 12. 中华民族的传统文化博大精深,源远流长。 The traditional Chinese culture, both extensive and profound, dates back to ancient times. 13. 早在2000多年前,中国就产生了以孔孟为代表的儒家学说和一老庄为代表的道家学说,以及其他许多在中国思想史上有地位的学说和学派。 More than 2,000 years ago, there emerged in China Confucianism represented by Confucius and Mencius, Taoism represented by Lao Zi and Zhuang Zi, and many other theories and doctrines that figured prominently in the history of Chinese thought. 14. 中国有文字可考的历史可以追溯到4,000多年前,中国被认为是同古埃及、古巴比伦、古印度齐名的世界四大古代文明之一。 With written records dating back over 4,000 years, China is recognized as one of the four great ancient civilizations of the world, together with ancient Egypt, ancient Babylon and ancient India. 15. 中国文化如同围棋,游戏规则简单明了,几下子就可以解释清楚,但真正玩起来后才逐渐领略到其中的奥秘。 Chinese culture is like the game of go, the rules of which are clear, simple and easy to follow, but until you begin to play it, you do not see the mystery and complexity involved in it. 16. 文化来自民间,文化属于大众,保护文化遗产、繁荣民族文化,关系到每一个公民。 Culture stems from the people and belongs to them. All citizens, therefore, should protect their cultural heritage and develop their national culture. 17. 中国是一个历史悠久、文化灿烂的多民族国家。 China is a multiethnic country with a long history and a splendid culture. 18. 文化交流不是 让外国文化吞没自己的文化,而是为了丰富和充实本民族的文化。 Cultural exchange is by no means a process of losing our own culture to a foreign one, but one of enriching our nation’s own culture. 19. 长期以来,中西方文化在香港相互辉映,相互交融。 For a long time, Hong Kong has embraced the Eastern and Western cultures. 20. 我国历史悠久,地域辽阔,人口众多,不同民族、不同职业、不同年龄、不同经历和不同教育程度的人们,有多样的生活习俗、文化传统和艺术爱好。 China has a long history, a vast territory, and a huge population. Our people are of many ethnic groups, different professions, ages, experiences and educational levels, and they have varied customs, cultural traditions and preferences for art. 21. 造纸术、印刷术、指南针、火药是中国古代科技的“四大发明”,至宋元时期相继传入世界各地,对世界文明作出了巨大贡献。 During the Song and Yuan dynasties, the “four great inventions” in science and technology by ancient Chinese-papermaking printing, the compass and gunpowder-were introduced to other countries, making great contributions to the world civilization. 22. 在文化方面,积极开展文化体制改革试点工作,公共文化基础设施建设进一步加强,文化信息资源共享工程顺利实施。 In culture, we reformed the culture system on a trial basis, upgraded cultural facilities for public use, and implemented the project to share cultural information. 23. 思想文化是中国古代文化的灵魂,它以凝练、严谨的理论形式反映了中国古代文化的本质。 As the soul of ancient Chinese culture, thinking reflects its essence in the form of concise and coherent theories. 24. 汉语是世界最为古老的四种语言之一,其他三种分别是古埃及文字、古苏美尔文字和古巴比伦文字。 Chinese is one of the four earliest written languages in the world, the others being ancient Egyptian, ancient Sumerian, and ancient Babylonian. 25. 除夕夜有守岁的习俗,聆听新年钟声,燃放烟花爆竹,有除旧迎新的意味,除夕最深刻地体现春节的最大主题“团圆”。 The ceremony of staying overnight to greet the New Year is observed during the eve when people listen to the toll of the New Year bell, setting off fireworks and firecrackers, events that are imbued with the implications of “ringing out the old and ring in the new”, when the theme of reunion is highlighted to the full. 26. 中国需要大量吸收外国的进步文化,但决不能无批判地兼收并蓄。 China needs to assimilate a good deal of foreign progressive culture, but it must not swallow anything and everything uncritically. 27. 中华文明博大精深、源远流长,为人类文明进步做出了巨大贡献。 The Chinese civilization is extensive and profound and has a long history , and it has contributed tremendously to the progress of human civilization. 28. 中文是接触中华文化的钥匙。中华文化包括书法艺术、绘画艺术、陶器艺术、古典文学、历史等。 The Chinese language is the key to the Chinese culture, which includes calligraphy, paintings, ceramics literary classics, history, etc. 29. 国学的价值主要体现在:振奋民族精神,传承中华美德,提升人文素质,建设精神文明,维护祖国统一,推动世界和平。 Traditional Sinology has great value that finds full expression in elevating the national spirit, carrying forward the fine traditions of the Chinese nation, enhancing our cultural qualities, strengthening our spiritual civilization, maintaining unification and promoting world peace. 30. 藏民族文化至今仍然是中华文化和世界文化宝库的一颗璀璨的明珠。 Tibetan culture has all along been a dazzling pearl in the treasure-house of the Chinese culture as well as that of the world as a whole. 英汉词语 1. All Saints’ Day 万圣节 2. American plan (旅馆)美国式收费 3. an exclusively licensed show 独播剧 4. a soft job 轻松工作 5. a widow’s mite 礼轻情意重 6. beefcake 男性健美照 7. be free to practice one’s religion 宗教信仰自由 8. “bifocal” vision “双重”视野 9. break with old customs 抛弃传统 10. bus boy 饭店洗碗、擦桌子的杂工 11. catch-22 无法摆脱的困难;难以逾越的障碍 12. cinematic genres 电影流派 13. civic values 大众价值观 14. clash with civilizations 文明碰撞 15. consumerist creed 消费至上主义 16. corporate culture 企业文化 17. country fair 乡村集市 18. cross-cultural communication 跨文化交流 19. cross-cultural bridge 跨文化桥梁 20. cultural and creative industry 文化创意产业 21. cultural borrowing 文化借用 22. cultural circles 文化界 23. cultural complex 文化情结 24. cultural development 文化建设 25. cultural devolution 文化退化 26. cultural difference 文化差异 27. cultural exchange 文化交流 28. cultural hegemony 文化霸权 29. cultural heritage 文化遗产 30. cultural identity 文化认同 31. cultural impact 文化影响 32. cultural infiltration 文化渗透 33. cultural insights 文化视角 34. cultural lag 文化落后 35. cultural life 文化生活 36. cultural manifestation 文化诉求 37. cultural market 文化市场 38. cultural misreading 文化误读 39. cultural pluralism; multiculturalism 文化多元化 40. cultural relics 文物 41. cultural shock 文化冲击 42. cultural trade 文化贸易 43. cultural traditions 文化传统 44. culture area 文化区 45. culture of tolerance 宽容的文化 46. culture-oriented travel 文化旅游 47. culture trait 文化特质 48. dialogue among civilizations 文明间的对话 49. digitally published product 数字出版物 50. digital publishing industry 数字出版业 51. dinner etiquette 餐桌礼仪 52. dominant culture 主导文化 53. electronic reader 电子阅读器 54. ethnic origin 种族起源 55. flower children 配花嬉皮士 56. Flower Generation 花季的一代 57. gender-neutral language 中性语言 58. generation X (90年代)未知的一代 59. gold-collars 金领阶层 60. hard drug 硬毒品;易成瘾的烈性毒品(如海洛因、可卡因、吗啡等) 61. heterogenous culture 异质文化 62. high culture 优等文化;高级文化 63. high-profile TV series 热播电视剧 64. human civilization 人类文明 65. humane historical sites 人文历史遗迹 66. hyper-individualism 超级个人主义 67. intellectual circles 知识界 68. intellectual property rights 知识产权 69. intercultural dialogue 跨文化对话 70. isomorphic cultural community 同质文化群体 71. King’s English 纯正英语 72. language restriction 语言限制主义 73. library card 借书卡 74. low culture 低等文化;低级文化 75. 本文档由香当网(用户上传



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